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Round We Go, sewing room

Still not much accomplished in the quilting area while I am waiting for the thread to arrive for Murrieta Stars.  I should start marking it in some way but I kind of want to wait for my needles and thread so I can play with it a little and see how it quilts – tough or easy – tough = less quilting!

So yesterday I did do a little more on my Round We Go but I have been moving really slow and taking my time.  Only two more pieces to put in so I imagine I finished it last night after I wrote this.  I’m having a hard time finding something to watch on Netflix – sometimes I look through the titles one after another and see nothing that sounds interesting – any suggestions?  I have watched a lot over the last couple years so chances are whatever you say I have seen!


I got the big bin out for Handful of Scraps and reorganized the fabric into two smaller boxes.  I well get back to work on this quilt pretty soon – I want to finish the round we go pattern 2 first – 4 blocks for it and almost 3 done now.  I’m trying to do sets of 4 each month.


Then I brought them to the shelves and remembered I had 3 tin boxes full of hexies to add to it so I put them all in the big box – so all of Handful of Scraps fits in the big box and the little boxes on top have the half inch hexies – Granny’s Gone Crazy.


Then every thing went back on the shelf neatly – lot’s of boxes here but I know what is in what so that is good!  I try to remember to add a label to each box so I can clearly see it and not have to open things searching.


The top of the dresser is looking much better!!  Still have some plastic shoe boxes left over and I think I can get the wool folded and fit into about 2 or 3 of these and fit them on the fabric shelf behind the 2 bins that hold thread.  The smaller plastic box has scraps left over from the last couple projects and I really need to get the accuquilt out and cut these pieces up and add the to the scrap boxes and start on another scrap quilt one of these days – something that will take a long time because I sure do not need another top done quickly – there are too many waiting in line to be quilted right now LOL


I have barely even begun to play with the new sewing machine while I wait for the new table top to come and get it varnished and ready to attach the legs.  The babylock doesn’t fit in the Sew Ezi table at all right now and I don’t want it to take up half of the other table so I’m just not doing much of anything with it right now until I get the new table for it.  I was asked wasn’t it easier to just get the new insert for the SewEzi table – the table “shelf” sits up too high for the Presto2 and it would need to be lowered which involves 4 new “legs” for it totaled up a new insert and those pieces is only slightly cheaper than another wood table top to match the other one.  So overall I think it will look a lot better and only about $15 more.



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  • Marianne Oct 19, 2017

    We have been watching “Mindhunter” on Netflix recently. It is a little creepy but also interesting. We also finished watching “The Man in the High Castle” which was also good. Paul doesn’t enjoy British programs as much as I do and goes for more action. I love “A Place to Call Home,” “Call the Midwife,” and “The Durrells of Corfu,” all PBS series.

    • Karen Oct 19, 2017

      I watched the first season of The Man in the High Castle – it certainly was different – I saw there was a second season . I watched 4 seasons of the Midwife and got tired of the screaming pains lol – I might go back and watch the next two seasons – I think it is 6 now? haven’t seen the others you mention

  • Deb Oct 19, 2017

    Like Marianne, I enjoyed A Place to Call Home as well as Call the Midwife.
    Deb recently posted…Little Baskets & Flowers : RSC Color of the Month is PinkMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 19, 2017

      haven’t seen A Place To Call home – watched some of the Midwife

  • Gretchen Oct 19, 2017

    I’ve been slowly watching the Land Girls. Takes place in WWII.
    Gretchen recently posted…Pink RSC BlocksMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 19, 2017

      I’ve watched that one and watch all that I find in that time period – have you seen Bletchley Park – about code breakers in WWII (women)

