Tea Dying

Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets)

Today’s photo after tea dye on the right – yesterdays on the left.  I moved two baskets since then – they were so light they blended in and I really do not want to make more – I moved them to corners.  I do not have the blocks that I took out in the same order and that helps a bit too. The tea dye didn’t get the blocks as dark as I had hoped but a little darker.

IMG_3031   IMG_3016

I don’t think the light colored blocks that showed up so much on yesterdays post stand out near as much and that was the main aim.  I have not started to sew anything together yet but really don’t want to waste a lot more time on arrangement.  I don’t find those blocks near the distraction as they were on the previous post.

Can you see the difference in color for this light color block? the one on the underside is the tea dyed block.  I brewed 10 tea bags in a gallon of water for about 10 minutes then soaked the squares in it for 30 minutes.  Rinsed in cold water two times and laid flat to dry.


And the other one – this one didn’t take the dye hardly at all.  The tea dyed is on the top.


So I think I am going with this.  After moving a few more pieces around I feel almost dizzy playing with it if you know what I mean – like after awhile  you just feel like you will mess it up if you keep playing with it!!  Now if there is anything that really stands out to you and you think should be moved let me know today – I will probably start to sew the rows on Tuesday.

Right now I have been thinking of how to finish this all off in the end.  I will add the half square triangles and the corners of course.  Then I will look and see what I have in brown or a dark reddish color and add a narrow sashing all around.  Then possible patchwork (more 4 patches?) in the beige’s for a wide border – or a collection of pieces from the beige’s in rectangle sizes I did this in another quilt and it worked well –  all around with possibly a applique pattern in the final border.   For applique I am thinking a brown vine twisting all around with a little bit of fall leaves scattered and maybe some small pumpkins in the corners – not bright orange but more of a brownish/orange – and call the quilt Fall Harvest – the baskets make me think of collecting vegetables from the garden and adding pumpkins would tie in.  I am linking up to MCM#85 Cooking Up Quilts today and Love, Laugh, Quilt .


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  • Marianne Aug 21, 2017

    Your plans for finishing this off sound great to me. I like the brown vine idea!

    • Karen Aug 21, 2017

      thanks Marianne

  • Barbara Aug 21, 2017

    Yes, the tea dying helped the design. Your ambitious finishing plans will make a beautiful one of a kind quilt.

    • Karen Aug 21, 2017

      well now lets see if I get that far – it seems in recent years I keep changing my mind about my quilts.

  • Kathi Aug 21, 2017

    I just love this quilt… and your applique of those baskets RocKS!!! Thanks for sharing your tea dying… I did tea dye once but I went overboard with the tea I think… mine got too dark! lol But it was ok in the end… still a WIP though! I really am glad I had time to drop in and see this basket quilt just waiting for setting triangles now! 😀 Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Progress to share that is THIMBLY fun !My Profile

    • Karen Aug 21, 2017

      I haven’t cut the setting triangles and corners still – I have to sew all the blocks together also they are just on the wall. I hope you get around to finishing your quilt that you tea dyed. I thought 10 tea bags to a gallon of water would have been plenty in mine – could have been darker!

  • Mary Aug 21, 2017

    Yes, the tea dyeing definitely helped. If I weren’t so immersed in other handwork projects, I would be tempted by the basket quilt.
    Mary recently posted…There and Back AgainMy Profile

    • Karen Aug 21, 2017

      I’m glad I decided to not do all 300 though! I would have been working on it for several more years – if I do the border I describe I might still be lol

  • maxine lesline Aug 21, 2017

    Just the small darkening of the white softens the quilt.. and no ripping and re-sewing. Your plans for borders are intriguing… one does need plans, even if they get changed.. the wandering vine sounds lovely.

    • Karen Aug 21, 2017

      yes I think just getting those pieces a little darker did the trick and I moved things around a little too

  • Wendy Aug 21, 2017

    Those baskets are so cute, and the tea dyeing was a great idea. Interesting how some fabrics didn’t take much of the dye. How big will the quilt be? I get the dizzy thing too, if I look at a layout too long. I find that if I snap a pic with my phone, it sometimes helps me see where I need to tweak something, especially if I’ve been staring at it too long!

    • Karen Aug 21, 2017

      I’m not sure on size – I like to do the big quilts so will aim for queen size I’m sure. I put the one basket that is white print in the tea dye as well to see if I could get the basket not quite so white but it really barely changed in color.

  • Dottie bishaw Aug 21, 2017

    The tea dye worked and the four patches look much better. I like your idea of the vine too. I had the same idea of applique on the border, but not like on the pattern. You must feel good to have come all this way. It’s going to be a beauty of a quilt under your hands! I enjoy all your work that you share and all your tips, thank you for everything!

    • Karen Aug 21, 2017

      your welcome Dottie – now to find time today to start to sew – picked more tomatoes this morning and getting ready to put a sauce in the crockpot and then can later tonight. Eclipse watching later, a run to the store – time to sew?

  • Sandra B Aug 21, 2017

    Karen, I love how you used the four patch blocks to alternate with the baskets… And I think the tea dying really softens the look…. Looking forward to following along on the journey to finishing with your border and appliqué plans….
    Watching the television coverage of the eclipse this afternoon….we will be 87% dark at 2:44, about an hour from now….

    • Karen Aug 21, 2017

      I was just outside a little while ago when it seemed to have the most covered up here – have been out off and on for the past 90 minutes I think, I just look for a couple minutes and then come back in – too hot to stay outside for long but at it’s peak it actually dropped a couple degrees here

  • Vicki V Aug 21, 2017

    The tea dyeing seems to been very effective.

    • Karen Aug 21, 2017

      yes I liked how it turned out

  • Belarmina Aug 21, 2017

    Karen me gusta el final que piensa con apliques
    puedo imaginar….
    ¡¡deseando verlo!!

    • Karen Aug 21, 2017

      thanks – I hope it won’t take me forever to finish it

  • Bonnie in Va Aug 23, 2017

    Hopefully you got a good start on sewing the blocks together. You were really brave to tea dye this before you put the blocks together! But I agree they look better. I like the idea of little 4 patches in the border. But maybe try for a bit darker beiges? Or maybe going to lighter browns… I’d have to make some and audition them to be sure. Good luck.
    Bonnie in Va recently posted…Monday Meandering 8 – 21 – 2017My Profile

    • Karen Aug 23, 2017

      I’m not completely sure what I will be doing with the border but I won’t be including the two lighter shades that I had trouble with 🙂

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