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Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), gardening, Handful of Scraps, quilts

Yes back to my regular routine and maybe finally getting back on track for sewing and the last of the garden as well.

I got Handful of Scraps back out to see where I left off – I really wasn’t sure how much was needed to finish this 3rd side that I was working on (not finished but the 3 rows I was working on – not a lot left to get this portion finished.  Then the other side of course and decide what is next – keep in mind this is still barely more than 50 x 60 inches I think – I know I measure it a week or two ago but the figure escapes my mind right now.  The other hexie quilt – Round We Go I will try to do 4 circle stars each month – there are 12 patterns that call for 4 of each.  Linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog today go see the nice stencil quilt she is making.

Handful of Scraps

One border of the vine is finished on Fall Harvest.  I had been keeping an eye out at the show for a package of fall prints in fat quarters or 5 inch charms but I didn’t see any that interested me so I will be searching the orange and brown/reds box before I any further purchases.  It is very hard to show progress on a vine when the thread blends in – trust me this side is stitched in place LOL


I noticed some of the Spider Lilies where blooming so walked around outside to get some photos and realized I had forgotten about the last cherry tomato plant was still covered with green tomatoes when we left for Paducah and ended up filling up the bottom of my tank top like an apron with tomatoes to carry back to the house .   This is the weird looking scraggly half dead tomato plant – the last one in the garden. Still some green ones on it so it is left in place and I will get the rest of them off later in the week or even the week after I expect.


My mint plants this year (1-spearmint, 1-peppermint and 3-sweet mint) didn’t do very well this year and I have only dried a little bit from all the plants – about a month ago I chopped them all off to about a half inch and let them go to see if they would grow back – the peppermint and spearmint still are not doing well, but the 3 sweet mint plants look better than they did all summer – I will let them go into October and then start cutting and drying – I will get a full jar out of these leaves yet.  Makes wonderful hot tea all winter.  I know I can buy mint teas but it is nice to have known I have grown it and dried it myself.


One of two that I hung in baskets for something different.


The spider lilies grow in several different places this is one area.


And look how pretty the Pineapple Sage has gotten – it has bloomed 3 times since I planted it in May – this is just looking so pretty right now – I pulled out the Morning Glories that had been in the bed next to them (well as much as I could that is I will let the vines dry more and try to pull out more later) and since I pulled them out this plant seems to have bushed out even more and it was only a week ago that I pulled out the plants next to them.  This plant has to be at least 2 or 3 feet in height and across.


One of the last photos from the show – I love applique and this has such an old fashion charm about it – I loved it.



So that is it from the show – I have more photos but the names of who made them was too blurry to show so I’m not showing the quilts as I don’t know who to give credit.





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  • Marianne Sep 19, 2017

    That’s a lovely quilt. Was it wool applique? The colors are so soft.

    Your spider lilies and pineapple sage really are pretty. I will have to see if they grow up here. I have a blank spot in my tiny garden by the house. Isn’t it funny how we think our cherry tomatoes are finished and then they decide to give us a few more? Not enough for a salad in our case, but a few to just eat like candy. We are all busy cutting back and disposing of plants for the fall here. It’s warm but the leaves are already falling.

    • Karen Sep 19, 2017

      No the quilt wasn’t wool I should have mentioned that – cotton. Down here the gardens can go well into November if you take care of them well and plant things at the right time – I just never get around to doing that.

  • Sandra B Sep 19, 2017

    Love that appliqué quilt, Karen….I think the plaid fabrics add so much to the overall look…I am not sure I would have thought to include the plaids, but they were a perfect choice… I, too, love appliqué, and I love basket quilts, so I am saving the picture for future inspiration…thanks for sharing!

    • Karen Sep 19, 2017

      I know what you mean – I do not have many plaids in my stash and they are not the first thing I look for but sometimes you see someone else’s quilts and you think why I didn’t I think of that!

  • Dottie bishaw Sep 19, 2017

    I love spider lilies and yours are just so beautiful! The pineapple sage is just such a wonderful plant and the red flowers are so pretty, mine is just starting to bloom. I really like that beautiful Vases of Flowers quilt, the border especially. I think that’s how I might finish my basket quilt, it’s such a lovely border. Thank you for the picture and idea. I’m glad you brought out your hexie quilt and your Fall Harvest to work on again, love them both.

    • Karen Sep 19, 2017

      there was just something about that quilt that I liked! On to pin basting today – Primary Colors must get quilted for the raffle in late October! I can’t put it off any more

  • Glenda Sep 19, 2017

    So much to see in your garden this week Karen and you were lucky with that last harvest of tomato’s. My mint is growing like crazy this year and I’m making it up as mint sauce at present. The quilt by Carla is a design of Yoko Sato from Japan came out a few years ago. a beautiful design. Carla has made it up so beautifully. Cheers Glenda
    Glenda recently posted…WOW or WIP’s with Esther 20th Sept 2017My Profile

    • Karen Sep 20, 2017

      I didn’t realize that was a Yoko Sato design I don’t remember seeing the designer anywhere in the info I do like her designs

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