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Yes I say forced because I am no longer a “shop until you drop” type of person.  I dropped the Juki off at the shop at about 9:45 with the promise of a call as soon as it was ready – after going over things with the repair man he was pretty sure it was the bobbin spring and that the “timing” needed to be looked at.  I am not a sewing machine repair person so I had to take his word for it.  So while I was waiting around for the call what else to do but go shopping.  The mall was across the street so that is where I headed first – I really have no interest in the stores as I didn’t need anything – I am not a shoe person and didn’t feel like trying on a dozen pair of shoes – or trying on jeans or what not – so I joined the other mall walkers and got in 6,000 steps – 1,000 steps equal one time around.  I did sit down now and then and answered email and played a Words With Friends game with my sis and chatted at bit.  I got in an early lunch and headed to the next place – Sam’s Wholesale  – picked up things I knew we were running out of and before I left I got the call the machine was ready. It was about 1 PM –  I finished up my shopping there and left.  Of course I needed to cross a busy road with no cross lights at that particular place so I thought I would continue down the street a bit to Kohl’s and run in and use the bathroom and get heading back.  There is a quilt shop or two listed in the area but I honestly didn’t search them out – I spent enough two weeks ago in Paducah.

Of course in that store I found something to buy lol – just walking past this little pumpkin made me get it – of course it said 50% off as all the Christmas stuff was being put out in the store already!  For now it sits here I want to run over to Hobby Lobby and pick up some little pumpkins and things and I will put them in the bowl and take the placemats out of it for the fall.  Linking to My Quilt Infatuation .



At Sam’s besides regular household cleaning products and stuff and I got some new bulbs to plant this fall – they tulips need to be put in the refrigerator for 6-8 weeks before planting – I need to check on the other box and see what it says.  By time I left there I was up to 8,000+ steps!


I have not seen these Nectaroscordum siculum before – they look so pretty – hope they grow!  I had peonies for some time but they have kind of died out over the years so I am looking forward to trying them again.


And here is Ms. Juki back at home and ready to be put back to work quilting that raffle quilt.  Yes it was the bobbin spring that needed fixing – it somehow was no longer quite in the place it should be in – possibly from a needle that had broken recently and had dropped down? No idea but it wasn’t quite in the position it should have been in also the timing was adjusted – I must admit I don’t even know what the timing is on a machine – I use them I don’t repair them.  The tension was adjusted also.  He also said he cleaned it but I give it a thorough cleaning so don’t think that took him long at all – I was satisfied with their work and the stitch looks perfect again so I am happy.  The price wasn’t bad at all.   For somewhere around 5 years old and who knows how many quilts have been made one time in the shop is ok with me.





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  • Marianne Sep 28, 2017

    Amazing that you have to refrigerate your tulip bulbs before planting – we just pop them into the earth “up” here. I need to get some bulbs but am holding off until November to plant. It’s been too warm here and the place I have set aside for them is next to the house where it tends to be warmest. Glad your Juki is back to normal again.

    • Karen Sep 28, 2017

      yes tulips always have to be refrigerated and usually will not flower the second year – they are really treated as annuals here when I plant I should look for all the old bulbs and see what shape they are in – I might be able to dig early and find them and refrigerate them as well and see if any will come back but the ground is so hard right now because of lack of rain, I would need to water first so it could soak in good

  • Teri Dingler Sep 28, 2017

    I am going to look at a more updated Viking Husqvarna on sale today- I have a Husqvarna- a simple sew/quilt but gets the job done both piecing and machine quilting (probably a $200 machine 15+years ago that has never been in a repair shop so I can’t complain! I keep mine clean too!
    I can’t wait to see how your peonies do. I planted some, bloomed once and haven’t bloomed again. I moved to the front bed so maybe next year?? If not I will plant again for one more try!

    • Karen Sep 28, 2017

      I had nice Peonies for some years then they just stopped flowering and then after awhile I didn’t even see them growing

  • Kathleen Sep 28, 2017

    Doesn’t it feel good to have your dependable machine back.it’s pedal to the medal.
    I’m with you on shopping, just go when I’m in need not to just have something to do. Heaven knows though I can spend plenty of time in a quilt shop or fabric store.
    Kathleen recently posted…Tomorrow is always a Day AwayMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 28, 2017

      LOL – yes if I hand went to a quilt shop I would have been spending money!

  • Kathi Sep 28, 2017

    I am sure glad you got your Juki repaired by someone who seems to know about those specific machines… we only do featherweights really… my honey does work on my 301/401 and Fiona my japanese clone 15… but only when he has to!!! lol But give him a featherweight any day.. they speak the same language.. he is good at explaining things if you ever want to understand the timing and the importance of it being just right too… let me know. For now I will tell you it isn’t easy to adjust and the guy that fixed it had to have a good idea of how a Juki works to adjust it I think… so be happy there was plenty of shopping places and walking areas to enjoy while it was being repaired instead of having to mail it off!!! 🙂
    Enjoy your pumpkin candle ! It is cute 🙂 Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…IRMA left us busy!!My Profile

    • Karen Sep 28, 2017

      thanks Kathi – technical stuff is always over my head – my eyes glaze over lol – I do think the pumpkin candle is so cute – Now of course i will need to remember to get it out every year!!

  • Dottie bishaw Sep 28, 2017

    I’m so glad it was a simple fix. The broken needle might have knocked the timing off plus the spring. I’ve never had to fix the timing on any of my old machines, thank goodness, because I wouldn’t know how to do that. The little pumpkin is cute, and love all the bulbs you got too. I have to put mine in the fridge before planting too. You’ll have a colorful spring to look forward to.

    • Karen Sep 28, 2017

      that is what I am thinking that the broken needle might have been the start of the problems. I need to dig up and redo another flower this fall – I’m getting tired of it but need to do it now while I still can!

  • Carla Evans Sep 28, 2017

    Did you have to go to Little Rock or Fort Smith?

    • Karen Sep 28, 2017

      for this sewing machine center i went to Fort Smith when I get the machine that I won the place that services those are in Benton. Normally for doctor appointments and general shopping I go to Little Rock – Fort Smith is ok and I’m familiar with the layout so I know where most things are – we use to go there a lot more for shopping years ago

  • Deb Sep 29, 2017

    Pretty bulbs! As to the pumpkin already half off, that is hysterical! Especially after we had that run of hot weather and it didn’t feel like fall yet / but for retail, fall’s almost over before it started 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Losing my sewing storage area again…My Profile

    • Karen Sep 29, 2017

      I haven’t been in the stores much and think I will grab some little decorative pumpkins and realize I better get them this weekend or they might not have them anymore I was walking around looking at fall stuff and the were putting the Xmas trees up in Penney’s!! give me a break it is not even October!!

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