Fall Harvest–Basket Quilt

Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets)

Time to add the brown narrow border strips around the basket quilt.  I knew I would have some problems with it because of the half square triangles around the edges of the quilt but it gave me more trouble than I thought it would – I don’t usually have so much of a problem with bias edges.

This was it this morning on the table –ripples mainly on the sides.  I have the table stretched out full size so I have a good space to work on.

Fall Havest quilt

After I added the borders – after carefully measuring and easing in  I still had a lot of ripples – I didn’t want to take it all apart and start over so I did something that I read about once but never tried.  I pinned it to the carpet and stretched it taunt to try to ease out all the ripples.  Then you spray it with a spray bottle of water and get the outside border and about the first row of squares very wet – let it dry and re-pin if needed and ease more of the ripples out which I did – and spray it again, let it dry.


Now this looks like the same picture but it isn’t  – while it is on the floor after it is pretty dry press it with a hot iron and make sure those ripples are out.  Then unpin it and press it on the floor again.  There might have been a few pins in it here and there when I took the photo I can’t tell, but it is laying pretty flat now.  I was really pleased with this experiment!  I wish I could remember where I read about it but for the life of me I can’t and I’m just glad it popped up in my mind.


Then I took it to the table and folded it in half everything is now pretty much flat and what isn’t will be able to be eased in much better for the next border.  I purposely made the border a little wider than I wanted it so I could square it all up when done – I will probably be cutting about a half inch off all around.  Linking to Kokaquilts: Sew stitch snap  and Esther’s Quilt Blog.


Like I say I have never tried this method before and don’t know if any of you have tried it.  If you do not have a carpet maybe it can be taped tight to the floor? Don’t know.  I’m just glad it worked pretty well.  I’m not trimming it until today as I wanted to leave it lay out overnight and see if the ripples came back LOL – best to know in advance.  I will start the next border today I think.  Right now the quilt top is 68 inches square – I will be trimming off a little so it will be a little smaller before the next border is on.  I’m still thinking about the next border and not quite sure what I’m doing – you will when I figure it out!

Here in Arkansas we should start to get the rain from the hurricane any time now – little at first like today and then picking up by Thursday and Friday – the weather is still uncertain but our area will be getting anywhere from 1-4 inches of rain – nothing like Texas!  Good luck to all of you in the storm areas I know blogging is the last thing on your minds, I have some readers in South Texas and will be glad when they are able to get their blogs updated so we know they are all ok.





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  • Marianne Aug 29, 2017

    I love the way your quilt is turning out. Good info about the edges. I have one now set on point that I had a heck of a time surrounding with a border. Next time I’ll use the spray bottle and iron.

    Good luck with the rain. Hope the hurricane calms considerably by the time it reaches you. The reports from Houston are awful.

    • Karen Aug 29, 2017

      The Houston reports are awful aren’t they – we have been following it closely – hubby lived in Houston for 4 years back when he was in high school and the family eventually moved away from the area when he was in the navy – we have gone back to visit the area now and then – the area he had lived at is flooded now.

  • Thimbleanna Aug 29, 2017

    Wow Karen — I’ve never heard of this technique, but what a great trick to know. Those little baskets are so sweet — what a pretty quilt!

    • Karen Aug 29, 2017

      I am just so glad that I thought about it – I just was thinking and thinking what am I going to do to get these ripples out – there was just so many, I sure didn’t want to take it apart. I hope I won’t have more problems with it.

  • Rebecca Grace Aug 29, 2017

    Your trick for the ripples is fascinating! You ironed it right on top of the carpet? I wonder whether it matters what your carpet is made out of, since some synthetic fibers can’t take high heat. I would be afraid to melt my carpet right onto the back side of my quilt top…! I am the sort of person these things tend to happen to!
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…Quilting Challenge! EQ7 Block 2973: Piecing? EPP? Applique?My Profile

    • Karen Aug 29, 2017

      I never even thought to lay towels under the edge to tell you the truth – I never thought of the carpet melting. I have pressed quilts on the carpet before though – heat and press tape onto batting etc and never had a problem – I have a very old carpet and I haven’t a clue what it is made out of. I have an regular wal-mart type iron and when I pressed I didn’t hold it down in one spot long but more went from one area to the next gently

  • Barbara Aug 29, 2017

    Wow, neat trick for those pesky bias edges! Glad you thought of it and it worked out fine, it’s going to be a great quilt.