  • Kathi Oct 19, 2017

    I love all the organizing you have been up to!! I just am so excited about your space and the new extension table coming for your Pesto Baby Lock!!! Looks like a fun machine to play with once you get all you need ready for it.
    I use Dritz betweens that come in varied sizes in a pack from JoAnn’s in the sewing section and they are nice and sharp with a round eye so easy to thread with the 12 wt Aurifil too 🙂 Let me know if you would like to see a pic of the package if yours arent’ share enough… I haven’t done flannel but I do use a lot of batiks and have no issues using those needles to pierce the fabric or make the opening big enough to easily pull the thread through ! Enjoy pondering your design and organizing more as you wait Karen! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Wall Hanging is FINISHED!! And more to share too!My Profile

    • Karen Oct 19, 2017

      I have a variety of needles to try out – the ones I ordered were too big. I have used Aurifil #12 before. I didn’t order an extension table for the baby lock it is a whole table desk top like what I already have that is smaller than my cutting table/desk – it will be a table for the sewing machine – I will get an extension table for the machine after I get things more set up. When we get the desk top it needs to be varnished like the other tables and legs added to it – it will not be as long as the one I currently have but it will be another table right next to this one just for the sewing machine

  • Sandra B Oct 19, 2017

    Karen, I thought you were already an organized quilter, but now you are getting even more organized! Love it! You are an inspiration both in your quilting and your keeping everything so orderly!!
    I really like the fabrics you are using on this Round We Go block… I think it is my favorite so far…

    • Karen Oct 19, 2017

      well I wish my points on the star were darker so they would have stood out more – I finished it last night. Live and learn right – the circle looks good but the points should be darker so it jumps out at you right away that it is a start – back to quilting tonight – the thread arrived!!

  • Summer Oct 19, 2017

    I love how you have your quilting organised, Karen. Hope you are having a great week 🙂
    Summer recently posted…Be In The MomentMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 19, 2017

      thanks Summer – I am a bit of an organizer I admit – not too extreme I hope but I can’t work well in a mess

  • Clara Oct 19, 2017

    With my Amazon Prime, I pay $5.00-$6.00 a month (can’t remember the exact amount) to get something called Acorn TV. It is a special add-on for Amazon, and it’s all British shows. There are lots of good ones to choose from, and I really enjoy Acorn TV. I’ve enjoyed a detective series called Vera. The first couple of episodes were kind of “slow”, but it really picked up after that. The show is about a frumpy, older female detective—she’s kind of like a male Columbo.

    I love the quilt that your Handful of Scraps plastic boxes are sitting on. It is a gorgeous hexie quilt! 🙂

    • Karen Oct 19, 2017

      I have heard of acorn tv but do not have it. I think the show Vera is on Netflix or Amazon Prime which i also have – I will check it out.
      The quilt the boxes were sitting on is one I call Diamonds are Forever – it is hand pieced and hand quilted finished last year I think

  • Dottie bishaw Oct 19, 2017

    Wow you are really getting organized. Everything looks so pretty and fun to work with I think. Today was a travel day back home, from a fun trip to see family. My DH let me stop at Hancock’s in Paducah. I think I had a little bit too much fun there, if you know what I mean, lol! It really was nice, but so glad to be home again. I’m glad you got your threads and are quilting again and I look forward to seeing what you have done.

    • Karen Oct 20, 2017

      isn’t Hancock’s of Paducah fun! so many things it is like a quilters candy store 🙂

  • Susan Riley Oct 21, 2017

    Karen-Vera isn’t on Netflix-boo hiss. 1 of the blogger’s this morning said she binge watched The Good Life w/ Ted Danson while she finished a quilt. Hadn’t heard of it. Haven’t been on it lately, just keep payin’ for it! You have made SO much progress! We are unseasonably warm in the Boston area so feel I need to be outside. We have YET to have a frost! Amazing. Still have tomatoes coming…Susan

    • Karen Oct 21, 2017

      wow still getting tomatoes in the north that is good! I have heard of the Good Life but haven’t watched it

  • LisaS Oct 24, 2017

    Have you watched Turn?

    • Karen Oct 24, 2017

      I started to last year and couldn’t get into it

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