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Primary Colors

Yesterday was a very rainy morning but we didn’t get near the amount of rain that was predicated – we got a half inch – where was the 2 to 4 inches LOL – not here.  Somehow on rainy days I like to read not sew and that is how I spent my morning.  The afternoon we went to a movie and I was ironing 4 patches in the evening for Primary Colors while watching some of the third season of White Collar on Netflix.

All set up in the living room so I wasn’t standing for near on to an hour pressing.   Some nice cold melon for a snack and the ceiling fan going full blast above me – don’t you just get so hot pressing!


Pardon the scorched ironing cover they just get bad after awhile don’t they.  All of the four patches are now done and ready for figuring out color placement – might take a day or so off of this quilt before the next step.  As you can see I tend to do several things at once – press patches, watch tv and play word with friends with my sister and chat at the same time- maybe that is why it took about an hour to get done!


Stacks of four patches and signature style blocks and the one that is done – I do wish I had my design wall this is going to be work on the floor!  Linking to Em’s Scrapbag today, Love Laugh Quilt and MCM #83 Cooking up Quilts.






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  • Marianne Aug 7, 2017

    Looks like a very fun quilt in the making! I know what you mean about grubby looking ironing board covers. Mine is that way, too. Sometimes I spill water when filling the iron, and now I have a little towel handy to mop it up with. Still have stains, though. Somewhere I read that a piece of canvas on top of your ironing board cover is useful. May try that if I do any more “invisible turned applique” which I learned in my David Taylor workshop.
    What movie did you see? Paul wants to go to Dunkirk but I hate war movies. A friend said it was OK, though.

    • Karen Aug 7, 2017

      that was the movie we saw – we liked it but I normally like WWII movies – helpful to know little background of Dunkirk and aftermath which we did.

  • Teri Dingler Aug 7, 2017

    We keep getting the threat but it just passes us by and we sure need the rain! No way it needs to hold off one more day to get our porch screened in today! Since you work in hexies and I don’t ( 🙂 ) I have a pack of 600 1 inch hexagon papers for the hexagons I assume cut at least 1 1/4 or a bit larger to go around to make the 1 inch?? I will never use them and I hate to see them just sit and will be glad to stick in mail if you can use!

    • Karen Aug 7, 2017

      would love to have the papers – I’ll email you privately with my address unless you still have it written down

  • Bonnie in Va Aug 7, 2017

    Doing lots of things at once works for me too. Or it used too. But I generally have two to three quilt related things to work on at the same time. If we get tired of one we can quickly move on to the next one. Right? That’s my story and I am sticking to it!
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    • Karen Aug 7, 2017

      yes variety is just right for a quilter – if you get bored with one there is already another to turn to

  • Roseanne Aug 7, 2017

    Hi Karen,
    I do get SO hot when pressing. In fact, I moved my iron and ironing board out of my sewing room for the summer into my bedroom. It sits at the foot of my bed, with the ceiling fan going full blast right above it. I’ve found that it doesn’t bother me at all being there except for the first few starts when I thought the iron was someone standing there during the middle of the night. HAHA! Lovely four-patch blocks. This looks like a fun project. ~smile~ Roseanne
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    • Karen Aug 7, 2017

      and with the ceiling fan going right above it can really help keep you cool – it worked for me last night – pressing in the winter doesn’t bother me – but the summer!

  • Andrea Aug 7, 2017

    I enjoy mixing things up a bit throughout my day, too. Primary colors is beginning to shape up. It’s nice to get a peek at what the finished blocks are going to look like. Have a great week! Andrea

    • Karen Aug 7, 2017

      thanks Andrea – I will need to start laying out some blocks today to get an idea of how I am going to do this using the floor for design

  • Dottie bishaw Aug 7, 2017

    Sounds like you had a wonderful day! We received almost a half a inch too. It’s so nice and cool this morning. I have to prune some bushes today, so it’s going to be good for that. Your Primary Colors is coming together fast.

    • Karen Aug 7, 2017

      Primary Colors is made up of easy blocks – the next step though of color placement will be a tough one I’m sure!

  • Kate Aug 7, 2017

    Looks like you got a good start on all your blocks.

    • Karen Aug 7, 2017

      yes it is – and 4 of the big units are now done – I need to actually sit down and figure out how many I need – I might have figured it out wrong and will have enough cut for a baby quilt too LOL

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