Primary Colors

Primary Colors, weather

Top is done!  This was really a very easy quilt to piece – yes I did make mistakes and had to rip some pieces apart, the cutting seemed to take forever even with the accuquilt dies as my hips were aching that week – but the top is now done and it only took a two weeks to do it.

Primary Colors started the morning off on the floor with 3 x 4 rows

primary colors

Then the side rows were added – these are 1/4 of the original blocks  just to make it a little wider and to have it look even I added a 1/4 of the big block to each side instead of a half block on one side.  Of course I hadn’t cut quite enough pieces! didn’t realize that until I was down to the last area.

primary colors

got a couple more pieces cut and sewed – moved a couple pieces here and there so they wouldn’t be real close.


Sewed those pieces together so they could be added onto the ends of the rows.

rows ready to sew

And here it is – ready for pin basting and machine quilting – I will do that next week – time for a little break from this one.  The quilt is 82.5 x 94.5  Linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog, Kokaquilts: sew, stitch, snap, shareSew Fresh Quilts, Midweek Maker’s and Jo’s Country Junction .

Primary Colors Top Done

We had a large heavy rainstorm come through about 4 in the morning yesterday – and wow did we get the rain – by 9 AM we had 4.25 inches of rain – flooded the yard in the usual places – and parts of the near by town was flooded in the usual places with flash flooding.  By afternoon it had all receded.

This has been an unusual summer – we just normally do not get a lot of rain in July-October – that is our normal hot dry time of year and the temperatures are about 8 degrees below normal as well at least – normally we are in the mid 90’s in August and we have mainly been in the low to mid 80’s – do wish for smaller amounts of rainfall though at one time!  Could do with not waking up at 4 AM from thunder, lightening, power briefly going out and the refrigerator temperature alarm for the freezer started to beep. That doesn’t normally happen – had to wander around the house to figure out what was beeping and it wouldn’t reset at first so Mike had to unplug it and wait a minute before plugging it back in it make it stop!

yard flooding

All of this water was gone, but I have a mess with the mulch that washed out – I will need to get the rake out and try to pull it all back in place.  The paper and cardboard that was under the mulch is still all in place and has not rotted through still – I will put the mulch back on top of it.

garden flooding

But the plus side of all the rain this summer is that I have only watered plants a couple times and all these Black-Eyed Susan’s are still looking pretty – the sidewalk not so much! The spray washer will have to come out in the spring and get all the yucky mold up – I don’t bother in the fall because I would just have to do it all over again in the spring and I just don’t have the energy to do it twice a year.

Black-Eyed Susan's









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  • Marianne Aug 16, 2017

    Primary Colors turned out great! I’m sure the library people will enjoy selling the raffle tickets.
    Sorry about the rain. We’ve had a lot this year, too, and it has done some damage to our trails in the town forest. Some are washing out, making walking up/down hill a little difficult. But everyone’s flower gardens look fabulous. And we haven’t had as hot a summer as usual, which is fine with me. In July we had no days at 90 or above, and when the sun does shine, it’s usually perfect out – 75, breezy, not humid. How lucky can we be?

    • Karen Aug 16, 2017

      we normally have quite a few days in the 90’s and we haven’t hit there yet – we always dread getting the 100’s and haven’t gotten near that this year – our high has been 89 and that was a couple weeks ago

  • Isabella Aug 16, 2017

    Your quilt is vibrant and cheerful: Nice work!
    Isabella recently posted…Linen, What’s Not To Love?My Profile

    • Karen Aug 16, 2017

      thanks – it is colorful for sure

  • Nicolette Aug 16, 2017

    Your primary colours quilt is beautiful!
    We‘ve had a lot of rain already in August!
    Nicolette recently posted…Delilah, some statsMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 16, 2017

      too much rain for here – I must admit I like a dryer August even though we always need the rain by then.

  • Joyce Aug 16, 2017

    Your quilt is fabulous — the bright, sunny colors are just what I needed to see this morning!

