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After waiting around all morning my new washing machine was delivered.  When the guys went to take the old one out they were surprised I wasn’t getting it fixed and keeping – after all “it is such a great washing machine” according to them – I told them to try washing a quilt in it and have they actually checked to see if there clothes were clean as I sure had trouble with mine and lots of other people do too –  and I was glad to get rid of it.  The part that was not working is in the spin cycle and it would take a lot to take it apart and then to repair it – hours of work which wasn’t worth it and although I was still using it I couldn’t even talk on the phone during the spin cycle in another room because it sounded like it was going to lift off to space.   I washed 3 loads of laundry today and was very pleased with the new machine  and it is fairly quite.

I know I must be crazy but I started a new English Paper Piece quilt – this one will go slow too and I don’t know how often I will work on it right now as I am so busy with other things but I thought I would start making the first circle.  This is Sue Daley’s Round We Go.  There are sew along’s going on right now but I plan on doing it at my own pace and we will see where it goes.  I got the patterns and templates from an on line shop here in the states but not the fabric – I will be doing mine scrappy as always.  Acrylic templates were provided also which is something I will be keeping in the stash of supplies.  For this one I am trying glue basting and I hope I won’t have trouble with removing the pieces eventually but for now I am planning on storing each circle flat with the papers in them.

Round We Go

I have my box of neutral hexies filled back up so I will get back to Handful of Scraps on the long rows along the sides.

neutral hexies

Other than that I was varnishing table tops for our desks in the sewing room – before I got started with the varnish I took a couple photos – this one is mine – it will have a large cutting mat on it and my computer on one side – I have a lap top so it can be moved easily when I want my accuquilt cutter out and whatever else that will be on here.  My table top will go on a “fixture” I don’t know what it is called that Mike found – the “desk base” is all I can come up with – it will be on wheels so I can move it when/if I need to and it has a crank on it (that is out of the way) that will crank it taller when I am cutting and then lower it when I am sitting at it – I will show it of course when it is all put together.

table top

This one is Mike’s – longer than mine – he will have his computer and his two screens that he uses – and the printer will go on the end of his area (I don’t have room for it on mine)  His table top will be placed on a couple of kitchen cabinets that he will use for all of his papers and things.  The walls turned out really well didn’t they!  Floor still to go obviously as it sure is a mess but better to get all the varnishing out of the way first.

table top

I couldn’t find the bias stem maker fusible that goes with mine at the stores so had to order and it will come on Friday I think so the vines for the Fall Harvest quilt will wait until the weekend.  Next week if not before I need to pin baste Primary Colors and get started on the machine quilting – I have put it off as it is just one thing after another lately going on here but it must be done.  Chances are though that I won’t get started on it until after the Paducah Fall Show which is next week already and we will be gone two nights, I think we will drive over that way on Wednesday spend the night and see the show on Thursday and the museum and some of the shops – Hancocks of Paducah for sure and Paper Pieces – other places? not sure – we have been to Paducah numerous times over the years being only about 6 hours from there so know our way around but always something new isn’t there.  I am linking to Sew Fresh Quilts this morning and Jo’s Country Junction , Midweek Makers, My Quilt Infatuation ,







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  • Rebecca Grace Sep 6, 2017

    Ooh, that new EPP circle star project looks positively tantalizing! I can see why you want to make that, and I know your quilt will be gorgeous!
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…Beginner Quilting Class Sample Finished and Delivered!My Profile

    • Karen Sep 6, 2017

      I am finding the papers that came with this one a little harder to use then the very thin papers I use for my hexies and the freezer paper that I use for the tiny, tiny hexies. Somehow I just knew this was a quilt to make.

  • Anne Ida Sep 6, 2017

    Oh! I look forward to seeing how your Round We Go will turn out. I’m loving the glimpse you show! I’m doing mine in scrappy blues and teals, and having heaps of fun with it 🙂 I do love glue basting, just don’t use to much of the glue, you might find the fabric will be stuck if you have globs of glue.
    Anne Ida recently posted…A Threadbare Creations MysteryMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 6, 2017

      I’m finding that little dabs of the glue doesn’t seem to want to hold it down so yes i am probably using too much – I will be more careful on the next one and possibly thread baste some of them and leave the glue to the larger pieces. Mine will be totally scrappy.

