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Primary Colors

I have about 5 weeks to get this quilt quilted and bound for the raffle for the library and of course once I got started I started to have tension issues which I never have with my Juki!  Yuk – I am horrible at adjusting tension.  So I am taking a break from that and here are photos of what is done so so.

A couple days ago I got the quilt spread out on the floor with the backing pinned to the carpet as I always do if I am prepping a quilt for machine work (which I really do avoid as we all know – not my thing)


Got the whole thing pinned in 3-4 hours with lots of breaks.  And yes if I do many machine quilts in the future I will need to find a new way to do this – over the years I have heard plenty of you mention how you do this so there are a lot of ideas out there in blog land.


All pinned and ready for work to start – and believe me I consider it work – not fun.


Getting bobbins ready.  Cleaned and oiled the machine – changed out needles.


Have my sewing spot in the living room extended out – ironing board in back of the sewing machine table and a little side table to the side.


Not bad for the first days work – this was done on Wednesday.


Now to fiddle with the machine and try to get it working – I sure hope I do not have to find a place to bring it in – I did not purchase from a dealer – there is no local Juki dealer – I bought it slightly used from another quilter who ordered it from an on line dealer – I have had it for at least 4 years with no problems and she had it for about six months before selling it to me – I need to get on line and try to find out where I can get it serviced for if I can’t deal with it myself and so I know for in the future. (this is a no bells and whistles machine – straight stitch only – oil and clean it, change needles is usually all that is needed)  Linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict today and Crazy Mom Quilts .

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  • Marianne Sep 22, 2017

    Good luck with figuring out the problem. I agree – machine quilting is work. I’ve been machine quilting a much smaller piece for weeks. But your quilt is really nice and should raffle well!

    For what it’s worth, I usually pin baste my quilts on a double bed. It is a drag. I am going to start using a big table at our historical hall. It’s not as wide as a bed, but longer, and I can tape the back down more securely so it lies flat. I know some folks use spray glue but I don’t like the way it sprays everything all around, including me.

    • Karen Sep 22, 2017

      I don’t care for the spray adhesive – I used it a couple times – I think the first time I used it too thick but the second time I used less but my surface wasn’t flat enough and it rippled on the back

  • Barbara Sep 22, 2017

    I have heard great things about the Juki. We have shops here that work on all machines so you probably won’t have a difficult time getting it serviced, if you can’t do it yourself. It’s just such a pain not having the machine available when you need it.

    • Karen Sep 22, 2017

      I was searching on line and I found a store about 80 miles from me that might work out, I’m going to contact them today

  • Thimbleanna Sep 22, 2017

    Yuk. Good Luck — tension issues are no fun. And I’m with you — would much rather hand quilt than machine quilt!
    Thimbleanna recently posted…Emma & MyrtleMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 22, 2017

      I think I found a shop about 80 miles from me and messaged them and hope to hear back – otherwise I will call them later today I doubt I can get the tension set right – I have such rotten luck with that. I think I need to slow down making quilts and just hand quilt them all like I love to do anyhow – well just need to go slower!

  • Wanda Sep 22, 2017

    Try a different thread and see if it is just balking at the spool you have on there. Also turn the spool over so it revolves the other way so see if that is causing the problem.
    Wanda recently posted…Fun sewing……..My Profile

  • Dottie bishaw Sep 22, 2017

    I’m so sorry you are having tension issues with your Juki. I bought mine from an online sew shop too because the Juki dealer was too far away. Tension issues are the pits aren’t they. Your quilting looks good and I love the bright colors of this pretty quilt. My Mom always did her quilts on her bed. Is your dining room table big enough when opened up to do this? The floor would really kill my back, lol! Good luck on your tension issue.

    • Karen Sep 22, 2017

      my table is big stretched out but I would have to do the quilt in sections and have enough cutting mats to put under the quilt to completely cover my table so I wouldn’t get pin scratches on it – my quilts are usually big – this one is 84×95 I think and usually they are 100 – 104
      what do you have your juki tension set at most times for quilting and again for piecing?

  • Summer Sep 22, 2017

    Pretty colours and pattern. Hope you manage to fix your juki 🙂
    Summer recently posted…What Are Your Weekend Plans?My Profile

    • Karen Sep 22, 2017

      thanks Summer – I’m afraid I have given up at trying to fix it myself and made an appointment with a repair shop for next week – it is frustrating me too much

  • Dottie bishaw Sep 22, 2017

    Sorry I didn’t reply sooner, but we were working in the yard today a bit and than errands. I only have pieced on mine a bit, for a test run, since I have been only doing handwork on my baskets and my hexie quilt like yours this summer. I used the same settings that were set as it came out of the box, 2 on the stitch length, 2 on the big tension dial, and on the top little tension dial the second mark is lined up with the mark right above it. I watched a video some time ago about how each one might have a little different tension setting. I wish I could be of more help.

    • Karen Sep 22, 2017

      thanks – I’m taking it in next week

  • Jerilea Sep 23, 2017

    I’ve always been terrified at pin basting because I don’t want to run a pin over with the machine. I usually baste with thread and for a large quilt it only takes an hour or so. But I am relegated to the floor to do it. I have a card board cutting board (for sewing clothes ) and I was thinking of putting that on the kitchen table.

    • Karen Sep 23, 2017

      when you pin baste you remove pins in the area you are quilting way before you get to them so there is no probably of running over pins – they are large enough to see in advance – the cardboard cutting board is a good idea for covering your table if you use to pin your quilts.

  • Sherri I Sep 23, 2017

    Your library is lucky to have you!

    I have a questions – what size quilting safety pins do you use?

    • Karen Sep 23, 2017

      I have two different kinds that have gathered up over the years I have a curved pin that is 1.5 inches and then one that isn’t curved at 2 inches – both were found in the sewing sections of hobby lobby or wal-mart in bags of 100 I think

  • JanineMarie Sep 23, 2017

    I’m sorry your machine is giving you problems. If I lived close by, I’d offer to machine quilt the quilt for you. I love hand quilting, but for some quilts, I really do enjoy doing it by machine if the design isn’t complex and I need the quilt in a hurry. Hang in there. It’s going to be a beauty!
    JanineMarie recently posted…Birthday PuppiesMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 23, 2017

      thanks for the thought! I should be able to get it finished in plenty of time and can work on it as soon as I get the machine back, luckily it is not needed until the end of October glad I didn’t put it off too long

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