    • Karen Aug 16, 2017


  • Nann Aug 16, 2017

    What a cheerful, bold quilt! And with die-cut parts you don’t have cutaway triangles to feel guilty about (use them? pitch them? such a dilemma!). Our black-eyed Susans are glorious this year, too.
    Nann recently posted…Look what happenedMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 16, 2017

      yes I like how the die cutter works – and glad I have been able to gradually get a few at a time.

  • Diann Bottrell Aug 16, 2017

    That’s such a beautiful quilt, Karen! I like all the color and how the big blocks come together to form the circular sort of pattern. We’ve been having a lot of rain here, too – makes normally dry Colorado a lot more humid! Some of our doors and cabinets are sticking!
    Diann Bottrell recently posted…Scraps and StripesMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 16, 2017

      yes a wet summer makes for humidity our workshop which has no A/C of course has a door which tends to stick like crazy!
      I like how easy these big blocks went together – I think more big blocks will be in my future!

  • Dottie bishaw Aug 16, 2017

    Such a lovely finished top! You must feel so good to have another project done. Your flowers are so beautiful! The rain is good, but I prefer not so much at one time, but I guess we have to be thankful it rains. I don’t like to fix the mulch either!

    • Karen Aug 16, 2017

      thankful for the rain but hate it at the same time. I’m glad this quilt went together basically pretty easy – a few mistakes here and there but with such big blocks it made for a very square quilt!

  • Susan Aug 16, 2017

    Primary Colors is such a bright, happy, big quilt! Having the Accuquilt for cutting probably really helped in time savings, which you can now use to rake that mulch. What a river through your yard! Thanks for sharing this week on Midweek Makers.
    Susan recently posted…Midweek Makers #85My Profile

  • audrey Aug 16, 2017

    Your Primary Colors reminds me of a box of crayons.:) Very nice!

    • Karen Aug 16, 2017

      exactly what I thought and crayons make me think of kids and reading so what better name for a raffle quilt for the library!

  • Marsha Cooper Aug 16, 2017

    It’s so pretty!
    I would love to have an accuquilt…or a Go, but alas, can’t afford either.
    Accuquilt had just contacted our guild to add their specials in our newsletters. Not sure where that will go as it can’t be put in free since other sponsors pay to be in there!
    Marsha Cooper recently posted…WIP Wednesday — One Valance DoneMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 16, 2017

      yes the dies and the machine are not cheap – I got mine for a Xmas present and have been getting dies little by little on sale and only get what I know I will use. Maybe the company could give the guild a machine in exchange and then the guild could slowly buy dies for the members to use!! just an idea 🙂

  • Julie Aug 16, 2017

    Wow this quilt is fabulous, all that colour and made so quickly! Hope your hips are feeling better. Thanks for linking to Sew, Stitch, Snap Share
    Julie recently posted…Sew, Stitch, Snap, SHAREMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 16, 2017

      yes hips are feeling better this week – but it is one of those chronic things – never know what will set it off!!

  • Magali Aug 16, 2017

    Primary Colours is a great quilt! We’ve had more rain than usual in August in Brittany as well while Southern France has very high temperature and no rain!
    Magali recently posted…Video Et TaceoMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 16, 2017

      thank you – I think the library will love it for their raffle quilt. I know we need rain, but enough already!

  • Ramona Aug 16, 2017

    Your top is so cheerful and fun! We could use some of your rain here in Virginia. We are behind in rainfall for the year.
    Ramona recently posted…Slowly coming along…My Profile

    • Karen Aug 16, 2017

      thanks – I do like how colorful this quilt is. You can have some of the rain! I am so tired of it

  • Sandra B Aug 16, 2017

    You got Primary Colors put together in record time, Karen! And it looks great!!
    Looking forward to seeing how you decide to quilt it….
    We had lots of rain yesterday in Virginia, but we didn’t have as much as you got… Today we are back to our typical hot and humid summer day…. The weather focus is all about next Monday’s eclipse…. It won’t be a total eclipse here, but it still makes for exciting weather news….

    • Karen Aug 17, 2017

      well not be a full eclipse here either but partial. Two more inches of rain early this morning that we really could have done without – that makes almost 6 1/2 inches in two days – really is enough!

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