Primary Colors

Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), Primary Colors

Back to machine quilting on the raffle quilt.  Not my favorite thing to do. Why did I volunteer a quilt for a raffle for the library – I must have been temporarily unbalanced.  Almost half way done now – I would have been half way for sure except for being out part of the afternoon with my eye check up and then I didn’t feel my eyes would work well with bright light until evening – I got a little done but I don’t do machine work in the evening all that much I like to sit back and hand sew and enjoy some tv if I can find something to watch – the new season has started to last night I watched the 2 hour premiere of Grey’s Anatomy – I’m kind of surprised that I am still watching it.  What if anything are you watching on the new season of tv – I like Blue Bloods, Grey’s Anatomy and surprised I still watch NCIS – I’m not sure if there will be anything else.  If you have Netflix and want a good show I just finished The Five – it is only 8 shows but anyone who is a Harlen Corbin fan he wrote it.   While watching that I got part way done appliqueing the 3rd side of the vine border done – hopefully I made more progress last night (I was typing this at 7 last night so not sure what I got done with) – all the way down one side, now I turn it and start on the opposite side of the vine.


I was trying to show that I am almost half way done from looking at it this side but hard to get it in without spreading on the floor.


I should be able to finish this side in the morning – I am marking lines about an inch apart – I’m not good at eye balling so I mark – I do not have one of those bars on my walking foot like I see on some – mine didn’t come with one.  I will need to buy a walking foot for the Baby Lock I was looking at the specs and one is not included – I will also need a little table (extension table or an insert for my SewEzi table) for a flat space to work I somehow doubt that the one that came with the Juki will fit it but after it arrives I will check but like I say I would be really surprised it it did.


The last day of September  – can you believe it! 

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  • Judy Zoll Sep 30, 2017


    Don’t know if you were talking about an extension for your machine or an insert for your sew easy, but since you live with a handyman have him make one. My hubby has made both for me from plexiglass from home improvement stores. Believe me they were both cheaper!! I know your handyman is quite busy right now so it might not work out for you.

    • Karen Sep 30, 2017

      I am going to check on both because I do not know yet if I will have both machines out or just one – if I have the new machine on the new table I am talking of an extension table and no I wouldn’t bother hubby with this as he is busy and will be glad when the sewing room is done – lots of other things that are part way finished for him to get back to – although looking at the SewEzi table it does look pretty simple to do – I will have to look it over after I see the machine.

  • Kathi Sep 30, 2017

    Well your Primary Colors quilt will make an excellent donation for the library… will be fun to see how much it brings them too!! I agree though… I do donation things for auctions or needs specifically and wonder partway through what was I thinking! lol At least you got your machine fixed… I will have to check out the Five… I don’t watch any prime time tv at all actually… I go to bed about 8 and we tivo the price is right and the news in case we are busy and miss it in real time.. we don’t like it too stale though lol!
    I finally reached 1/3 done on my hand quilting project … what was I thinking!! Will put up a post tomorrow for happy october.. sooo hard to believe this is the end of a month today and about to begin another and it is FALL!!!! WOWEE!!! Kathi
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    • Karen Sep 30, 2017

      I set up all the shows I like to watch to record – (direct tv recorder) also – that way I can watch when I want to watch and skip the ads. Sometimes I watch two days later or even a week depends on what I feel like at the time. Yes it will be October – hard to believe –

  • Rebecca Grace Sep 30, 2017

    I have little guide bars for my walking foot. They are good for laziness and speed where perfect straightness is not a big deal. Like quilting the potholder fabric: I knew that once I cut out the oven mitt shapes, no one was going to notice a wobble here or there. But if it was a quilt that mattered, that I was going to have to LOOK AT, I would probably mark all of the lines to keep them perfectly straight and parallel.
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    • Karen Sep 30, 2017

      I wish this walking foot of mine had guide bars – the one that came with my little Janome did but this one didn’t and I haven’t seen any for the Juki that does – maybe I am not looking in the right places.

  • Vicki W Sep 30, 2017

    Who knew that free things cost so much! LOL!

    • Karen Sep 30, 2017

      well of course I don’t have to have a walking foot or an extension table – but they will be nice I’m sure – I don’t know if I will want to use it for quilting I will need to wait and see what size the machine is and if it is strong enough for that – I’m really not sure how big it is

  • Carolyn Sep 30, 2017

    Karen, I think the new model Juki like yours comes with a walking foot with a guide. You can probably order one somehow. There are only a few differences in the models such that our dealer was continuing with your model with ability to order the different guide foot and free motion foot. I am excited to hear about walking foot quilting on your new machine and comparing it with your Juki. Congrats on your new machine! My husband won a little Bernette at the Expo and I know your feeling of excitement! Someone asked me, “does he sew?” I wish.

