Handful of Scraps

Did you enjoy your day and have time to go through Craftsy Classes to see what they were like?  If you did which classes did you like and think you want to see more of?  I admit I had barely any time to look through them.   I wish this free preview would have been on a day where I had more time.  A lot of the quilting classes see to be aimed at beginners – I also look through the cooking classes sometimes and it seems the cake decorating classes are very popular.

We were busy yesterday clearing out some things from the sewing room so that I will have room to varnish the table tops – and I was busy moving things in the laundry area so the delivery guys can get the old washing machine out and put in place the new machine today.

Also I picked all the green tomatoes and have them in a basket and pulled the plants out – they were getting bug infested and looked so horrible – and I’m done with the garden if you know what I mean – it is September I’m ready for fall.  I’ve canned about 25 pints of Marinara Sauce, had 2 quart size bags in the freezer which I used and one week I made 2 pints and put them in the refrigerator and used them that week.  I know there were tomatoes in salads and sandwiches too and some went home with Melanie – overall I’m very satisfied with the tomato crop so I don’t mind that these are green and might not ripen – I’m not canning any more.  Will they ripen? Don’t know I will leave them be for awhile and see what happens with them and use them as they do.


Yesterday in my sitting down time I was basting hexies.  The can on the left is filling up – I want to get it full and then I will get back to the long rows to finish up the sides.


I will need to add more colors soon too and need to go through the storage box that I have the color pieces in – I have this full tin but I will need to refill it several more times.  A couple of you have thought that I was almost done with the Handful of Scraps hexie quilt – these are 7/8 inch hexies – the quilt right now is only 50 x 60 about  – long way to go.  Linking up to Esther’s Quilt Blog today.






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  • Marianne Sep 5, 2017

    While traveling down south the last 3 winters, I’ve developed a real taste for fried green tomatoes. I don’t usually fry anything, but they are delicious. I will have to try some this fall, if I can find some at the farm stand.
    I have taken several Craftsy classes on machine quilting, and they are great. The instructor I particularly like is Jacquie ……… (forgot). She is so human and comfortable to listen to. I like the fact that I can go back and watch “my” classes as many times as I want. I have one now on quilting with rulers but now need to get a curvy one in order to proceed.

    • Karen Sep 5, 2017

      Jacquie Gerug (sp?) straight line quilting? I have several of her classes and like her

  • Kathi Sep 5, 2017

    I crammed as many classes as I could into my brain and really enjoyed Jacquie ‘s class the most of all the ones I took… her beginning walking foot class… I do agree that many of the quilting classes are based on beginner’s or early quilting with little experience but I think I have found a class I want to pay for while they are cheap this week… I just sold a few things so I have the $$ now to do it and while they are cheap I think I will for 1 class anyway that I just didn’t get time to see yesterday… I auditioned some classes I thought I would like yesterday and they held less interest once I heard them in person… so that was good I didn’t spend money where I didn’t need to! lol
    I love your Handful of scraps quilt and your ability to guage your need for colored and neutral hexies… I enjoy seeing your stacks of befores and afters there… have fun varnishing when you start that and Congrats on getting your new washer today!!
    Kathi recently posted…What happened to August Y’all?? Happy Labor Day Weekend! Hello September!!!My Profile

    • Karen Sep 5, 2017

      I think out of all the classes I have I like Jacquie’s straight line quilting the best and she is easy to listen to

  • Teri Dingler Sep 5, 2017

    I’ve been catching snippets of an embroidery class to freshen up and to learn new techniques I had not tried; I also have a quilting by machine I need to watch bit haven’t done so yet(time in just sitting down and doing it!). With, let’s see, four tops in the works (one on the frame being quilted with the other three being made into tops and one of those needing an appliqué border started in the next day or two) and about five in line to make….ha! I think you are rubbing off on us, Karen!!!

    • Karen Sep 5, 2017

      I have too many waiting in line to be quilted too – I have to slow down. I think when I do machine quilting I only want to do the straight lines – I like how it looks and Jacquie’s classes are easy to follow – I just have to take her advise to slow down – it is a “walking foot” “not a running foot” LOL

  • Yanicka Hachez Sep 5, 2017

    I didn’t have a great experience. They showed me suggested class but I could not find my way to all the classes. I liked it better when you paid 20$ and had access to as many class as you like with downloadable material.
    Yanicka Hachez recently posted…On my wallMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 5, 2017

      on the very top in the search area you could put what you were searching – I put in “quilting” and all the quilting classes showed up — I don’t remember one where you paid 20 and had access

  • Deb Sep 5, 2017

    I do what my grandparents did and it works….Put them between sheets of newspaper in a container or containers in the basement. One year I had quite a few that I had to pick prior to a frost and they all slowly ripened and we had some at Thanksgiving! 🙂

    Of course if my DIL was at your house right now she’d grab a half dozen or so to fry 🙂 She loves fried green tomatoes. To me they are ok but I prefer zucchini over them that way.
    Deb recently posted…Little Baskets : RSC September Color is OrangeMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 5, 2017

      I don’t really do fried food much but if these do not look like they will ripen I will give them to Melanie she likes them that way – I just avoid too much fried food. No basement here so a dark closet which might be cooler would be the closest to that.

