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Truthfully I really didn’t get much done yesterday – I had a eye check up in Little Rock so we were gone half the day.  Great news though the eye check up went well and I don’t have to go back for a year!  This is all related to the detached retina from almost 2 years ago and complications from the cataract surgery 4 months afterwards.  So nice to know it will be a year – although I haven’t minded seeing this doctor at all, a very personable person and talks to you at a level you understand without acting like he is talking down to you.

So while in Little Rock we had lunch out and shopped at Sam’s Wholesale picking up a few things that will last months on end LOL and then walking around Whole Foods and not getting a thing!  After we got home I decided instead of just wrapped a quilt around the ferns to put them in the workshop instead and cover them out there – better protection from two cold nights and Mike got the RV anti-freeze in all the right places in the camper.

On Thursday night I got a little more quilting done and I really need to not quilt one night and devote time to the leaf applique on Fall Harvest or it will never get done and get back to work on hexies.  Since I got the quilting frame back up and running I haven’t gotten as much done on the other projects and taking 9 months off of hand quilting my fingers are feeling the pricks already!

I worked on this area of Murrieta Stars and got almost to the end.  I’m not really sure what I am doing in the triangle area by the stars or the other empty spaces – I hope it will come to me – it might just be a grid or maybe the flower in the squares and grid in the triangles.


This is the area I planned on finishing Friday night and then I was going to walk away from it and go in the living room and watch a few shows I have recorded and hadn’t had time to watch – like Grey’s Anatomy and Designated Survivor and work on my applique!  I will spritz the blue lines out and sometime on Saturday roll it down and get started on the next border.


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  • barbara woods Oct 28, 2017

    I have been going to a Dr. about my detached retina to , mine was after my cataract surgery. one day both eyes filled with blood and one cleared up but the other is just now clearing 5 months later

    • Karen Oct 28, 2017

      and I had a detached retina and had surgery and it made the cataract grow quickly so had surgery for that and hand complications – one thing after another – I hope your eyes clear up soon

  • Linda Dutch Oct 28, 2017

    Lovely progress with your quilting. Are you hand quilting this, it’s a big frame?
    Linda Dutch recently posted…a little finishMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 28, 2017

      yes it is a 3 roller hand quilting frame that I have used for years and years – it is not made for machine quilting – I do most of my quilts by hand and a few with my domestic machine

  • Karon Scott Oct 28, 2017

    Your hand quilting is lovely. What do you use to mark with? I am just learning to hand quilt and do some on the machine but marking is scary, don’t want to leave marks and the frixion pens will leave white marks on dark fabric.
    Karon Scott recently posted…log cabinMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 28, 2017

      I use the wash out pen called Mark B Gone – have used it for 20 years – no heat to the blue until after the quilt is washed – then you can put it in the dryer after you know the lines have been soaked out completely – come out easily! on dark fabric I use a white chalk mechanical pencil it usually brushes out before the quilting is done or comes out in the wash

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