    • Karen Sep 30, 2017

      I hadn’t gotten on line lately to check for a different walking foot for my Juki – I might have to check on that. I do wonder what the new machine will be like in comparison and how it will quilt and piece

  • Liz Sep 30, 2017

    The reason you are doing a raffle quilt is because you have a big heart.mmit is the same reason why I donate so many quilts. I can’t keep them all.

    • Karen Sep 30, 2017

      yes Liz I can’t keep all my quilts either they are about to take over the house – I have them stacked all over the place

  • Susan Riley Sep 30, 2017

    Well made the marinara sauce yesterday w/ no paste & using Pioneer Woman’s recipe I turned it into tomato soup. It was scrumptious to be sure!!!
    As a retired librarian, I commend you on your creative efforts~cheers, Susan

    • Karen Sep 30, 2017

      thanks Susan – yes without adding the tomato paste it would be more of the right consistency for soup – or even add a couple cups of water or vegetable broth perhaps? My daughter is the Children’s Librarian and so I hear all about the shortages in funding through her which gave me the idea for the raffle quilt

  • Dottie bishaw Sep 30, 2017

    You made Primary Colors because you’re too sweet to say no, right? Boy, you really are getting the vine done. I like NCIS, Blood Bloods, and the detective shows on PBS, plus the other shows on Netflix my darling watches. He always records them and skips over the ads. I found a quilting guide on for $49 for my Juki, and yours since they are the same model. It is quite high, maybe if I look some more I’ll find it a bit less. Have a wonderful last day of September.

    • Karen Sep 30, 2017

      I hadn’t been on the computer all day so didn’t see your comments going to the spam – I approved one – have not had any problems that I know of but maybe because you put a link in the comment so it thought you were spam. I hadn’t really looked for any other walking foot – this one is working fine and I don’t mind marking lines

  • Deb Sep 30, 2017

    LOL too late now / keep on keeping on for the library and the Universe has ALREADY rewarded you with that sewing machine win 🙂
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    • Karen Sep 30, 2017

      LOL – I know I have to keep plugging away – I did a good bit of it today – I will try to do a little Sunday and maybe be able to finish it on Monday – then the binding -I’m getting there – and yes such a nice reward even if it wasn’t meant for that!

  • JanineMarie Sep 30, 2017

    I’ve been away from social media pretty much while on vacation this week. I was just over at the Blogger Festival site and saw that you won the sewing machine. Congratulations!!
    Your quilts are looking wonderful. Like you, I prefer hand work in the evenings. I haven’t gotten into the new TV season yet. It kind of snuck up on me this year.
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    • Karen Sep 30, 2017

      thanks Janine Marie – I’m so happy to get this new machine – I’m sure I will love all the pretty stitches that will be on it and will need to experiment for sure – I might even begin to experiment with machine applique and save my fingers for hand quilting and EPP

  • Shawneen Sep 30, 2017

    I just finished pin-basting a queen size quilt for a wedding gift and thought I would share a trick my grandmother showed me. She would baste her quilts by putting them over an improvised clothes line in her sewing/dinning room. She used plastic coated wire and would throw the quilt “sandwich” over the line with half on each side. She could then sit and stitch baste it. Her quilts never had wrinkles and were always so smooth. She said, “Let gravity do the work for you.”

    • Karen Sep 30, 2017

      interesting – maybe one of my readers will see this and it will help them

  • Clara Sep 30, 2017

    Thank you for the Netflix recommendation. I will definitely check out The Five. I’m always looking for good things to watch while I hand sew. There are very few things on network TV that I enjoy. We recently watched Shetland on Netflix. It’s one of those PBS mystery shows. The Shetland Islands (off the coast of Scotland) make the most beautiful setting for this program! The program is worth watching just for the scenery! One downside of the program is that the Scottish accents are sometimes hard for me to understand. I LOVE the straight-line quilting on your Primary Colors. I think that it looks elegant and lets the piecing shine through. 🙂

    • Karen Sep 30, 2017

      I loved Shetland also and watched all of it – after the first couple shows I finally was able to make out the accents better LOL – the scenery was so beautiful.
      Thanks on my quilting – when I do machine quilting I only do straight lines or slightly curvy – have no interest in learning free motion!

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