    • Karen Aug 29, 2017

      it seemed to have work. I will be laying it out after I trim it and see if it still lays flat before I start the next border

  • Deb Aug 29, 2017

    what a nice trick to read about and I hope they do not come back : ) Oh Texas, it is just mind-boggling 🙁
    Deb recently posted…Slice of Life in AugustMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 29, 2017

      the news from Texas is awful isn’t it! I can’t begin to imagine being in a flood area

  • maxine lesline Aug 29, 2017

    Your information on how to fix those wavy edges is SO helpful… most quilters have that problem at some time. So this blog entry is one I will bookkmark. Not only do the people in Houston have this flooding and damage in their lives, they have Joel Osteen… and his tax-free church… GRRR

    • Karen Aug 29, 2017

      I hope that this method will help others! The quilt seems to be laying pretty flat this morning – just a few places where it is still a little wavy but nothing – hopefully- that the next border can’t handle.
      I’m afraid I know little about Osteen and his mega church I don’t pay any attention to those churches that feel they have to be on the news and make money from others – I’m afraid I feel most are con-artist and not preachers at all (my opinion)

  • Sandra B Aug 29, 2017

    Fall Harvest Basket is looking great, Karen….so glad you had a fix for those wavy bias edges….I think everyone who makes quilts with blocks on point could use this process now and then….thanks for sharing!
    We are having a rainy cool day today in Virginia…..not related to the hurricane out in Texas…. My heart just goes out to all those in harm’s way….sounds like the recovery from this is sure to be long… Keeping them all in my thoughts and prayers.

    • Karen Aug 29, 2017

      yes the storm on the gulf is horrible. From the latest outlook looks like it will miss most of Arkansas and maybe just get some rain on the eastern side of the state.

  • Dottie bishaw Aug 29, 2017

    Your solution to the wavy border was sure a great idea! I’ll have to remember this for the next time I have a wavy border. We’re cloudy and 87 today here under Fort Worth. We were watching the news about the flooding in Dickinson, close to Houston, and saw all the flooding. We were thinking of moving there one day, and now the places we visited are all under water. So very sad to see people being rescued by boat. Do you think that sewing the baskets onto the squares is what makes the sides so wavy, if I’m making myself clear?

    • Karen Aug 29, 2017

      no it was the setting half square triangles that cause the problem. I had thought to sew the strips of brown before I cut them and I didn’t – they stretched a bit even though they hadn’t looked like they did. I wouldn’t move to the gulf for anything – too much flooding and bad storms – give me the mountains and cool temperatures any day – I don’t care for water and beaches all that much – I’m the odd duck and like the mountains and cool temps 🙂

  • Glenda Aug 29, 2017

    Hi Karen how lovely those wee baskets look, did you use a different fabric for each basket? Tim does the same thing to help get those ripples out of the old quilts he restores. I’d forgotten about it till I read what you did. Thanks for the detailed details a great lesson and hopefully I will remember it LOL . Glad you are safe it sure looks bad down in Texas way. Cheers Glenda
    Glenda recently posted…WOW or WIP’s with Esther 23rd Aug 2017My Profile

    • Karen Aug 29, 2017

      well maybe that is where I read about that method to get ripples out – I know I read it somewhere but couldn’t remember where. Yes it is bad in south Texas but we will not get any of here – for awhile we thought we would get some of the rain but now they say no it will be in south east Arkansas though but I am closer to the northwest quarter of the state. I might have some duplicates of baskets but I think most of them are different.

  • Julie Aug 29, 2017

    It is going to look awesome when it is all finished. Must remember that tip should I ever have that problem. Love the quilt on your wall too. Thanks for linking to Sew Stitch Snap Share, stay safe with all the rain.

    • Karen Aug 29, 2017

      thanks Julie – we will be missing the rain the news told us tonight that it will be in southeastern Arkansas we are in the northwest section of the state. So nice that we will miss it, we have had such a rainy summer we do not need more rain!

  • Vicki W Aug 30, 2017

    That’s a great tip for dealing with the bias. I hope I can remember it when I need it.

    • Karen Aug 30, 2017

      I’m glad it worked!! I’m still not sure where I found it but someone gave me a lead to check out

  • Roseanne Aug 30, 2017

    Hi Karen,
    I had never heard of or tried this trick to fix the rippling, but it looks like it worked great. I’ll wait to see how your next border goes – I sure hope this has solved the issue for you! ~smile~ Roseanne
    Roseanne recently posted…HSTs Table Topper and Table RunnerMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 30, 2017

      I hope it has too – those darn bias’s get me off and on

  • audrey Aug 30, 2017

    Good for you getting the ripples out! I’ve never tried that method, but will have to remember it. Love where this is going!

    • Karen Aug 30, 2017

      thanks – I think I have my strips for border piano keys all cut – hope to get to the sewing – this one might be smaller than my queen size I normally make – maybe a couch size instead – well big couch size lol?

  • Ann Aug 30, 2017

    Basket quilts are always so attractive. I haven’t tried the pinning and steaming on the top itself but this is the way I make sure my quilts lie flat before entering them in shows.

    • Karen Aug 31, 2017

      well it worked for the top too – thanks goodness as there was a lot of ripple, too much to have gotten the next border on

  • Plum Cox Aug 31, 2017

    What a pretty quilt – and well done on having the patience to use that technique to get those ripples out! I’ve used it once or twice myself too!

    • Karen Aug 31, 2017

      it worked out really well

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