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Didn’t get much done in the sewing area yesterday.  But my new cutting table/desk was put together – progress!  What is left to do? get the design wall up,  Mike’s table is left to put on the base and the floor – then moving everything back in and organizing.  The floor will be back breaking work with a lot of breaks to stretch out our backs I’m sure.  Hope to get started on it next week.  My table was raised up high right now so I could put the last coat of varnish on it – you see the crank at the end of the table – that well adjust the height of the table – you can remove it so it isn’t in the way.


This is it with a 24 x 36 inch cutting mat so you can get an idea of size (photo taken before I was putting that last coat of varnish on )  I only had the mat on it for the photo as the table top still needs to “harden” a little bit still – well not be using it for a week or two.  Plenty of room for the lap top on one side and cutting area on the other – in fact if it works out right and the sewing machine sits on it alright (in height)  I will put the sewing machine on it to do the machine quilting as the table top will have so much of a bigger area to work then the Sew Ezi table does.  There are wheels on the bottom with brakes so I can easily move it if needed.


This is the backing I got for the Primary Colors quilt – I have been thinking straight lines in a light gray thread.

Primary Colors and backing

Wide flannel for the new design wall.  I know some of you use batting but I find batting sags after awhile and flannel doesn’t do that as much I think.


This much done on the Round We Go circle.  I was asked what I have it sitting on – this is a 12.5 inch sandpaper board  – helps keep things from slipping and I use it to draw out my pattern pieces – cutting one circle at a time isn’t much work and I find the slower pace nice – I have enough quilts waiting in line to be quilted I don’t need to rush.  There is old dry glue on this sandpaper board that I don’t know how to get rid of – don’t want to run the board by scrubbing with water and a brush but thought maybe that would work if I did it quickly?

round we go

The last basket of tomatoes has been ripening nice – some faster than others.  Have used some of them already –I believe it was last week I showed you a full basket of the green tomatoes that I picked before pulling out the plants.


I did get about 25 inches or so of the vine applique on both sides on Fall Harvest but you really can’t see the work as the thread blends in so well I didn’t take a photo.  Again no rush on this as I have so many to quilt – I’m trying to slow down.  Linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog today and kokaquilts:sew, stitch, snap,share.






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  • karen Sep 12, 2017

    are you following the round we go sew along from gnome angel? I was thinking of doing it myself. Love your colors for it!

    • Karen Sep 12, 2017

      I am making them at my own pace. All of the prizes from Gnome Angel are in Australia and if I won any and used the prize I would have to pay a ton for shipping and handling so not bothering with it.

  • karen Sep 12, 2017

    Eek! where did you get templates/papers? I don’t see anyone in california who carries them..

    • Karen Sep 12, 2017

      if you read back a couple days in my bog posts I left a link for one place that still has some. I used the Fat Quarter Shop but the last time I checked for someone they didn’t have them listed so must be out. The one in Tennessee that I shared the link for is the only one I know of although there are probably others if you search.

  • Dottie bishaw Sep 12, 2017

    Your sewing room is really coming together, it won’t be too much longer and you will have all your things together again. What are you doing to your floor? Your table will be so nice for your quilting and cutting. Hope you enjoy yourself at the quilt show and the rain will be out of there for your trip. I can hardly wait to see how you like it and tell us about it.

    • Karen Sep 12, 2017

      the floor well be laminate like the kitchen – need to pick it up still – maybe on the weekend? not sure. I think it is suppose to rain a bit today and tomorrow but not all that much – cloudy and cool here – I haven’t checked the weather today.

  • audrey Sep 12, 2017

    We always picked all the green tomatoes at the end of harvest and let them slow ripen under our beds.:) Good to have fresh tomatoes! Love seeing the progress on your quilt room!!

    • Karen Sep 12, 2017

      under your bed? have never heard of that – guess a dark space and out of the way! my basket of green ones have been ripening slowly – I don’t know if they all well but I have been tossing them in things and sometimes chop up a green one to cook along with the red.

  • Deb Sep 12, 2017

    Wonderful progress on the room!
    I like the under-the-beds-idea for tomatoes from another comment if one does not have a basement 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Applique, Quilting, Blooms & Slice of Early September LifeMy Profile

    • Karen Sep 13, 2017

      sounded interesting for sure!

  • Ann Sep 12, 2017

    Oh, how I envy your adjustable table. What a useful addition.
    Grey thread will be perfect for this quilt.
    I’m such a city girl I never knew about ripening tomatoes. Since it rarely freezes, we only picked ripe ones. Just a few in pots.

    • Karen Sep 13, 2017

      when the tomatoes are in the garden it is a constant fight with the bugs to get them when ripened so normally as soon as they start to turn slightly red I grab them and finish the ripening process on the countertop in a basket in the kitchen. I have not tried them in pots. I was hoping someone would say the gray would be right for the machine quilting – I don’t have a lot of colors in big cones and hoped one would be right. When looking for a new cutting surface to go in the area right the one demand I had was the right height for me 5’8″

  • Vicki V Sep 13, 2017

    Oh the room is coming together nicely! The new table is wonderful and I love the new round blocks.

    • Karen Sep 13, 2017

      thanks – hopefully after we get back from Paducah we can purchase the flooring but don’t expect to get started immediately (but I hope)

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