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The other day I had some computer problems and keep finding more things that had gotten messed up that I hadn’t realized.  I think they are all found now but my live writer that I used for the blog was one that needed some fixing.  Mike took care of it this morning so I am back up and running.

One long row has been added to one side of Handful of Scraps and a little more on one end.  That is the way it goes with hexies – a little at a time and eventually it turns out – sometimes you don’t even have a plan in mind but it evolves into something.  Right now I know I will have 3 rows of neutrals on each side – then I think I will do 3 rows of colors and 3 more rows of neutrals.  Well there be anything else or will this end at near or at couch size?  I’m not really sure.  I know there are a lot of other quilts that I want to make and I don’t want to spend my whole life working on one LOL.

handful of scraps

I got tired of long rows so right now I decided to do about 5 pieces in the row together and add the next part of a row and add it like that.  I have another section ready to add to it today.

handful of scraps

Yesterday I was busy pressing pieces of neutral fabric and cutting in strips for the piano key border on Fall Harvest.  Instead of a big queen size like I usually do I am thinking of making this one a large wall size quilt.  I have to remind myself now and then just how many queen size quilts I have and in the “to be quilted” basket I think I have 4 waiting in line.

strips for fall harvest

We keep hearing more and more devastation in South Texas and South Louisiana – it is just horrible flooding there, it is going to take them years to get the place livable again. How many more towns will be flooded I wonder, the military besides the national guard are rescuing people now.  I can’t imagine having that kind of damage and know that a lot of the people do not have flood insurance.  I’m sure we will be hearing about it here in the states for months to come.  I hope the water recedes as quickly as it came but I’m sure it won’t.  It will take a long time for people to be out of the shelters and have places to live – I wonder how it will be handled.

Craftsy just sent out a note that there is a one day only Flash Sale on Clearance Items.  I haven’t checked it out and don’t know what there is but if you have been watching any items on clearance this might be the time to get them.

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  • maxine lesline Aug 31, 2017

    Great that your site is working.. I am always glad to have a your authentic site to start each day.. then I go on to some blogs you recommend.. quilting is a sane refuge in these times . Fall Harvest is aptly named… and lovely.

    • Karen Aug 31, 2017

      thank you Maxine – there are a lot of good blogs out here, I really need add more that I read to the blog list – I always forget to, there are so many available.

  • Deborah Erb Aug 31, 2017

    I use an app on my phone called Feedly. You can search by key word and add tons of quilt blogs. Then I read the feed with my morning coffee each day. I love it!

    • Karen Aug 31, 2017

      Feedly is what I use to read the blogs I like too Deborah – but there are a lot of readers who do not know how to save the blogs that they like to read – they go to a blog with a lot on the side bar and that is how they get to them

  • Jayne Aug 31, 2017

    Don’t have a plan, but with steady work something will evolve. That is so true!! I love that about quilting. I have not done a lot of work with hexies, but I do have a few bits and bobs, and I know that at some point I will turn them into a quilt. It’s true, too, for the current UFO I am trying to finish! We have to have faith in ourselves that we’ll eventually get there! Love how your hexie quilt is turning out!
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    • Karen Aug 31, 2017

      thanks – eventually yes it will get done – it always does!

  • Dottie bishaw Aug 31, 2017

    I think when doing a hexie quilt like you’re doing its good to take it a step at a time instead planning it all out. It seems more fun that way and it will be finished when you decide it to be. It’s another beautiful day here in the DFW area, only in the 80s today. They sent my son, who lives in Florida and is a drone pilot, to check out the wildlife preserves and the damage they sustained after the hurricane. He fixes computers for the US Fish and Wildlife, but they trained him as a drone pilot too. I can imagine all the destruction there must be.

    • Karen Aug 31, 2017

      that must be interesting to be a drone pilot! I’m sure he will see some devastating things. I’m glad I do not live there. It only got to 76 here and windy all day – but none of the rain the eastern side of the state had today.

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