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Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), Round We Go, sewing room

I had a very nice birthday thanks for all the nice happy birthdays.  It was a quite birthday and Melanie came over in the evening to visit a little bit and brought two nice big pots of mums so pretty out on the porch but it was almost dark already when I thought to take a photo.  It is official I now get to use my Medicare Card – oh my – never thought that day would arrive this soon!  The years are rushing by.


Mike has been busy working on the sewing room floor and about half of it is done – now he works the next 3 days well into the night so no more work to be done on this until Thursday I think – I need to get started working on my design wall boards so they will be ready to go up on the back wall – new flannel has been purchased, I have two insulation boards and need one more which will be too wide so needs to be cut and it will be ready to go up when the floor is done and I can get to it ok.  Also need to pick up the base for Mike’s desk.    Once the floor is done and the design wall up we are ready to move back into it!!  So excited to get everything rearranged and my quilting frame back together – before I get a new quilt on it though I am putting new leaders on the rails – they have needed to be replaced for years and I just kept putting it off – they are the same leaders that were on it when I bought the frame 20 years ago!


My new cutting table – one side I will set my laptop on and the other will be the large cutting mat – the sewing machine will go in front of the window and Mikes desk down from there.  More photos next week perhaps?


I did work more on the vine and got this much done – worked more on it last night


And just a little more work on the Round We Go block


Here is a close up of the done section – the fussy cutting wasn’t perfect – but then I’m not perfect – I don’t usually fussy cut so not enough practice at it.  Linking to Love, Laugh,Quilt  and Small Quilts and Doll Quilts and Em’s Scrapbag .


Thanks to all that order this weekend through my links to the Craftsy sale.  I did go in and look but after going to the show last week and making purchases and getting my sewing machine fixed on Wednesday I thought I better pass it up – even if it was my birthday – the show last week and that shopping was plenty.  I need to get all my fabric that I have reorganized and figure out where it will all be stored.  I think you call all tell I am excited to be getting back into my sewing room soon!






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  • Marianne Sep 25, 2017

    So glad you had a nice birthday! Congrats on the Medicare card – quite useful!

    The mums are really pretty this time of year. I just bought some hearty asters in a deep purple and planted them out front. I don’t know if they will actually return next year, but it’s worth a try. I need to get some bulbs to plant, but it has been too warm (in the 80s) so I will wait a week or two.

    • Karen Sep 25, 2017

      sometimes these fall plants well return but they are always tiny it seems – didn’t realize it had been warm for you too – too hot at this time of year

  • Mary Sep 25, 2017

    Happy belated birthday. Hope you enjoyed your day.
    Your sewing room is coming along nicely. I am sure you are excited to get everything set up.
    I am waiting for the weather to get a bit cooler here in NJ before I buy my mums. I am looking forward to fall weather.

    • Karen Sep 25, 2017

      thanks Mary – I had been putting off buying fall plants, but it will become more fall like temps later in the week so this is perfect.

  • Carolyn Sep 25, 2017

    Karen, happy happy belated birthday! This is one to keep on enjoying, knowing you have that card! The years do seem to speed up don’t they. I know you are excited about your new room, can’t wait to see your new space! Thanks for sharing!

    • Karen Sep 25, 2017

      thanks Carolyn – it was a nice day. I can’t wait for the sewing room to be done

  • Sandra B Sep 25, 2017

    Happy Belated Birthday, Karen! Sounds like you had a good day!!
    Love how your sewing room is coming along….I know you will enjoy it!
    Our kitchen remodel is down to the punch list, so we are almost done….it will be nice to have it all finished! All in all, it hasn’t been nearly as disruptive as I had feared. With the microwave, coffee pot and gas grill, we made out just fine….

    • Karen Sep 25, 2017

      I think having a kitchen redo would be harder than a sewing room – my sister went through that sometime ago in the last house she lived before divorce and it was horrible – she was washing dishes in the bathroom for awhile!

  • maxine lesline Sep 25, 2017

    Joining the many who are wishing you Happy Birthday… Birthdays do seem to get closer together as they accumulate… but good to keep having them .. especially when one is active as you are.. and with a deep interest in quilting or such. These later years are often the most content. Yes.. we can tell you are pretty excited to soon have your quilting room and your great frame. I look for blogs of hand quilters.

    • Karen Sep 25, 2017

      thanks Maxine –

  • Teri Dingler Sep 25, 2017

    Your room is coming along and I can’t wait to see you back at the quilting frame! We traveled to Hiawassee this past week for camping and Blairsville had a most beautiful quilt show that had a “Dear Jane” entered! I thought of you upon seeing it! I guess I need a quilting blog to post some pictures! Ha! Also a wonderful quilt shop- sure was fun being in a “real” quilt shop again! And yes I did buy some things!!

    • Karen Sep 25, 2017

      good buy at the shops when we can if something catches our eye! the shops are always so pretty and so much does catch the eye though.

  • Doreen Sep 25, 2017

    Progress is good. How’s the machine running now? I hope it was a day-fix. The fussy-cutting thing produces such glorious results……the “payoff” for a somewhat tedious task. The mums are out around here in abundance but, because of the past many (temp record-setting) days have required enormous amounts of water! The upper 90s has got all the A/Cs in full speed!!!!! This week will be more average (by the end of the week, at least).
    Doreen recently posted…“Ingredients” (of the quilty kind) or The Postman Cometh…….My Profile

    • Karen Sep 25, 2017

      I’m bringing it in to get fixed on Wednesday – they think it will be a quick fix and I will go shopping while waiting for them to look it over and let me know they know I will come from out of town so will try to fix the same day

  • Dottie bishaw Sep 25, 2017

    I’m so glad you had such a lovely day. Your sewing room is going to be so pretty, love that beautiful floor. Mike has done such wonderful work on the woodwork, plus your varnishing. I can tell how excited you are, it’s so close to being done. Think of all the enjoyment you are going to have in it! I like your fussy cut circle star too, and the vine on the border is going to be so pretty.

    • Karen Sep 25, 2017

      thanks Dottie – I know I will love the room

  • Rebecca Grace Sep 25, 2017

    Happy Belated Birthday, Karen! Your sewing room is really coming along. It looks great!

    • Karen Sep 25, 2017

      thanks Rebecca

  • Summer Sep 25, 2017

    Happy Belated Birthday, Karen 🙂 Glad you enjoyed the day. The flowers are so very pretty 🙂
    Summer recently posted…Hello AutumnMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 25, 2017

      thanks Summer I am enjoying my flowers

  • Vicki V Sep 25, 2017

    Soooo close! Nice to see the room coming together and glad you had a nice birthday!

    • Karen Sep 25, 2017

      yes it is getting very close now – it was a nice birthday and had an extra big surprise today – well blog about it tomorrow!

  • Thimbleanna Sep 25, 2017

    Happy Belated Birthday Karen! Your sewing room floor looks beautiful — it’s getting exciting now!!!
    Thimbleanna recently posted…Emma & MyrtleMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 25, 2017

      yes it is – today I found out though that my chair is too short or my table too high LOL – I never checked – the wheels are coming off the table and I will put some sliders under it that go on that kind of flooring so I will be able to slide the table out easily from the wall – little things I am finding need to be changed here and there – but still next week should be in the sewing room

  • Emily Sep 27, 2017

    Perfect is so over rated. Your block will be gorgeous!
    Emily recently posted…Please Use My QuiltsMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 27, 2017

      thanks Em – I think perfect is overrated too!

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