Stain Glass Stars

Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), quilts

Yesterday I got the wall hanging squared up, binding cut, machine stitched and started the hand stitching.    The light in the dining room is not a true color bulb I just realized that when this showed up so yellow – not so true!

stain glass stars

This fabric is the tail end of a bolt of fabric that I bought years ago to be used as the background fabric of a quilt called Twisted Stars.  Not much left as you can see – but some to still put back on the shelf.


One corner done.


I put folded squares in the corners for hanging – I will get a wooden dowel to fit. I put them in all four corners so that If I want to hang it long skinny I can or if I want it wide and skinny I can!


Another quilt that I got out to look at was the Scrappy Baskets.  The pattern calls for 300 baskets – I know I am tiring of this quilt already, it really isn’t “me” to begin with so I gave it some thought yesterday and I am going away from the design.  Now in the pattern there are some 4 patch blocks – just a few here and there so that is where I got the idea from – I thought why not alternate the baskets with 4 patch blocks, it will get done faster and I have plenty of the neutrals.  I had two baskets cut and ready for applique so I finished those last night and then got started cutting some squares today for the patches.  I laid some on the floor to get a feel for it.  Linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict today.

scrappy baskets

I think it will work out ok – I don’t know if I will still need to do more baskets to get a finish out of this one and I don’t know if it will finish queen size – but that is ok.  It will be done and one more out of the project boxes so I can make more!  This is not the finished layout- just scattered to get a general impression of what it would finish like.

scrappy baskets

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  • Elaine Aug 18, 2017

    great idea to alternate four patches with the baskets, sometimes you just need to have a finish 🙂
    Elaine recently posted…Down the Rabbit Hole – All Caught Up (Almost!)My Profile

    • Karen Aug 18, 2017

      thanks – that is what I have been thinking the last couple years as I tire of a project – there are more I want to make!

  • Marianne Aug 18, 2017

    I like the new setting for the baskets. It sets off each individual basket better. I have also seen the baskets made into strips with an interesting fabric in between the strips. I know what you mean about tiring. Sometimes I just finish something before I had initially planned to, just because I have lost enthusiasm for it. This is also why I have some UFOs!

    • Karen Aug 18, 2017

      I am trying to not have UFO’s pile up and while I am not in the sewing room I have been trying to get some of those projects finished in some way. I just know I won’t want to make 300 baskets anymore and thought this would be a good way to finish the quilt and not quite as much work.

  • Teri Dingler Aug 18, 2017

    Four patches was a good idea. Sure makes the baskets pop! And don’t you just love it??!! We get one out and add a couple more to our “to do” baskets! Ha! I just added another one yesterday plus had found the cutest camper pin cushion and will be making that today! My! The stack is rising! 🙂

    • Karen Aug 18, 2017

      I thought it was time to get this little basket quilt finished and know I am tired of appliqueing baskets.

  • Ramona Aug 18, 2017

    I like your alternating four patch blocks with the baskets. The baskets wouldn’t be me, either, but it will be a nice finish, no matter what size you decide on. Your stained glass stars wall hanging is beautiful!
    Ramona recently posted…Slowly coming along…My Profile

    • Karen Aug 18, 2017

      I’m not sure why I started the baskets to begin with LOL – it is not my style but yet I like them (but not 300!!)

  • Kathleen Aug 18, 2017

    I like that and see no reason not to go ahead. I have done something like that too.
    Kathleen recently posted…Sewing is a Stress relieverMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 18, 2017

      a good way to get something done quicker – I’m not sure what attracted me to the baskets to begin with

  • Dottie bishaw Aug 18, 2017

    I really like your idea of the four patches Karen. It really looks look that way, makes me rethink making 300 baskets. I have made 170 already, so if I decide to quit, I should have more than enough blocks. I went shopping on Craftsy through your link, and boy they have some good deals. I got another kit I was looking at for a while at such a good markdown and a fourteen yard bundle that was on sale at 70 per cent off. Thank you for alerting me about the sale or I would have missed it.

    • Karen Aug 18, 2017

      your welcome Dottie – I never like to promote (push) the products but seeing as I order myself now and then from these two places I like to make sure you all know when the sales are so that if you are interested you can get in on the savings too.
      I just know I would not want to make 300 baskets – i thought I did at first but just know I won’t

  • Barbara Aug 18, 2017

    I like your idea of adding the blocks between the baskets. I know what you mean about getting tired of a project. I’m working on a king quilt and was facing 64 blocks but decided that putting them on point will mean I will only have to make 41 instead. I have 29 blocks finished.

    • Karen Aug 18, 2017

      I haven’t figured out how many blocks I need but will be cutting some more out today

  • Vicki V Aug 18, 2017

    Wow, you got that wall hanging done quickly!

    • Karen Aug 18, 2017

      well it is small the quilting took about 10 days I think

  • Karen, Tu-Na Quilts Aug 18, 2017

    I agree with what others said above about adding the 4 patch block. Great idea. It spreads out those cute little baskets so they aren’t overwhelming. Adds a modern touch too. You could even do an applique flower to spread those baskets out even more. After all, one has to have something to put in a flower basket. Great lesson on stopping what’s not going to work and turning it into something else. So many times, I get bogged down by a pattern, not liking it, and then shelve the whole project. My closet is full of UFOs.

    • Karen Aug 18, 2017

      I am glad to say I have very few UFO’s I do still have 2 projects that have been put aside too long and a couple more that are going very slowly – no to the applique flowers LOL – too many others to get finished and I have a big applique project coming up this fall hopefully – actually pre-ordered a line of fabric in fat quarters to use.

  • Deb Aug 19, 2017

    I love this idea and it looks awesome!
    Deb recently posted…Scrappy Granny FinishMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 19, 2017


  • Sandy Panagos Aug 21, 2017

    The wallhanging is so cool. And I love the use of 4-patches with the baskets. It gives a very nice overall look!
    Sandy Panagos recently posted…Gotta Love 15 Minutes Of PlayMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 21, 2017

      thanks Sandy

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