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Maybe I will get something done today?  Yesterday sure was a lazy day. I sat out on the porch enjoying the low 70’s reading a book, drinking coffee.  Later I was down at the garden picking big fat green caterpillar’s off the tomato plants!  Those things sure do move in quickly if you don’t keep a watch out.  The tomatoes are winding down and not a lot left on them but I still might collect up enough for more sauce.  I did pull two plants out and put them on the pile of brush that will be burnt but I still have about 8 plants left.

I did get 7 half pints of strawberry/rhubarb butter from Friday’s work.  The strawberries of course are out of season here already – I used frozen sliced berries for my jam and the rhubarb was brought to me by our daughter when she visited last month and that was frozen too.


They are now on the shelf with the sauce – I’m beginning to run out of room on this one – as you can tell I do not do enough of this to survive a winter without the near by grocery store LOL – this is just for fun.  I plan to make applesauce and apple butter still when apples come in.  My one little apple tree did not fair well this year – it had a dozen apples on it but I’m afraid the moth worms got to them – I will need to treat the tree next spring before the blossoms open.  Do you do any canning or freezing?


All I have to show for sewing is this row of hexies that I am working on – I probably finished that row last night after I wrote this post up and working on two more to join it.  When I get done with a row I lay it out on the floor like this and then lay out another row – take photos and stack it up with a long pin through it to keep them in order – I do get off track sometimes and get mixed up anyhow but it usually works out in the end.  Sometimes instead of a long row I will just start adding hexies one by one.  I will be linking up to Slow Sunday Stitching at Kathy’s Quilts when I get up.  Also linking up to Quilting is More Fun Than Housework  .


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  • Marianne Aug 27, 2017

    I occasionally make jam, but it uses so much sugar! Maybe I’ll try fruit butter sometime. I do freeze blueberries from our yard and sometimes corn I cut from the cob. We buy corn at the farm down the road, and it is so delicious I like to have a little in the middle of winter. I used to do a lot more canning and freezing when I had a garden. Back in the 1970’s, I tried to grow as much of our own food as I could. Those were the hippie years!

    I am going to a quilter’s yard sale for charity today, but hope to get back to sewing later. I spent quite a bit of time reading yesterday, too. My copy of “Y is for Yesterday” (Sue Grafton) downloaded to the Kindle as it was published. So far, I’m liking it a lot.

    • Karen Aug 27, 2017

      I was surprised at how much less sugar it takes for a butter – anyhow this recipe really didn’t have much at all in comparison. In the 60’s when my family lived on a small farm in Wisconsin we did so much gardening, canning and freezing. I was one of 12 children though and mom and dad grew as much as they could. I have never gotten into Sue Grafton’s books – sometime I might need to try her again

  • Teri Dingler Aug 27, 2017

    I have canned and do so in small batches. I did put a good bit of tomato sauce up for winter soups. I grew a good sweet Italian pepper that is so good in them and makes the soups good. I have to be careful with what I put up and can’t put up a lot of “real sugar” stuff” with hubby a diabetic. I did finish the binding on the machine-quilted jelly roll race quilt I had made. So another finish there!

    • Karen Aug 27, 2017

      yes I can see not canning with a lot of sugar when one is diabetic. Tomatoes are so easy to do though aren’t they. When I make applesauce which will be next I add next to nothing in sugar – normally I try to get a couple varieties of apples and by mixing them up I find I well add less than a cup of a sugar to a batch that will give me 4 pints or so and sometimes I well taste it and find it needs no sugar at all. I haven’t made apple butter in awhile so will need to check how much sugar goes in that.

  • Deb Aug 27, 2017

    I canned a bit ( fruit jam and tomatoes and pickles ) up until the last two years or so. Now with my son’s family right down the street and 5 kids who love to gobble up tomatoes I just give them and one of the neighbors the excess. Or I’ll make a quick batch of sauce to use right away.
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    • Karen Aug 27, 2017

      I don’t usually do as much as I am this year – last year I was just freezing tomatoes by crushing them in a ziplock bag and freezing – this year I don’t have much room in the freezer.

  • Gail Aug 27, 2017

    I freeze some sweet corn every year for soups and chill. My dad and I make mustard relish every couple of years. One batch lasts quite a while. I would like to make salsa. Have fun sewing your row of hexies to your quilt top. Looks great!
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    • Karen Aug 27, 2017

      I have never tried making mustard relish, I have made pickle relish. My sister makes salsa a lot but now that it is just her and her daughter in law cans too she decided to not do any this year.

  • Glenda Aug 27, 2017

    Dear Karen so wonderful to see all your botterling, I use to do over 100 very large jars of different fruits each year when we lived on the farm while the boys were growing up, we lived in a fruit and vegetable growing area plus had our own fruit trees, now that it’s just Rod and I really do any jam or bottling even though we have so many fruit trees and berries on the property. Interesting to read you are one of 12 children, my goodness that must of been a challenge for your dad and mum, they needed to grow as much as possible to feed you all. Cheers Glenda PS glad you are safe and not in the cyclone area.

    • Karen Aug 27, 2017

      we are not in the hurricane/cyclone area although we might get some of the rain in the middle of the week. Yes 12 children would be a challenge – I was the third oldest so I got to help raise the younger ones 🙂

  • Jayne Aug 27, 2017

    Canning takes a lot of time and work! I remember my mom canning all the time, me not so much…actually never! Your hexie quilt is coming along so well! It’s a work of love and dedication!

