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Nope I haven’t gotten started with the border for the Fall Harvest – scrappy baskets quilt.  But I did pick out the fabric for the sashing border before the bigger border gets added.  I pulled out so many shades of cream, beige type of colors and I had one dark brown that I knew I had enough of and that was it – as soon as I laid it out on the table I knew it would be the selection.  I can see I should have put it on the floor instead of the table as the table really shows up dark brown as well – maybe tomorrow.

After the brown will be a scrappy collection of all the neutrals (or most of them that is) of what is used in the quilt and some that never did get used.  I have a lot of them.  I think the brown will be about 3 inches wide and I will save for the binding as well.  So the next border needs to be about 10 – 15 inches wide – I will decide on that as I get started with it and see what I have and how much do I have – that is the nice part of scrappy – you just plan as you go.


My package from the Fat Quarter Shop came yesterday – this the jelly roll that I got for less than half price and the package of the Heat n’ Press tape – the stuff I thought I had ordered about 6 months ago or whenever and turned out I hadn’t gotten the right thing.  The jelly roll is 1930’s prints – not my usual but I bet it will make a nice couch size quilt –


Maybe a stripey type like one I did with this one about 3 years ago -this one was from a jelly roll.


In the process of making more Strawberry/Rhubarb Butter.  Getting there but a bit of moisture needs to evaporate still.  This is a larger batch than I made earlier in the week.  The lid will go back on and just cracked a little bit – just took it off for the photo.  This lot I will can in half pint jars.


I have not been doing much quilting/sewing the last couple days.  Taking a little break with all the canning that has been going on and some outside stuff as well while the weather is nice – got the grass cut last night and wow was it long in some places.  I hope everyone in Texas will be ok with the hurricane – we will get some of the rain next week and will not know until about Wednesday or Thursday most likely how much we will get.  At first they were saying we would be in the 1-2 inches of rain area, now last night they said about 4 inches – I guess we will wait and see – anything that we get should be better than the 20-30 inches of rain that they say some of the coastline should get.

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  • maxine lesline Aug 26, 2017

    Taking pics of your scrappy jelly roll quilt from 3 yrs ago.. really lovely…. I want to show the pic to friend who is just getting into quilting. The Texas disaster is a national focus.. the FEMA director ,thank goodness,, is an experienced person… but reports say many unfilled positions and inadequate funding.

    • Karen Aug 26, 2017

      I hope the people working the Texas disaster will know what they are doing – even though understaffed, if they know what they are doing hopefully it will be ok. Our weather is to change daily depending on what is going there – but not the amount of rain they are getting there

  • Cindy B. Aug 26, 2017

    Just wanted to tell you I tried the strawberry/rhubarb butter in my crock pot. It is delish. Thanks for the recipe.

    • Karen Aug 26, 2017

      so glad you liked it – I made a bigger batch yesterday and got 7 – 1/2 pints out of it

  • Dottie bishaw Aug 26, 2017

    Oh, I’m liking what you are doing to Fall Harvest! I’m anxious to see what else you are going to do, it’s going to be so beautiful! Your sauce is going to be so good all year long, you have so many jars! We have been having a little rain today and the last couple days here below Ft Worth. We are supposed to get about two inches later from Harvey after he turns into a tropical storm. It’s in the 60s, 70s and 80s all this week. The cooler weather is such a blessing in August. Have a great day!

    • Karen Aug 26, 2017

      yes the temperatures are wonderful aren’t they it is noon and 72 degrees here. we eat Italian at least once a week so these will get used for sure

  • Belarmina Aug 26, 2017

    Karen deseo ver ese borde en las cestas.
    Esa mermelada parece tan buena….
    tengo que probar
    buen domingo

    • Karen Aug 26, 2017

      thank you – the jam is good

  • audrey Aug 26, 2017

    It’s always so interesting to make the final decisions on border work. I’m sure you’ll pull it together beautifully! Such a busy time of year. We went straight from peaches to making hot sauce!

    • Karen Aug 26, 2017

      and I went from tomatoes to strawberry rhubarb jam – apples will be next when they start

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