  • Dottie bishaw Sep 6, 2017

    I’m so glad you have your new washing machine and are enjoying it. The new hexie project looks like it would be fun. Where did you buy your templates and papers from? I can’t start another project now, but maybe later, and I really like the looks of this one too. I have enough fabric, so I wouldn’t need to buy the fabric. You give me too many interesting ideas, lol! Your table will be so nice to work on. Your trip next week sounds like it is going to be fun. You’ll have to tell us all about it, I can hardy wait to see how you like it.

    • Karen Sep 6, 2017

      I got the Round We Go pattern and templates from the Fat Quarter Shop – it is pricey – just warning you! I do not usually spend much on patterns but I intend to keep the papers and patterns in a box to use again at later dates – never know when you might want to make a star to applique down (without the circle part) or something and these are nice – also included are acrylic templates for fussy cutting. This was a splurge for me – but every know and then you do things like that don’t we as quilters. Sometimes I end up trading a pattern or book for something else and this could eventually be one of those things.

  • Sandra B Sep 6, 2017

    Love your new EPP project, Karen! Looking forward to watching it evolve…..
    Looks like your new sewing room is coming along nicely…. I really like the idea of the table that can be lowered and raised, as needed….that is a great idea!
    Our kitchen remodel is coming along, but still a ways to go….we are out of town for a few days, but work is ongoing in our absence….we hope it will be all done by the end of the month.
    I get emails when blog posts are generated by Wendy’s Quilts & More…when I saw today’s post was about William Morris and Michele Hill, I was all ready to forward it on to you….then I saw that you had commented…her projects are beautiful….I still need to make something from the book I have….Maybe one day….too many things on the “want to do” list!!!

    • Karen Sep 6, 2017

      yes Michele from Australia (Wm Morris) and I have been in touch for years now. I have made one of her big applique quilts and she has sent me numerous gift packages over the years with more patterns and self published pattern books – she is a very good blog friend! She is having such a good time on her New Zealand trip.
      I hope the work on your house will be done soon – ours is going so slow doing it ourselves but saving a lot of money that way too. Ours is such an old house that it is a constant redo going on.

  • Deb Sep 6, 2017

    The tables are going to look awesome as do the walls.

    OF COURSE you need another quilt project ! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Little Baskets : RSC September Color is OrangeMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 6, 2017

      the room is a lot of work and of course the whole thing didn’t need a redo – but it was kind of time to do it – been living here for 35 years now and other than paint and carpet (25 yrs ago?) it has not been touch much – so really it was time!
      Who can resist starting another project

  • Arlene Klatt Sep 6, 2017

    Well it looks like you have had a busy summer too. Not sure where the time has gone but it sure seem to disappear. The weather up north is cooling down more and more.

    • Karen Sep 6, 2017

      it is cool here today – 71 for a high – cool front and nigh is 50 for a couple nights – feel good!

  • audrey Sep 6, 2017

    The new project is going to be incredible! Love that pattern.:) Glad to see your remodel is progressing too!

    • Karen Sep 6, 2017

      thanks – I think there are 9 different stars and you make four of each one

  • Belarmina Sep 6, 2017

    Karen es muy tentador tu nuevo proyecto
    Asistí a un curso con Sue en Madrid , su clases fueron geniales, como enseña y como nos divertimos, tengo grandes recuerdos, y algunos de sus patrones en espera
    ¡¡seguiré tus avances atenta!!

    • Karen Sep 6, 2017

      lucky you to have taken a class with Sue – that must have been fun for you!

  • Diann Bottrell Sep 7, 2017

    Your new project is beautiful! I’ve only done a little bit of EPP, but I did glue baste them, and when I was ready to take the papers out, I used some tweezers to gently pull the fabric off the papers. That seemed to work fine for me. I like your new desks, too! All that space will be really useful!
    Diann Bottrell recently posted…I Like Thursday #46My Profile

    • Karen Sep 7, 2017

      thanks! I am trying to use as little glue as possible on these odd shapes – I tried to thread baste today on some but I couldn’t get it very well so went back to the glue – regular hexies I can thread baste well but these odd shapes not so much!
      3 coat of varnish on the desk tops now and they are looking good – want them good and hard though so I think I will do about 3 more to make sure

  • LisaS Sep 12, 2017

    I am a pretty intense gluer when I baste EPP pieces and I have not had any problems removing the papers. I take my needle and run it under the seam allowance, between the fabric and the paper to loosen the paper and it pops right out.

    • Karen Sep 13, 2017

      thanks I will try that
      Karen recently posted…Round We GoMy Profile

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