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Round We Go is going to be addicting I think – I was just going to pick out fabric last night for another circle and before you know it while watching/listening to tv I was making another one!  Here I had pieces all basted and sat it aside for a minute while I finished up a load of laundry and got the kitchen cleaned up –  someone said in yesterdays comment that it looked like a difficult piece to do – it isn’t really  break it up in sections and it goes together really nicely – I really try to remember to take a couple more photos on the next one of the process I do for sections.

round we go

Then I decided to start to sew LOL – yes just the border circle parts to sew on today and I will have two done of this variety – 4 needed.  I will do 4 of each circle before moving on to the next.  Each circle finishes at about 7 inches and you applique it to a 9 inch square – (or larger if you wish)  Linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict , and Crazy Mom Quilts ,

round we go

I do plan to start my vines today for Fall Harvest – my fusible tape arrived yesterday – it wasn’t suppose to arrive until today or next week – it came fast.

ready for vines

See how glossy my table top is getting – 3 coats of varnish on it now – I will put about 3 more coats on it to have a nice hard surface – the tables do not take much time to do – about a half an hour total when I include the door to the room also – which I will need to do an extra coat on now as I didn’t see it dripping in one area and will need to sand a bit in that spot today (or maybe Mike will) and then it needs more.  I had planned on doing about 4 or 5 coats of varnish on the door and now it will take a little more time when sanding gets it nice and even again.

table top

When I was outside taking a walk I took a few photos of the last of the garden with my phone.  This big bush is a Pineapple Sage – I didn’t use it for much – I dried a little bit to see if it is any good in anything and maybe I will dry more – but doubt it –it has pretty red flowers on it but I don’t really think you use it for much.

pineapple sage

Here you can see how large it is in comparison to the rest of the herbs that are still growing – I have been drying rosemary and oregano so the plants are small.  I grew regular sage also and dried some it is finally coming back some more – I might be able to cut and dry one more time if it grows much more. I do not think the pineapple sage will come back next year, from what I read it doesn’t winter over in our area most of the time and it is grown for decorative use mainly – I planted the lavender too close to it and it completely shadowed it out.  I didn’t realize it would get this big.  My basil did horrible this year – I kept planting more of it trying to get a good plant and went though five plants with none of them growing and dying more than growing.  I actually had to buy basil this summer at the grocery store instead of using what was in the garden it did so poorly.

herb garden

And sweet potato vines here – hidden behind fencing so the deer would leave them alone, they will stay in the ground until late October or early November.

sweet potato vines

Somehow I forgot to mention after that preview of classes on Craftsy that they were all on sale for the next couple of days.  The Craftsy class sale ends tonight at midnight – all classes $19.99 or under.









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  • Dottie bishaw Sep 8, 2017

    Your circle block is so cute, I can see how they could be addicting. I love doing hexies, I could sew them all day long if only I could! I really like your table, you are doing such a great job on it. Your sewing room is going to be so great to work in. Your garden is still so nice. Thank you for all the pictures. My son lives in Naples, Florida, right where the hurricane is going down the middle. I’m in knots this morning, just praying it’s going to go east to the Atlantic. I guess we will just wait and see.

    • Karen Sep 8, 2017

      from the weather report this morning it will go up the middle of Florida ending in a rain storm over Paducah Kentucky on Tuesday! We travel to Paducah on Wednesday so I hope the rain is over then! – it will be a rain storm of course once it gets out there but strange to be going west instead of east looks like it will miss Arkansas Hope you son will be ok

  • Anne L. Kirby Sep 8, 2017

    Pineapple sage makes a delicious tea, but you need to cut it with regular or herbal tea. It’s also a laxative!

    • Karen Sep 8, 2017

      🙂 think I might not make a tea then lol

  • Carie Sep 8, 2017

    Your EPP is such a clever design, it looks wonderful – happy sewing!
    Carie recently posted…Snowflakes in September {handmade}My Profile

    • Karen Sep 8, 2017

      thanks Carie – it is a nice pattern – I almost didn’t get it because of the price but knew I could keep all the pieces and the acrylic templates to use again sometime for other projects.

  • Belarmina Sep 8, 2017

    karen que bonito tu circulo ¡¡me gusta!!
    buen fin de semana

    • Karen Sep 8, 2017

      thanks – I like these circles too

  • Sandra B Sep 8, 2017

    I knew you would jump right in on the Round We Go blocks, Karen! Love the fabrics you are using….as with all your projects, I am looking forward to following along on this quilt’s journey!
    Your table is looking great…all those layers of varnish will make it so durable….
    I sure wish Irma would just turn east, away from any inhabited lands! This one really scares me… We are accustomed to getting tail end remnants of hurricanes here in Virginia, and had thought we would be on the north east side (the worst side), but it looks like we may get missed this time, thankfully. My heart goes out to all those in the path of this monster storm. We have several good friends who live in Florida and they are especially on our minds.

    • Karen Sep 8, 2017

      yes I have people in Florida too thank heavens my niece got back home and my son in laws uncle has moved to another location but not out of the state – wish he would leave too – Round We Go attracted me from the first time I saw it for some reason

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