Bridges and Paducah


Got to Paducah around 7 last night and was able to get some photos of the scenery before it got dark.  I don’t know how many of you are familiar with the area but Paducah is very close to Illinois and Missouri and not that far from Arkansas either – in 5 minutes or less you go through Missouri, cross over into Illinois and  then Kentucky – crossing two bridges one after the other.

First tight bridge crosses the Mississippi River


Then you get off and not even a quarter mile later you turn


And get immediately on to another bridge crossing the Ohio River


I have driven over these bridges two other times when going to the show in Paducah and can’t say it is my favorite part of the trip – white knuckles holding breath and sigh of relief when done. LOL  A lot of the vine called Kudzu that grows horribly here – it will take over an area no time flat grows over the trees and over the hillsides – I don’t know how they get rid of it – some places don’t even try.


Got my shrug unraveled and ready to start over again – needless to say it wasn’t working out!!


well see the show today – well blog Friday when we get home.

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  • Mary Sep 14, 2017

    I would love to one day go to Paducah. Enjoy your trip.

    • Karen Sep 14, 2017

      I’m lucky Paducah is about 6 hours from me – this is the 4th time I have come to one of the shows
      Karen recently posted…Bridges and PaducahMy Profile

  • Dottie bishaw Sep 14, 2017

    Oh my, I’m with you on the white knuckles, lol! But what an adventure awaits you today! What happened to the shrug, it was looking good? Have a fun day, which I know you will.
    You’re only an hour and a half away from my daughter, maybe next year!

    • Karen Sep 14, 2017

      The shrug was stretching out too much with the stitch I was using and growing into a blanket LOL I think this is the third time I have unraveled :). One day we need to meet at the quilt show! It was smaller than the spring for the amount of quilts and where they all came from but just as many vendors as always I thought – taking a break!!
      Karen recently posted…Bridges and PaducahMy Profile

  • maxine lesline Sep 14, 2017

    Those bridges and white knuckles just go together.. I still remember being stricken with fright driving over a l-l-o-ong bridge in Cleveland.. twenty years ago. But getting to Paducah has to be worth some thrills. I would just go nuts over the stuff for sale !
    No doubt you will have pics of your purchases… or SOME of them.

    • Karen Sep 14, 2017

      I’m ok with bridges when they are wider but these are so narrow! Yes got pics of the purchases and some of the quilts – well share on Friday evening or Saturday
      Karen recently posted…Bridges and PaducahMy Profile

  • Carolyn Sep 14, 2017

    Have a great time! We want to go for a future fall show, my husband thinks it will be a little calmer than a spring one. Maybe next year. I can’t wait to hear all about your experiences there.

    • Karen Sep 14, 2017

      The show was smaller then the spring less quilts for sure but I think just as many vendors – crowd is much smaller but they are advertising another fall show next to be later in the year around December 1st

  • Deb Sep 14, 2017

    The bridges DO look scary but now you are past them and on to enjoyed the show! Enjoy ! 🙂
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  • Karen Sep 14, 2017

    Now we have to go back over them in the morning on the way home! They aren’t the most fun but it doesn’t take long to get past them!

  • Michele Hill Sep 14, 2017

    Have fun in Paducah…look forward to your photos Karen x
    Michele Hill recently posted…Thankyou and Kia OraMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 15, 2017

      Thanks Michele it was nice shopping the vendors and seeing the quilts – with no quilt shops in my area it is a treat to shop the vendors

  • Kathi Sep 15, 2017

    I am sure that was a white knuckle drive even if you had been a passenger !!! Be careful and have fun in Paducah!!! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…September 11! Hurricane Irma has left the area y’all!My Profile

    • Karen Sep 15, 2017

      I was glad I didn’t have to drive over the bridge this time and could take photos instead being the passenger doesn’t bother me as much as driving it- heading home today

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