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Thanks for all the suggestions yesterday about my tension issues with the Juki.  After talking to a sewing machine store I’m pretty sure it has something to do with the bobbin spring – I’m taking it to Fort Smith on Wednesday and they will try to fix it right away so I won’t have to come back another day for pick up – the store is 88 miles from me – but that is what happens when you live in a small town right – No big deal, I know my way around and if my niece who lives about 15 miles from there can meet me for lunch that will be a plus – otherwise I will do some shopping and find a coffee shop to sit awhile and look at quilt magazines right – I think they have a Barnes and Nobel there but not positive.  In the meantime I might get my Janome out and see if it is working – I haven’t used it in such a long time I really don’t know if it was or not –  I don’t have room for two machines to be out – although with the new table I might – we will see.

So after all the frustration of Thursday trying to get the machine working I got my hexies out and got a little more done on Handful of Scraps – this side for this section is almost done – one more side and I will decide on the next step.

Handful of Scraps

When I was in Paducah and stopped at Hancock’s I picked up one of the scrapbags that they sell for $12.99 – I had ordered a couple once on line and was very disappointed in what I had – I got two packages with the exact same stuff – you would think they could have sent two different selections – they were browns, ugly green and lilac not my colors  – and they had huge salvage edges on them – not my thing either – I ended up cutting them all up with the accuquilt in little pieces and mixing them in patchwork quilts and I still have more to mix in.  But I was at the store and I could see these – pretty colors! Glad I got it.

These scraps are 3 inches wide (no salvage looks like leftovers that would have been for a jelly roll but a little wider) about 42 or 43 inches long and I think it was 22 pieces.  About 2 yards of fabric.  I will use some of them for the next stars for Round We Go.

round we go

See pretty colors.


This is the next design – 4 to make.


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  • Kathi Sep 23, 2017

    Glad you found a repair person for your Juki that can focus on it as soon as you bring it in… you can shop and enjoy lunch and hopefully (fingers crossed) bring it home with you and sew away on your projects!
    I love your Round we go and your Moda pack you picked up.. I am like you and do not like having them chosen for me! I like to peek in the window and see what the variety looks like 🙂
    Have a great weekend! I am string piecing pumpkins today… taking a break to visit a few blogs! lol
    Kathi recently posted…IRMA left us busy!!My Profile

    • Karen Sep 23, 2017

      I still can’t believe them sending me two scrapbags with the exact same stuff in it that time and half the fabric was salvage it was so disappointing – it was nice to see in person that the bags possibly are not always like that as this is really nice.
      Karen recently posted…HexiesMy Profile

  • Doreen Sep 23, 2017

    So, a day in town is ahead for you. I’m sure the remedy will be found so that you can complete this task. I’ve not experienced that oddity but, as with all man-made items, there is that ‘one’ that could give a body grief. Have a great Saturday………

    • Karen Sep 23, 2017

      I guess I will find out what the problem is then but the bobbin did seem to be “pushing” the bobbin out of the casing a bit like a spring was not working properly so I guess I will find out. I’m sure they will be able to fix it quickly – these machines really never seem to have much go wrong with them – I’ve had it for a little more than 4 years and never have to do anything to it other than clean and oil

  • Dottie bishaw Sep 23, 2017

    I’m glad they can fix it for you so fast. It’s so strange that it’s the bobbin spring. I’ve never come across that before, I’ve collected over 13 vintage Singers and had to fix them all. They usually were all frozen up and some had missing parts that I found on eBay. I’m curious to know if this is the problem. Please tell us about your experience with this. It sounds like you will enjoy yourself while waiting. Enjoy yourself today.

    • Karen Sep 23, 2017

      I will let you all know what they feel the problem is after they check it out

  • Rebecca Grace Sep 23, 2017

    Ah, well — the Juki’s loss is the hexies’ gain! It’s nice to have a hand project when your machine is giving you fits. I hope your machine is an easy fix.

    • Karen Sep 23, 2017

      I hope it is an easy fix – I was going to dig the old Janome out of the closet to see how it would work but then decided to take the weekend off of machine work – might drag it out on Monday

  • Deb Sep 23, 2017

    Hope the machine gets fixed exactly as you need it to / what a long drive for that 🙂 I am playing catch-up / commenting here but will visit the other posts ( I think that I missed 2 or 3 days 🙂 I’ve not been online as much as usual
    Deb recently posted…Quilting Progress, Critters, Kids, and the GardenMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 23, 2017

      I sure hope the machine is an easy fix too, I have really liked this one and really for having it a little over 4 years with barely ever having to adjust the tension and no problems I guess it was probably due to have someone look it over good and make sure everything is perfect on it. Yes a bit of a drive but I’m used to it – everything other than normal small town stuff is always 85 miles or more away!

  • Lorraine bujnowski Sep 24, 2017

    I am interested in your new quilt pattern “Round we go”. Tell me more about it. I love circular designs in quilts!

    • Karen Sep 24, 2017

      Round We Go is a pattern from Sue Daley it is not widely available in the US but there are some places that have it, you really have to look though. You can find out more information about it on Sue Daley web page or blog – I found my pattern set from the Fat Quarter Shop but I think they ran out of it – maybe some searches on line will turn up more a week or so ago I posted a link to a store in Tennessee that had them

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