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A fairly busy day!  In the morning I got more tomato sauce in the crockpot to simmer all day so I could can it in the late afternoon. While that was cooking with no attention needed!  I was vacuuming and washing floors.  Sat down for awhile to finish a book outside on the porch – another nice day, picked up the Stain Glass wall hanging to quilt a bit – then back to the kitchen-back to the couch to read- then piecing on the Primary Colors quilt – topped it off by putting a 3rd coat of varnish on one of the walls in the sewing room and then taking a walk around the property 3 times to get the smell out of my sinuses!  Yep – a pretty busy day.

5 pints to join the 4 in the pantry cupboard – Marinara Sauce.


Progress on the center of Stain Glass Stars – I am so glad I soaked the glue out – it is making it much easier to quilt – but the points of the stars are so full of seam allowance that I am just doing a straight line in the middle.

stain glass stars wall hanging

I can see this is not a clear photo but it gives you an idea of the stitching I am doing – I will try for a clearer picture later.

stain glass wall hanging

Three more blocks to join the others for Primary Colors – and yes I noticed that mistake as soon as I stepped back to take a photo – the first one!  I took it out last night and will fix it today.  The blocks are 24 inches so right now it is 72 inches square.  I think instead of whole blocks (24 inches)  I am going to make up some 1/2 blocks (12 inches) – I will lay it out first to see what I think before I sew – I have enough to make at least 3 more blocks which if I leave them whole would make the quilt 72 x 96.  I will have to look up to see what a full size quilt is – you know I never make them and I’m not sure what the measurement is!  after seam allowance is sewed and quilting – washing- drying of the quilt I’m sure it would shrink down to about 67 x 92 or something like that if I do whole blocks for a 4th row and have it 3 x 4.  I have more fabric and can cut more blocks if I decide I need to. Only 3 of the blocks are pressed so I need to get busy and press all of the blocks before I start to join the blocks together.

Primary Colors

The block to fix if you didn’t spot it –

an oops block






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  • Kathi Aug 10, 2017

    I love your quilting on the wall hanging… and I like your idea about just doing a straight line in those outer star points. Lovely looking primary colors… hoping you cut a few more and keep it going but I like that you make each quilt the way you feel they should be! So I will wait and see what you do… I made my twin sized quilts about the size of your 3 x 4 layout… but my twin sized ones go down to the box spring in length on the sides 🙂 Happy figuring and stitching! Kathi
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    • Karen Aug 10, 2017

      Primary Colors will be a raffle quilt for the library and I will be quilted it with the Juki so I will not make it as big as I normally do as the quilting will be a little struggle as it is – I would do it big if it was for me. I never did check size for full size – need to do that today.

  • Dottie bishaw Aug 10, 2017

    What a busy day you had! Delicious eating ahead with all that beautiful sauce. I had to really look for that mistake and than it just jumped out at me and I had to laugh! It’s going to be a nice size quilt and I love those colors. Your stitching on your wall quilt is so beautiful!

    • Karen Aug 10, 2017

      yes that mistake just jumps out at you doesn’t it – so glad the rows aren’t put together and it is just a matter of taking out a couple partial seams and putting it back together – I have it taken apart and was just going to sit down and sew the right away before I get busy with my day – well I already have one load of laundry going and clean sheets on the bed so i guess I already did get going!

  • Wanda Aug 10, 2017

    72 x96 would be a twin size. I make mine even larger than that so they cover the rails of the bed frame. With the thick mattresses today it is hard to follow anyone else’s guidelines for quilt sizes. A lot of people are still using the guidelines for when mattresses were only 8″ thick and even with a dust ruffle the quilts are too small with today’s thick mattresses.

    • Karen Aug 10, 2017

      thanks Wanda – I was thinking I would need to make it a bit bigger still. Even though it is not for me but will be raffled I want it to look nice and be something someone would use for more than sticking on the end of the couch. I have more fat quarters of prints I can still cut and 2 or 3 half yard pieces of the white/dot fabric so will be ok still to make larger.

  • Deb Aug 10, 2017

    I had not spotted the mistake, nope 🙂
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    • Karen Aug 10, 2017

      🙂 – kind of jumps out at you doesn’t it

  • Isabelle Hamel Aug 11, 2017

    I love what you do, and come back everyday to read your news…. I love how your primarily colors is coming out, and I am thinking of the same as a gift to my son who should leave the house soon.
    While looking at it in détails to spot the mistake you announced (and did not notice it….), I realised your top left block may be as well with a light mistake (white and coloured small blocks on the left seem on the wrong side ?
    Hugs from Paris (France !)

    • Karen Aug 11, 2017

      i will look through the blocks to see which one you mean, I have them all stacked up now and not in the order they were on the floor – thanks for pointing it out and thanks for following along

    • Karen Aug 11, 2017

      I spent time this morning looking for the mistake you said you saw and I found it – but then I found another as well – two of the big 24 inch blocks will need to be taken apart so I can fix them – thanks for spotting this before it came time to do the quilting.

  • LisaS Aug 11, 2017

    I am very jealous of your marinara sauce. I have lots of green tomatoes on the vine, and not one of them is even thinking about turning red yet. It will be September before I’m making sauce.

    • Karen Aug 11, 2017

      I probably have about 5 dozen or so tomatoes still on the vine green but the plants are starting to turn a little brown hope they all ripen or they will be in the basket in the kitchen for sure trying to turn them in the house

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