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For Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy I will do more work on my Stain Glass Stars hand quilting.  I am actually about half way done with it already – keep in mind this wall hanging is about 16 x 32? something like that.


The area I was working on last night is mainly the rope border – I need to move the hoop one more time to finish up the corner then will be moving to the blue star.  I am  linking to Quilting is More Fun Than Housework today if you want to go over and see the quilts that are linking up.


I have all the pieces (I think) cut out and stitched for Primary Colors but I do need to make 3 large 24 inch units still and then figure out placement and stitch the smaller units for the sides.  Some of these stacks had already been done and the rest done last night.


More tomatoes picked, a couple green that fall off and I found on the ground from the rain storm yesterday morning – and some that are a little orange and need to ripen.  The Roma’s are very slow this summer and as soon as they are getting even a hint of orange I pick them as if I leave them they are getting bottom rot – I haven’t a clue what causes that but I have found that if I pick them before it starts and let them ripen in the house they are just fine.  I have a lot of green tomatoes on the bushes but a lot of the garden is beginning to dry up as it always does in August – fall is coming- kids go back to school in our area on Monday.  As soon as I can I will probably make another batch of sauce – I use sauce more than chopped tomatoes so that is why I am making all my tomatoes into it this year.  If I do not have enough garden tomatoes for the recipe I add a can or two of canned tomatoes to the crockpot to make up the difference.






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  • Gail Aug 13, 2017

    Your quilting is adding lovely texture! What a nice harvest of tomatoes!
    Gail recently posted…Snow in AugustMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 13, 2017

      I’m glad I decided to quilt as I am for this piece I do like how it is turning out.

  • Diann Bottrell Aug 13, 2017

    What a pretty basket of tomatoes! Enjoy your stitching today – your wall- hanging looks like it’s really coming along!
    Diann Bottrell recently posted…Scraps and StripesMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 13, 2017

      I will have to make some sauce today even if it isn’t enough to can – some of these will be too ripe if I leave them much longer

  • Marly Aug 13, 2017

    This is going to be wonderful when it’s hanging. Lovely fabrics and you have such neat stitching; I can see I have to practise more!

    • Karen Aug 13, 2017

      thanks – well it does take some practice but I do not take really tiny stitches, just consistent – as long as your take the same amount of stitches all the time it doesn’t really matter how small the are in the end.

  • Dottie bishaw Aug 13, 2017

    Beautiful tomatoes! You really got a lot of them this year it seems. Tomatoes are my favorite vegetable. I really like the design you are quilting on the wall hanging, great hand quilting. Enjoy your slow stitching.

    • Karen Aug 13, 2017

      yes I have gotten more tomatoes this year then I usually do and there are probably still about 5 dozen on the bushes – most are small though- they just are not getting really big this year and have been very slow to ripen and do faster in the house. I like how the hand quilting is doing also I had missed it.

  • Suzanne Aug 13, 2017

    Two of my favorite activities…quilting and gardening. Our tomatoes have not done well this Summer, but we are drowning in squash.

    • Karen Aug 13, 2017

      I have had only a couple zucchini – I mean really who only gets 3 zucchini off of a plant besides me! I’m ready to not bother to plant again I am the only one that never gets anything! The tomatoes on the other hand are doing great and I have about 5 dozen more still on the plants

  • Deb Aug 13, 2017

    That is a nice little harvest right there! Beautiful quilting. I think my DIL is counting the days now to back to school but it is not until the end of the month here.
    Deb recently posted…Slow Sunday Stitching Mid-AugustMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 13, 2017

      strange how it is such different dates for first day back to school in all the different places – in in the mountains of Kentucky said they started back around the 1st or so of August because they miss a lot of days in the winter because of snow and ice – my sister’s grandchild in VA goes the first week of Sept as my grandchildren in WI do – here it is tomorrow and it seems to start earlier ever year.
      Tomato sauce in the crockpot again – my fourth batch but I make for pint jars not quarts – I think I have 9 pints put aside now and one in the freezer as we ate one already.

  • Sandra B Aug 13, 2017

    Love how your quilting is coming along on Stained Glass Stars, Karen….it is adding a nice amount of texture, and the rope quilting along the edges is perfect! So glad you decided to do this….you’ll end up with a beautiful wall hanging (or was it a table runner) and won’t have orphan blocks sitting around….
    As with all of your projects, thanks for sharing!

    • Karen Aug 13, 2017

      it will be a wall hanging but can always be used as a table runner also. I finished one side last night so a little more than half way done with it. – been working on little else though

  • Cynthia Brunz Aug 13, 2017

    I wish I had more time to hand quilt a few projects. Your piece is so lovely. Thanks for sharing it with Oh Scrap!
    Cynthia Brunz recently posted…Oh Scrap! : Improv StripesMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 13, 2017

      your welcome Cynthia – a little a day and a project eventually gets done even if you just have 30 minutes to devote to it

  • Karen Aug 13, 2017

    I admire anyone who hand quilts. It is looking lovely.

    • Karen Aug 13, 2017


  • CathieJ Aug 13, 2017

    I found out last year that bottom rot comes from inconsistent watering. If the tomatoe plants dry out a couple of times, bottom rot occurs. I love your quilting. The rope border is beautiful.
    CathieJ recently posted…Slow Weekly StitchingMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 13, 2017

      that very well could be the problem, we get a bit of rain then nothing for a week and i haven’t been watering all that much in between the rains

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