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Primary Colors, quilts

It used to be that I rarely ever used a sewing machine, I did my quilts entirely by hand – sometimes that meant right down to and including the binding.  I just liked hand work that much and didn’t have a machine that worked well without giving me frustration.  Over the years I have come to like my sewing machine (a Juki TL-2010Q straight stitch) and almost always have a machine piecing project in the works and sometimes even machine quilting a quilt.  I seem to be happiest when I can switch from hand work to machine work whenever I wish.  Yesterday I was doing that.  (I had to accept over the years that my hands could not keep up with hand work because of arthritis – a good machine had to come into my life)

First off I want to give a big thank you to Isabelle Hamel from Paris France who is a reader I do not believe she has a blog as I see none in the address from the comment she left me on a post a couple days ago.  I had pointed out a big mistake on my arrangement of one of the blocks in Primary Colors and she was nice to let me know that she had spotted another mistake – so nice to find them before the quilt is ready to quilt isn’t it!  Anyhow when I was looking for the mistake that she pointed out I realized it wasn’t one block that was turned the wrong way but many pieces in the same 24 inch block!!  I thought I better check all the blocks and I found another one with same mistake!!!  two of the big blocks needed to be taken apart and redone.  Thank you so much Isabelle by pointing out the one mistake to me it saved me much work for if I hadn’t noticed it until after the blocks were all sewn together and possibly not until I had started to quilt it  well that would have been a mess!!

The two mistake blocks are on the top – a correct one is on the bottom – they are all fixed now and I checked all the other blocks twice to make sure they are all right and I believe they are and I’m sure I will be checking again when I lay everything out on the floor again later before I start to sew rows together.

primary colors

I think I have all the pieces cut now for the smaller partial blocks that I need on the sides that I need to finish the quilt for the size quilt I am doing and hope to sew these today and three more big blocks – then all needs to be laid out to start rows.

fabric cut

Another thank you goes to my long time blogging friend Teri Dingler from Cooking My Way 2 Retirement – who decided she was not going to use a bag of 1 inch hexie papers and asked if I wanted them and sent them on to me – they arrived Thursday – thanks Teri!  I am not sure when I will use these but I am sure I will at some point as I am already looking for more designs for the next hexie quilt.

one inch hexie papers

More progress on Stain Glass Stars – I have missed hand quilting and have only been working on this project by hand the last couple days taking a break from hexagons for a short while.  My hoop might look odd with that bar that goes across the back – most do not have this but this one can be attached to a little lap stand that brings the work closer to you and it also swivels – sometimes I use it and sometimes I don’t.

hand quilting

A close up

hand quilting

The back

hand quilting back of work

No rain is expected today so I hope more progress is made in the sewing room – Mike has to set the power saw up by the back porch and if it rains it doesn’t provide enough cover for him to work out there as that one is a tiny back porch – so whenever it rains – no saw!

I think this fall as I move things back into the sewing room when it is finished I need to set things aside in a big basket that I no longer want to use or have use for and see if others can use them like Teri did with her hexie papers.  This might be done in the form of several give away’s over several months time so keep an eye out for this to happen in the fall, might be books and patterns mainly.





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  • Teri Dingler Aug 12, 2017

    You are quite welcome!! I check several times now! I did a baby quilt that was to be one big center star – mislaid the outer half square triangles and it is now a big square! Ha! Oh well still cute and my best machine quilted effort yet! Ha! Love the pattern you are quilting on the Stain Glass Stars and your sewing room is really looking good!

    • Karen Aug 12, 2017

      I find I can look a block over and over and not see a mistake – but usually I notice when I see them spread out on the floor or design wall after I take a photo and see it on the computer – this time I never noticed!

  • Barbara Aug 12, 2017

    Wow, good eye! I have a friend who has an eye for finding slip ups in quilts. I have one quilt that I put together and quilted before I noticed I had mess up and always bothers me when I see that quilt. Love that table topper too.

    • Karen Aug 12, 2017

      I am so glad this was caught before it was all sewed together and basted

  • Dottie bishaw Aug 12, 2017

    That was a good catch by Isabelle and than you too! It will be so much easier to fix the blocks now instead of later, won’t it? The hand quilting is coming along too, I love any kind of hand work. We might get some rain today, but hope you don’t so work on the sewing room can continue. Have a good weekend.

    • Karen Aug 12, 2017

      I think we will be able to work this afternoon but not tomorrow rain for Sunday I think. yes so glad caught the mistakes now and they are fixed and ready to move on to more blocks

  • Barbara Aug 12, 2017

    I never get tired of seeing your hand quilting. It’s so beautiful. Regarding posts from a few days ago: I just made your marinara sauce, and it is delicious, but I froze mine in plastic bags instead of canning. A thought on placement of sewing table or machine under your window: I love having my machine in front of the window so that when I look up I see outside, and you have a beautiful view outside your window. I also enjoy the breeze the open window provides. Just a thought.
    Barbara recently posted…Design Wall MondayMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 12, 2017

      my machine was in front of the window before and I agree with breeze in the fall and spring and sometimes even the winter on mild days is very nice – only problem with it is the A/C vent is directly under the window LOL – I get cold easily so at times in the summer I have to cover or shut the vent almost all the way for periods of time when I get cold – then when I warm up I have to reverse it – but if I put the cutting table there instead and the window is open I would have the worry of fabric blowing at unexpected times creating a mess!! I think it will probably be the machine in front of the window and the table further down. I froze some of the sauce when I first made it as I hadn’t gotten my canner out of the work shop and I only have enough for two bags and I used one of the bags the other evening and loved it too.

  • Linda Dutch Aug 12, 2017

    So glad you caught these mistakes, good spotting both of you! I tend to find my mistakes when I take a photo too. Lovely hand quilting!
    Linda Dutch recently posted…back from the quiltersMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 12, 2017

      taking photos really helps! if you don’t catch the mistakes hopefully someone reading the blog well

  • Kathleen Aug 12, 2017

    I too do not catch mistakes until I take a picture and for some reason I can see it then. It’s coming right along and looking. Good to quilt isn’t it. We have been getting drizzle and light rain all afternoon. Good sewing weather but I hope you are missing it so Mike can do some work.
    Kathleen recently posted…Been busyMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 12, 2017

      we well get the rain off and on all week – some supplies were bought today and the window blind put up but nothing else – maybe tomorrow a wall well be finished and will be able to get more varnishing done this week

  • Suzanne schulte Aug 12, 2017

    We did a big remodel at our house and I moved my sewing room, also. I am going through my stuff and have found a pile of un-quilted minis that I no longer have a use for. They were class samples from years ago, and I really feel no love for them and can’t see using valuable ‘hand time’ finishing something I don’t want or love. Do you have any good suggestions as to what to do with them? I hate to just throw them away….

    • Karen Aug 12, 2017

      If you do not want to turn the minis into small wall hangings or table toppers for yourself do you have a blog or are you on any social media groups or a local quilt group? if you are you could offer them for free to someone who would want them or maybe make a trade for something you want that they might have? I know what you mean about not have a bond with some projects – I have a small stack of 3 applique blocks that I’m really not sure I want any more either.

  • Kaholly Aug 13, 2017

    Karen, your work is always so lovely whether by hand or machine! I’m going to start quilting a project by hand again. I miss it! I love machine quilting, it’s so much fun, but I need something for the evenings.
    Kaholly recently posted…Ma’m, Put Your Hands in the Air…My Profile

    • Karen Aug 13, 2017

      the machine is loud after awhile and I think a lot of us like to unwind in the evening and enjoy hand work.

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