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The new quilt for the libraries raffle will be called “Primary Colors” and I was busy yesterday cutting (not done) and beginning to chain stitch pieces together.  I chained pieced these on Monday night.

chain piecing

And more last night

chain piecing

These I planned on working on last night but somehow I never got to them and they are waiting for me today.  A whole lot of pressing needs to be done I will set the ironing board in the living room by the computer chair and sit and press – nice that the boards go up and down in height.

chain piecing

About half of the section of three rows is now attached to the main body of Handful of Scraps linking to Jo’s Country Junction , Esther’s Quilt Blog, & Sew Fresh Quilts, and Susan’s Quilt Fabrication: Midweek Makers she featured one of my EPP projects this week – thanks Susan.

Handful of Scraps

And yes I am still working on my shrug – just not real often.  You make one big piece then you fold the ends together in a inverted V and stitch a bit, add a cuff and stitching along the front and you are done.  I do wonder if it will turn out LOL









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  • Ramona Aug 2, 2017

    I’m intrigued by your shrug and look forward to seeing your finish. Your raffle quilt is going to be so colorful and fun!
    Ramona recently posted…Dresden Mini FinishMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 2, 2017

      I’m intrigued with the shrug too and hope it will turn out – I can’t say I’m that great at crochet or knitting and somehow I have a feeling I will be unraveling this whole thing again at some point LOL

  • Mary Aug 2, 2017

    Have you estimated how many additional hexies you’ll need for your border?
    Mary recently posted…One Stitch at a TimeMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 2, 2017

      no I haven’t – for these three rows I just counted what I would need for them and got to it. I was going to do 5 rows then when I had 3 rows done I decided to add them to it and I will go to the opposite end and do the same – then the sides and decide on more neutrals or switch to a couple rows of colors and then more neutrals – I’m really not sure where this will end or what it will look like!

  • maxine lesline Aug 2, 2017

    Quilts for charity fund raisers .. so useful and generous…A friend and I once raised $2000 for a womens’ crises center with a quilt and a bridge benefit.. in our 80’s.. we both felt blessed to do it. Your neutrals are beautiful..

    • Karen Aug 2, 2017

      well I doubt the public library in our small town can raise anywhere near that amount but I like making quilts so once they get it it is up to them to make what they can from it.

  • Andrea Aug 2, 2017

    The library raffle quilt will look fantastic. I really like the fabrics you’ve chosen. Congratulations on being featured on Midweek Makers! Happy sewing! –Andrea

    • Karen Aug 2, 2017

      thanks Andrea – I hope the quilt will turn out great and look colorful to attract attention at the fall festival and raise money for the library

  • Marsha Cooper Aug 2, 2017

    Looks familiar to see a laptop next to your sewing.
    I love your hexagons and wish now I would have taken mine and put them maybe into some type of order rather than totally scrappy around like I am doing.
    Marsha Cooper recently posted…WIP Wednesday — Quilt Retreat ReportMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 2, 2017

      I am making a smaller hexie quilt like what you say too – I am using the bits of scraps and making tiny hexies — I haven’t worked on it for a couple weeks while I work on the larger one – these are one 7/8th inch hexies the tiny one has 1/2 inch hexies

  • Dottie bishaw Aug 2, 2017

    The beautiful colors of the raffle quilt, will I am sure, bring a good amount of money for the library. Your quilts are always so beautiful!. The hexies are really coming along and your shrug color is so pretty. We’re getting some beautiful slow rain this morning which we really needed. It’s only in the 80′ this morning and it feels so nice and cool. Good day to enjoy some quilt sewing!

    • Karen Aug 2, 2017

      well raffle quilts only make money if you promote it and have a lot of people buy tickets – this is a small community and I wouldn’t say wealthy — I have given them smaller quilts to raffle before but none ever make a lot of money – I hope they advertise a bit before hand and I will try to have it finished for them several weeks in advance so maybe they can hang it up to promote near the front desk or something – I don’t know – I leave that entirely to them

  • maggie Aug 2, 2017

    you have wonderful projects 🙂
    maggie recently posted…snow days in augustMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 2, 2017

      thanks Maggie

  • Susan Aug 4, 2017

    Another beauty of an EPP project – thank you for sharing on Midweek Makers!
    Susan recently posted…Summer Picnic Sans BordersMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 4, 2017

      your welcome!

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