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I took more photos then intended of course – don’t I always.  It was fun going to the Fall Quilt Show in Paducah – there were a lot less quilts then in the spring show but they are already advertising it for next year too so I have a feeling next years second show well be as busy as the spring showing.  I think the sign said the fall show well be the first week of December which is almost into winter – but still it is late fall in the south.

First what did I get from the vendors!  I went to the fall show in Houston in November and saw so many quilts I almost think I went more for the vendors and shopping this year although I did love seeing the quilts of course.  Here is my loot plus two big king size Quilters Dream battings that I got at Hancock’s of Paducah.  The four neutral pieces of fabric at the back were from their store those are half yard cuts.  Some of the other items from there also.  The big bundle of white neutrals were from a sale store that sets up across from the museum – I think (don’t remember off hand) that there are 20 –25 pieces in it and it was for $28! a very good buy  – I have been using neutrals so much this past year or so that I really needed to replenish and when better then now when I could see it and decide for sure what I wanted. The other fabrics were not sale price but I needed them – some were from the Connecting Threads booth – their first time there so the price was lower anyhow as it is on line.  Some of these will be in Handful of Scraps and some in the new Round We Go.  I used to buy King Tut thread at Hancock’s of Paducah but they no longer carry it – I hadn’t realized that.  I found the two spools at the Superior booth – it will be used in the flannel quilt Murrieta Stars – that quilt will be the first to go on the quilting frame when I get it set back up again.  Was so glad to get some of the little odds and ends – nice to NOT pay shipping and handling for those.


One more Round We Go circle star was finished while we were gone – now all four of the first pattern are done – still not sure if I like the green with the stripes and plaid – not my usually pick and it looks too busy – I might make another one? Linking to Crazy Mom Quilts today.

round we go

Now so many photos I think I will include a couple photos from the show every day this coming week as I blog.

The first one to share is Teresa Rawson’s quilt – she is from Fabric Therapy which a lot of you might be familiar with – I have read her blog for years.  I don’t know about you but I have followed her process of this quilt the whole time she was making it – dedicated quilter for sure. Teresa has a lot more info about this quilt on her blog and photos too of the progress as she was making it.

Teresa's quilt

Well this one didn’t come out clear – looking at the photos I see when I took the close up of the names a lot are fussy!  But I put her link above so you know who it belongs to – Teresa designed this and it is all applique by hand and quilted by hand.


Now this is a whole cloth quilt and you really can’t see the design unless you are up close – I had to really look closely to see if it was hand or machine – it was hand and while I was looking at it so was another – obviously not a hand quilter from her remarks – she wasn’t sure – she couldn’t tell.  When it looked it over and said yes it was hand quilted – she said “well she must not have anything else to do”  what!  we hand quilters do a lot more than quilting.  My camera just didn’t pick up this design well.



Another that some of you might recognize is from Tim Latimer-Quilt Etc this is Tim’s dog – Teddy – those of us that have read Tim’s blog over the years recognize Teddy I know I did right off the bat. – he mixed old pattern with new – and he has really gotten into machine quilting now where he used to mainly do hand work and used a treadle machine a lot.  Look at all that thread work on Teddy.



So that’s it for now I will add more photo’s every day for awhile.









(I am compensated for any purchases made through my links.)

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  • Marianne Sep 16, 2017

    Wow! Quite a haul! I love Quilters Dream batting and try to use it as much as I can.
    Thanks for sharing photos of the quilts, too. Was the whole cloth one quilted in “ruby” thread? It looks beautiful. I had a call from a lady who wanted me to make a wedding quilt with doves and wedding rings. I wonder if she wanted one like the one you showed. I suggested she call a friend as I don’t do commissions. Must say I am really relieved I said now after seeing that quilt!

  • Mary Sep 16, 2017

    You did great on your shopping and I’m looking forward to seeing more pictures.
    Mary recently posted…Home from RetreatMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 16, 2017

      I didn’t take as many photos as usual but I will post a couple every day for a week I think

    • Karen Sep 16, 2017

      thanks Mary – I didn’t find everything on my list but it was close

  • maxine lesline Sep 16, 2017

    Glad to see pics of your purchases… and of some of the quilts displayed .. and especially nice to see hand quilting get rewarded…really strange that anyone would sniff at it… it is slow work.. yes, but most lovely things are. I am going to read Fabric Therapy.. sounds interesting.. Already looking forward to more pics.