    • Karen Aug 27, 2017

      yes my mom would can and freeze for days on end and being one of the older kids (and a girl – the boys never helped) I was one of the main helpers along with my 2 older sisters – we learned how to can at a young age and were in the garden or the kitchen helping from the time we were 10 or so – now I just do it for fun!
      I do love this hexie quilt – I will tire of it one day I’m sure

  • Sherrie Aug 27, 2017

    I used to can, but gave it up. Love your Hexie quilt, beautiful!
    Have a great day!
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    • Karen Aug 27, 2017

      I will never can a lot but fun to do a little

  • Diann Bottrell Aug 27, 2017

    Your hexie quilt keeps growing! I always love to see your progress. I haven’t ever done any canning because my garden doesn’t grow enough – we just eat whatever we get right away. My mom used to make the best freezer strawberry jam, so I tried that a few times. It was delicious! Hope you enjoy some hexie stitching again today!
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    • Karen Aug 27, 2017

      I don’t usually get enough out of my little garden either but I ended up planting some extra tomato plants this year and have way to many to eat as I pick.
      I like the progress of this hexie quilt too

  • Dottie bishaw Aug 27, 2017

    Your hexie quilt is so lovely just spread out on the floor like that. Your bounty from the garden and your butter will be good eating. I don’t can either but used to help my mother when I was growing up. She would can huge amounts of green beans, pickles, jellies and even make the best catsup and tomato juice. She had a orchard of fruit trees and made all kinds of jelly from it. We had a cellar on our farm and she would fill the shelves every year. The jars would be so beautiful, all lined up on the shelves. Those were the good old days. Have a lovely slow stitching Sunday!

    • Karen Aug 27, 2017

      I love the look of an old fashioned pantry with the jars lined up in a colorful row. I have never done that much as I have never wanted to take care of a huge garden! More tomato plants this year though than normal – last year I just squished the tomatoes up and put them in ziplock bags and froze them. Glad I decided on the change of border for the hexie quilt and not applique it to a background – even though it is a lot more work I like it better already.

  • Peg Miller Aug 27, 2017

    I now have 8 pts of your marinara sauce. I have 24 tomato plants( I plant them from seed and always want one of everything!) mostly heirlooms. I just pieced 4 ice cream buckets full so I guess after bookclub on Monday I will be canning. My crockpot must cook hotter than yours I found I had to cook the sauce on low all night instead of high. The first batch scortched (sp?). I don’t have the patience for hexies although I love hand applique and quilting.

    • Karen Aug 27, 2017

      I think all crock pots are different aren’t they. So may different kinds. I had the strawberry/rhubarb in the pot forever the other day but when i did a small batch it must have cooked in 4 hours less time.

  • Belarmina Aug 27, 2017

    Karen tu edre don hexágono avanza bonito.
    Hago mermeladas de frutas para todo el año,
    esta mañana de ciruelas claudias
    buena semana

    • Karen Aug 27, 2017

      Plum jam sounds really good – I have not made that – I should check and see how much they cost and make a little bit.

  • Colleen Aug 27, 2017

    When you baste a row of hexagons do you go from one to the next or do you knot off each little seam?
    Love hearing about your day here on the California coast it is hot 100 yesterday and again today we cool to the 60’s at night so our night time in summer is the same as our daytime temperatures in winter

    • Karen Aug 27, 2017

      I go from one seam to the next as much as I can before I knot off – I take a couple stitches at each intersection to strengthen. That is nice that you cool off at night making the nights comfortable. I am beginning to think we will have an early fall this year, have not heard much in the line of predictions though.

  • Kate Aug 27, 2017

    No canning here. Maybe when I retire? Love your hexie project. Hope you got in a good day of hand stitching.
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    • Karen Aug 27, 2017

      canning does take a bit of time unless you are able to do it on the weekends when you are a working woman! when you retire is probably time enough – thanks for stopping by

  • Sandra B Aug 27, 2017

    Karen, what great memories I have of my mom canning and freezing veggies that my father grew…he had such a green thumb, his gardens were beautiful and always provided plentiful harvests! Your post brought back great memories of those times, many years ago….and you get so much accomplished, even on a lazy day!
    I have not been sewing much the past week or so…. Our kitchen is being renovated, starting tomorrow, so I have been busy packing up everything….what a job! It is amazing how much those cabinets hold….my husband said he hopes everything I packed up will fit in the new cabinets! We aren’t adding any more cabinets, so the amount of storage will be the same, just updated….
    I hope to be able to get in a little sewing this week… Will see how that goes!
    Your hexies are looking great….still enjoying following along on this quilt’s journey….

    • Karen Aug 27, 2017

      redoing a kitchen and emptying cabinets is such a chore – maybe a good time to bring a few things to Goodwill! hope it goes smoothly

  • Thimbleanna Aug 27, 2017

    I don’t see much lazy in this post LOL! Looks like you’ve been really busy — and what a delicious winter you’re going to have!
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    • Karen Aug 27, 2017

      it will be an Italian winter 🙂

  • CathieJ Aug 29, 2017

    I haven’t canned anything in a long time. I used to can jams. Your hexies are looking great.
    CathieJ recently posted…Only one more week of SummerMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 29, 2017

      I think I like the method of making the jams(butters) in the crockpot better – just stir now and then and it does all the work for you

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