Cutting, Piecing and Pressing


Out of everything for quilting I think I despise ironing the most.  I like most everything else but the pressing I don’t care for.  I worked on Primary Colors off and on all day yesterday.  There really is no rush on this but I don’t like to have the table covered for days on end with fabric and cutter, rulers, mat etc.  I would like to get everything needed for this quilt cut out and then put away.  So right now all of the “signature” style blocks have been cut, stitched and pressed!  The four patches are about half way there. (I keep taking breaks from cutting)

primary colors

but I ran out of cut pieces and my fat quarter bundle was done – no worry though as I had some pieces left over from the last quilt I had made using the fabric and I have one more bundle left over.  I also have more of the dot fabric and I took out three more of the half yard pieces I have to press and get ready for the 3.5 inch squares that are needed.  I decided to go with two of the yellow pieces for the 3.5 inch squares that I needed I knew I would need a couple more.  Linking to My Quilt Infatuation today.

fabric to cut

So from the bundle that had not been started I pulled a red and orange – and you guessed it – got it treated last night so I would be able to cut more today.

treating fabric

Each evening while watching tv I have been stitching the 3 row section to the body of Handful of Scraps.  I will decide later on how wide this neutral section will be for now it will be 3 rows all around.

Handful of Scraps - hexagons

More tomatoes picked and although some of them are still green most will go in the sauce and if need be I will  add a can or two of  diced tomatoes to the crock pot as well.  I will be canning the sauce this time so I need to find everything I need and do that on Friday.  I will put everything in the crockpot tomorrow night and let it cook over night and crack the lid in the morning for a couple hours so the excess liquid can evaporate a bit and then can in the afternoon – I most likely won’t get more than 4 pints or so but that is fine with me just knowing that they are not going to waste.  The big tomato that looks green is actually supposed to turn yellow and it should over the next couple days.    I have one plant that they are yellow.

garden tomatoes





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  • Marianne Aug 3, 2017

    I just bought 3 yards of red (Northcott) and put it in the washer with color catchers. They came out red, so I have set it aside to wash again with retayne. I love red and wish it weren’t so risky to use without washing!

    • Karen Aug 3, 2017

      I always use retayne for reds and others that I think will bleed. and color catchers in the wash even if they have been treated

  • Rebecca Grace Aug 3, 2017

    Karen, what is your process for “treating” commercial fabrics before you cut them up? I usually just run them through a short warm water wash cycle with a splash of the same laundry soap I use to wash our clothes, then pop them in the dryer hoping to “get the shrink out.” But I have come across a few nasty bleeder fabrics (like the red batik bleeder that is in every single applique block for an entire quilt). Do you have a post somewhere about your process for treating fabrics?
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…Ta-Da! The MonsterNormous Sample Quilt Is Finished!My Profile

    • Karen Aug 3, 2017

      no I don’t have a post about it. I have a bottle of retayne that I keep on hand. Depending on the size of the fabric I use a large bowl for small pieces or a small pot – if it is big yardage I use the machine. I just follow the instructions. I use very hot water and for the small pieces something like a teaspoon I think it said. Most times while I am heating up the electric teapot I am already soaking the fabric in hot water from the tap and it will be bleeding already, then I dump that out and pour in the tea kettle water and add the retayne. I let it soak for about 20 minutes or longer if I am busy doing something else – then rinse it and dry. I still use color catchers when I wash the quilt but most of the dye will have come out in this method and the color catchers get the rest. If you have a real big problem with a quilt go to this link and read Vicki’s article –

  • Thimbleanna Aug 3, 2017

    Wow Karen — your progress on the hexie quilt is amazing — that’s a LOT of work. Not to mention ALL of your other projects. Your sewing room is coming along nicely too — I’ll bet you’ll be glad to be all organized and back in there!

    • Karen Aug 3, 2017

      I try to make progress on all the projects but some have sat in their boxes far too long – I haven’t touched the bird quilt in about a month I bet and my wool applique project lol – I do know where the box is but I haven’t opened it in ages!

  • Mary Aug 3, 2017

    You’ve had a great tomato harvest. Mine have pretty much stopped now that we are in the intense summer heat. Your border is looking good!
    Mary recently posted…One Stitch at a TimeMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 3, 2017

      I have so many green tomatoes and they just will not ripen – what I show is such a small amount to what is green on the bushes – I start to wonder if they will ever get red!

  • Dottie bishaw Aug 3, 2017

    I don’t like pressing either but I guess it’s necessary. What a beautiful harvest of tomatoes! I wonder what triggers a tomatoe to turn red? Your work on all your projects is coming along. You really have a lot of progress. I’m still working on my little baskets and cutting a quilt out in my spare time. We have another cloudy and cool day here, which I love.

    • Karen Aug 3, 2017

      I need to get back to the baskets and my wool applique one day – and the birds – I have been concentrating on other things I guess!

  • Kare Aug 3, 2017

    Ever thought of making green tomato chutney? Just a though, it’s really yummy with cheese.

    • Karen Aug 3, 2017

      I don’t think I have ever had it – I have to be careful of how much cheese I eat though because of cholesterol so I try to not eat a lot of it.

  • audrey Aug 3, 2017

    Your hexy quilt is looking wonderful. So much work, but the end result will be fabulous! I don’t mind ironing a few pieces here and there, but hate when there’s a pile to do. I think the worst part for me is pinning a quilt. Ughh…

    • Karen Aug 5, 2017

      yes hexies are work! I have a stack of four patches that need to be pressed now – I think tonight or tomorrow I will bring the ironing board to the living room and put it low and sit on a chair and press while I watch Netflix!

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