  • Celia Sep 5, 2017

    Thank you for the Craftsy info, I watched an applique class while I sewed – didn’t really learn anything so I was pleased I hadn’t paid for it, but I enjoyed it anyway. Love your hexagons, Handful of Scraps is looking good.

    • Karen Sep 5, 2017

      LOL – I know what you mean – I have gotten a couple classes where I didn’t learn anything but enjoyed watching it. I think so far the classes I have enjoyed the most were walking foot quilting with Jacquie Gering (sp?) if I have to machine quilt something that is the way I will do it and she has a nice voice to listen to. I also like some of the cooking classes

  • val Sep 5, 2017

    Love your hexi;s…..I’m soooo ready for Fall. Tired of mowing….reading to weed the gardens down. 🙂

    • Karen Sep 5, 2017

      me too!! I love the cooler lower humidity weather of fall – I hope we have a long one. I will need to keep cutting grass for awhile but the garden is about done

  • Dottie bishaw Sep 5, 2017

    Yes I did enjoy a class on applique and one on EPP. I didn’t have much time though. I have to dye cut some more neutral hexies today, I thought I had enough, but realized I didn’t. I’ll be glad to be finished with yard work too, but it will still be about two months away for me. I can’t believe what a wonderful crop of tomatoes you had! You really did good. You’ve prepped so many hexies too. I’m making nmy hexies a tad bigger, one inch. You will have to show your tables after they’re done.

    • Karen Sep 5, 2017

      I would have made one inch hexies even though the pattern was for 7/8th but I won the book and several packages of the papers over a year ago and at the time decided to go with the papers that were included in the give away and then bought more to work with.

  • Rebecca Grace Sep 5, 2017

    Somehow I missed the free preview day! That’s okay, though. I only ever purchased one Craftsy class, well over a year ago, and I STILL have not gotten around to watching any of the video lessons! I guess it’s just not my thing.
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…Beginner Quilting Class Sample Finished and Delivered!My Profile

    • Karen Sep 5, 2017

      I don’t know how many I have gotten on sale prices and have finished a few but not all of them – quite often the class turns out to be more for beginners so you have to really check it out before you purchase. I have never taken an actual in person class so sometimes check a few of these out if I have never tried something

  • Glenda Sep 5, 2017

    Morning Karen sitting here getting colder and colder but just wanted to check in with you to see what you have been up to, funny to think you have just pulled all your tomato plants out this week and i’ve just planted a dozen, in 5 days they have doubled in size my goodness they grow so fast here in the tropics just hope they fruit this spring and not just grow leggy. Love the tin full of hexies my goodness you can make them up so fast LOL Do you stitch through the paper all just the material when making yours up? Ive turned to using washaway freezer paper and leave it in, will be interesting to see how that does wash constantly. Hugs from Down Under.
    Glenda recently posted…WOW or WIP’s with Esther 30th Aug 2017My Profile

    • Karen Sep 5, 2017

      I have thought of using the wash away paper but have forgotten about it. for these hexies I do not sew through the papers, the lengths are ok for not going through paper. But another EPP project has some long areas and I will use glue for those but hope I do not have trouble getting the papers out. It is so nice today – nice and cool – temp not got hot and will be cool the next couple days maybe even in the 50’s tonight. Just took a walk at 72 degrees and almost felt cool when a breeze came up.

  • sue Sep 5, 2017

    I paid for 3 classes and funnily enough they were all with Ann Petersen ( spelling?)
    She is so calm to listen to, and is full of information. I took 2 machine quilting classes and one on curved piecing.
    Crafsty are very clever in their marketing. After watching something free then being able to purchase on sale is excellent.

    • Karen Sep 5, 2017

      yes good sales

  • Maggie Sep 5, 2017

    Dear Karen
    My tomatoes go into a large brown paper bag if they are green. They take a bit longer to ripen, which works really well, when you do not want them to ripen too quickly. Love The hexies. Tried to watch the Craftsy classes, but could not access anything. It only allowed the previews here in Canada. A pity as I wanted to watch a class…

    • Karen Sep 5, 2017

      did you go in to search on quilting directly on their site? I didn’t have time to watch but I think others have said they watched classes.

  • Marsha Cooper Sep 6, 2017

    I always have to open posts about hexies…..and maybe some day soon I can actually get back to work on mine!
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