    • Karen Sep 16, 2017

      the person didn’t “sniff” at it – thought it was good work but just stated she didn’t think a hand quilter had anything else to do – I guess she assume a hand quilter sat in front of a hoop or frame all day and did nothing else.

  • Tim Latimer Sep 16, 2017

    Thanks for including Teddy in your post! he is such a ham and really loves the attention LOL.
    looks like you got some great things at the show
    Happy Quilting!
    Tim Latimer recently posted…Hand QuiltingMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 16, 2017

      I recognized Teddy on the quilt from a distance away 🙂

  • Dottie bishaw Sep 16, 2017

    What a wonderful haul! The pictures of the quilts are so beautiful, I can’t get enough of making them larger and enjoying every detail. The ruby quilt is so gorgeous, I could look at the hand quilting all day and the applique quilt boggles my mind, so intricate. Your round stars are so pretty, maybe you will like the green one better when it is mixed in with all the others at the end. Glad you had a safe trip and enjoyed it. I want to go so bad now and maybe we will meet up too, that would be so fun. Have a great day and I look forward to seeing more of your pictures.

    • Karen Sep 16, 2017

      saw some really nice hand quilted quilts – I didn’t spend all my time taking photos this time though and spent more looking! Yes I’m hoping that I will like the green star better after it is mixed in with all the others.

  • Kathi Sep 16, 2017

    Thanks for sharing Andrea’s, Teresa’s and Tim’s quilts… tim’s was actually done on a treadle but the other 2 are hand quilted for sure… Andrea does spend lots of time hand quilting and I believe she is a stab stitcher… one stitch at a time to get small stitches she desires! I really love Teresa’s quilt and wouldn’t have thought such a personally made quilt would be a ribbon winner so I am sooo happy to see that … her applique is awesome!
    I love all the neutrals you bought and that ruler for 45 degree angles??? looks quite handy 🙂
    I will try to visit you more this week and see what else was at Paducah… I had seen Andrea’s and Tim’s on Celebrate … somehow I lost Teresa’s blog at some point so must start following her again!!!
    Kathi recently posted…September 11! Hurricane Irma has left the area y’all!My Profile

    • Karen Sep 16, 2017

      I knew Andrea’s name was familiar to me but didn’t realize that was where “I knew” her from – I didn’t realize that Tim did that one with a treadle – I had lost track of him like you did Teresa. What you thought is a ruler is actually a triangle template – it was pretty cheap and I thought it would come in handy.

  • Belarmina Sep 16, 2017

    Karen gracias por compartir fotos.
    Tus compras me gustan,
    que bonitos trabajos con ese telas harás!!
    la estrella círculos me encantan
    buen domingo

    • Karen Sep 16, 2017

      thanks Belarmina I am so looking forward to working with the new items – I will use some of those neutrals in the hexie quilt and some in the circle stars.

  • Claudette Sep 16, 2017

    I have been following all three of the designers you showed. I would love to see one of Andrea’s in person. So much talent. And Teresa’s quilts are amazing! The details are really something. Tim’s quilts are always great. Thanks for sharing.

    • Karen Sep 16, 2017

      your welcome – if you have an address for Andrea would you send it – I don’t have her blog

  • Claudette Sep 17, 2017

    I don’t think she has a blog. She is on Facebook and I think she has a website. It’s in German, but has photos of her quilts.

    • Karen Sep 17, 2017

      Sometimes google translator works good enough to get an idea of what is being said – but other times LOL haven’t a clue

  • Claudette Sep 17, 2017

    Here’s Andrea’s website: http://www.quiltkunst.de/

  • Tami Von Zalez Sep 20, 2017

    A hand-quilted whole cloth? That is mind boggling to me …

    • Karen Sep 20, 2017

      there are a lot of hand quilters that do them – I have thought about it but then change my mind 🙂

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