A Busy Quilting Room, Is a Happy Quilting Room

Murrieta Stars – Flannel, quilts, Round We Go, sewing room

I have been much too busy lately but it is always so nice to end the day at the quilting frame again.  Wednesday night I sat down to get busy on Murrieta Stars.  I knew quilting flannel would be different and it will take some getting used to for sure – bigger stitches too!

I figured out what lights needed to be shut off to avoid the shadow of the clamp on light bar. This is pretty much the true colors of the quilt as well.

quilting frame

The quilting from Wednesday night – took a little while to get the flow of the flannel figured out for the needle.

hand quilting

The set up when I quilt – the laptop goes at the top of the frame and Netflix comes on.


This will be the design in the wide border area – it fits so well. – a narrow chain will be at the top and the bottom where the border is narrow

quilt stencils

The wide chain will fit on the outside borders as well.- the flower will just be in the corners.


Added a few more things to the design wall for now. These are the three EPP projects that I am working on.  I am linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict  and Busy Hands Quilts: Finished or Not Friday  and Crazy Mom Quilts  today.

quilting room

A close up of the Round We Go Stars.

Round We Go

I am having such a time with my office chair rolling all over the place that an area rug has been added to the room – I guess either the floor is just plain slippery and/or I don’t have enough weight in my chair to hold it in place – but I go to sit and if I am not holding on to the chair it goes flying and if I go to scoot the chair down the table length or across to the quilting frame I go sliding to the design wall.  We know the floor is not perfectly level – but it shouldn’t be that bad – Mike has no problem with his chair and it is the same kind.


What I decided on the sewing machines is I do not have room for two sewing machines in the room at the same time – the point of the bigger table was to have more room to comfortable work without being crowded.  Seeing as I won this nice new sewing machine it will be in the place of honor for now while I learn to use it.  We all know I do so much hand work that two machines are not really needed except to have one as a back up machine when one is in the shop.  My big Sew Ezi table is not going to work without ordering replacement parts – I would need to order a new acrylic top and the pieces to lower the set in shelf as I lost those parts a long time ago – the cost is almost the same as getting another table top that matches my big new table top except it will be a little smaller in length.  Mike had some black desk legs from another table that will work for it and I will be going with that and the Sew Ezi table will go in the closet with the Juki.  I cleaned out a space so it will be easy to access and covered her up to keep dust out.  I will at some time get an extension table to fit around the babylock.  I will show a photo of the table as soon as we get the top and get it put together – of course it will need to be varnished so would be a little while before I could use it.

Craftsy is having a supply and kit sale this weekend – enjoy browsing through!






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  • Deb Oct 13, 2017

    Everything looks so bright and cheerful now 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Life with DogsMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 13, 2017

      I wouldn’t have thought the wood walls would make the room seem lighter than it was before with white walls, but with the track lighting and so much of it – it makes for a very bright room.

  • Jayne Oct 13, 2017

    This is just plain and simply and very happy room!

    • Karen Oct 13, 2017

      thanks Jayne! I’m enjoying it

  • maiden hair fern Oct 13, 2017

    I love your sewing studio! and your hexi quilt is absolutely gorgeous!

    • Karen Oct 13, 2017

      thank you – now to get the table for the sewing machine made and finish straightening that are and I can learn how to use this new machine too! it came at the right time, how many people win a sewing machine just as they are finished a remodel of a sewing room!

  • Dottie bishaw Oct 13, 2017

    Your stitches and the design are so pretty Karen. Your room is so pretty and bright! I love your big design wall and what you have on it too. I think you are so light that the chair just flys around, lol! I had to clean two bathrooms today, so now I can enjoy the rest of the day working on my hexies, I’m on the fifth star point now. Seeing your hexie quilt on your design wall encourageso me so much! Enjoy playing with your new sewing machine.

    • Karen Oct 13, 2017

      I got a little more put away this morning and had lunch with Melanie and gave her the raffle quilt to hand off to her boss. love working in my new room and like that I am in control of my chair now and it is not slipping out from under me LOL

  • Sandra B Oct 13, 2017

    Karen, it makes me smile to be following along, once again, as you do your hand quilting! I love the stencils that you decided to use…I have both of those in my stash of stencils…
    We are having some cooler weather in Virginia and that just makes me want to do nothing but sit and do some hand stitching with a cup of hot tea at my side! But first I have some chores that need doing….I better get to it!

    • Karen Oct 13, 2017

      these are good stencils aren’t they – I have used the small one before but I don’t think I have ever used the large one. We had cooler weather for a couple days, now it will be a couple in the 80’s then back to 60-70 again – fall – love it.

  • Karen, Tu-Na Quilts Oct 13, 2017

    Your design wall looks wonderful. But you have three hand pieces with itty bitty pieces. What will be your next pieced quilt? The stitch pattern you selected is wonderful. It fits so nicely. Isn’t it nice when that happens?

    • Karen Oct 13, 2017

      yes the stencil worked out really well. I have some pieced blocks that I started several months ago that had been put away while I was making Primary Colors – I will get them back out to use the new machine with – they are Bird Blocks

  • Carie Oct 13, 2017

    It’s looking wonderful – and I love the snugglyness of the flannel – even just the bit you’ve quilted looks like a hug in progress!
    Carie recently posted…Rainforest Socks {handmade}My Profile

    • Karen Oct 13, 2017

      thanks! I intend for this one to go in the camper on our trips to the mountains – won’t plan one until next summer as hubby is working and will be done in March and retiring for good (or so he says)

  • Belarmina Oct 13, 2017

    Karen tu espacio de costura es tan especial
    ¡¡diviértete cosiendo!!

    • Karen Oct 13, 2017

      thank you – I am really happy with how it has turned out

  • Carla Therrien Oct 13, 2017

    Love the round we go blocks. They make me wish I liked to do EPP! Ugh!

    • Karen Oct 13, 2017

      you can always trace around the shapes and hand stitch or machine stitch – I’ve done that – I don’t like the “paper” that came with these — too thick – I prefer thin like freezer paper

  • Diann Bottrell Oct 13, 2017

    Your sewing area looks like a really enjoyable space, Karen! Glad you are able to work on your hand quilting each evening – that sounds really relaxing!

    • Karen Oct 13, 2017

      I am too but I think I do not like this thread and might need to rip it all out and start over again with a thicker thread – this thread with flannel is not working well – it isn’t standing out enough – early enough into the quilting that it isn’t much to rip out to have it look good in the end!

  • JanineMarie Oct 14, 2017

    Your sewing area is so cheerful looking! It’s been really fun seeing it come together. I like how you have your quilt set up with your computer. What are you watching on Netflix these days?
    JanineMarie recently posted…More Puppies! (and a Travelogue)My Profile

    • Karen Oct 14, 2017

      right now I am watching a series called “Intelligence” it takes place in Vancouver – police drama it took me awhile to get into it but now I like it – I am on the second season though and I don’t think there are anymore on Netflix available. I’m not sure what I will watch next.

    • Karen Oct 14, 2017

      just checked it was cancelled after the second season 🙁

  • Susie Oct 15, 2017

    What I first noticed was the rug. I love the Craftsman style – where did you find it?

    • Karen Oct 15, 2017

      We found the rug in the rug area at Lowe’s they had big ones hanging and then the smaller ones like this and smaller are rolled up in bags next to the hanging ones. It was hard trying to decide between 3 of them, but this one won out – one thing I took into consideration over the oriental that I really liked was that I bring cups of coffee in the quilting room and I’m not always the neatest and have had some floor spills 🙂

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