Really and Truly a Lazy Weekend

Handful of Scraps, sewing room

Really I know some of you do not believe me when I say I am lazy LOL – but I barely did anything this weekend.  I felt like such a slug.  I think I burnt myself out on quilting/sewing this past couple months and really have slowed down.  It won’t last I know it but this weekend I didn’t do much.

Two more jars of tomato sauce were made in the crock pot – which means I wasn’t  standing up stirring it or anything it was all dumped in the pot stirred now and then and cooked all day – there wasn’t a lot though – the tomatoes are really winding down but I had to use them or they would go bad and it was too much to just slice and eat.  Two pint jars were put in the refrigerator last night and I will use one today with pasta and I will use another towards the end of the week with something – the lids will have sealed at least a little as I put the tops on immediately and they usually last a good week in the fridge when unopened.  I didn’t get a photo – they look the same as the others LOL

On Saturday evening while watching tv I finished up one row of hexies and started to attach it to the quilt and I’m sure I worked on it last night as when I was typing this up that was the plan.  No other sewing was done.  Linking to Em’s Scrapbag  and MCM #86 Cooking up Quilts today.  Also linking to Love,Laugh,Quilt  .  Somehow some months ago when I had a computer update I had lost a few blogs from my feedly reader – I don’t know how but had dropped one of the link ups I used to follow on Mondays but I was doing so many other link ups I never noticed.  I went to Judy at Patchwork Times the other day only to realize that she has admitted she is no longer quilting (we all realized that several years ago but she hadn’t admitted it to herself LOL) anyhow another blog picked up Design Wall Monday and I thought I would try it out for awhile so today I am linking to Small Quilts & Doll Quilts to see what she has and who is linking to that.

Handful of Scraps

I am not very great with the computer and have to be shown how to do things on it.  Creating a page is beyond my computer skills – I admit it – I want to get all my recipes in one place so Mike has created a link at the top of the page – very top on the right hand side called Recipes – I am planning on slowly gathering all my recipes that I have posted and others I have not that my daughters keep asking for every year for the holidays – how they keep loosing them is beyond me LOL – but they do.  I want all the recipes in one place so they are easily found.  Only two recipes are there right now – but gradually over the rest of the year I hope to get them in one place.

Right now I am still in the learning phase – for me that is step by step – “what do I do”  – I need to write it all down with him walking me through it until I totally remember it all – really it takes me awhile to learn something new on the computers – I wish it didn’t but it does.  One day all of the recipes well be there! (I hope)  Now because I know a computer can loose everything I do a back up with an external hard drive and I intend to print one of those cookbooks where you can make a book with your recipes and have it printed out and have one for each daughter for a present after I get them all on there  (and maybe one for me) – now of course I will keep adding other recipes to the page over time but the Holiday recipes that they always want will be in “their” book.  Maybe not this year but next year.

This week besides getting back to quilting — the last section of wall & the new door in the sewing room need 3 coats of varnish on it – and then the walls will be done!! This is the last section of the wall to take care of.  After the walls we will be working on our desks – we have large desk tops that we will mount on legs and (like door size pieces of wood) those will need to be varnished about 4 or 5 times most likely to get them really smooth and hard – then the floor will be done.  The end is really and truly in sight.  The desk tops can not be rushed – you have to do them right to get the varnish cured and hard.   The floor will take time also with all that bending and kneeling – we are getting kind of out of shape for this  work I admit – we don’t move as easily as we did in our 40’s – 65 is the pits isn’t it when the aches and pains get worse (I’ll be 65 next month Mike is already there earlier this year).  I hope to have a quilt back on the frame by the end of September but I admit it might be October as I need to put new leaders on the metal rods before attaching a quilt.

sewing room

Thanks to all that order through my links for Craftsy and Accuquilt – I really appreciate it.  Always remember I put the reminders of when sales are at the end of the blog post because I don’t want to annoy anyone with advertising.  The reminders are there for those that are interested – if you are not interested just ignore them!










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  • Jan Aug 28, 2017

    Karen the walls are beautiful. I can hardly wait to see how the room finishes. I agree doing those things is not as easy as it used to be, but I think the finished room will wow you.

    • Karen Aug 28, 2017

      yes I hope so – it will still be a crowded room like always once I get the quilting frame in there – but it will be like new

  • Marianne Aug 28, 2017

    Don’t feel bad about not accomplishing a lot of quilting. I go in fits and starts sometimes, too. Right now, I have so many projects going that I don’t know where to dig in first after 10 days of company. I have done most of the cleaning and laundry that comes after company leaves, so it’s time to get back into my routine.

    I’m looking forward to your recipe section! The recipes you’ve posted over the years have turned out great. And I’m sure your daughters will enjoy little books – what a special gift!

    • Karen Aug 28, 2017

      thanks Marianne, it will take awhile to find the recipes on blog – I never really keep track of them that well and loose them

  • Teri Dingler Aug 28, 2017

    I need a lesson from Mike as well! Haha! Bad thing is I have to show hubby things! Blind leading the blind in our house! I seem to love making the quilt tops right now and slow for the hand quilting! I think, like you, the much work on the Civil War top burned me out a bit with the hand work so I have been slow getting back into the one loaded on the frame and there is a lot of quilting on it so I better get busy! Can’t wait to see your completed room! It sure is looking good!

    • Karen Aug 28, 2017

      thanks Teri. Sometimes I work on so many quilts that it is hard to get back to the ones already started – I start too many at one time.

  • Andrea Aug 28, 2017

    You have been extremely busy and you managed to add a few hexies to your quilt. That is pretty fantastic. I am still learning how to do things with my blog. I am going to be my adding recipes to my blog, too. I look forward to seeing the quilt top finished. Have a great week! Andrea

    • Karen Aug 28, 2017

      thanks Andrea – I will stop by your blog to see what you have to show

  • helen Aug 28, 2017

    love your epp, spotted it in the Cooking Up Quilts link up. I have epp ing for quite a while now, need to get them sewed together.

    • Karen Aug 28, 2017

      they are fun to do aren’t they – I’m actually working on two right now and have the pattern for another

  • Dottie bishaw Aug 28, 2017

    The sewing room is going to be so wonderful! Even if it takes till October, that’s not too much more time. You did a lot to get that long row of hexies done. I had to have lab work done this morning so I was working on one of my rosettes , and managed to get a few on. Your daughters are going to love your recipe book, what a great idea. I’ll be 73 in October, and wish I could be 65, because I think I have even more achest and pains than I had at 65, lol!

    • Karen Aug 28, 2017

      whoever referred to the retirement years as the “Golden Years” must not have had aches and pains LOL – getting older sucks big time!! hope all your lab work goes well.
      I had thought of a small cookbook for the girls for sometime now and keep putting it off and each December when I get asked for “that” recipe again or “that other” recipe – makes me think it again

  • Magali Aug 28, 2017

    To me, it seems like it was a busy weekend, even if there wasn’t a lot of quilting!
    Magali recently posted…Semper EademMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 28, 2017

      I guess just not as busy as I usually am 🙂

  • Deb Aug 29, 2017

    Glad to see the room progress and that the end is in sight.

    Maybe get the floor carpeted….that sounds easier to me ! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Slice of Life in AugustMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 29, 2017

      carpeting the floor would be easier but we wanted laminate flooring in there – easier to keep clean and eventually all the carpet in the house would be up – but at the rate we work that will be years – I keep telling hubby I don’t know about the living room floor – after all that is where I pin the quilts to the floor when I need to LOL

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