Applique and Binding

Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), Primary Colors, sewing room

What a busy day yesterday was!  First binding, then leaves, then a cleaning frenzy.

I got the binding machine stitched on Primary Colors and it is now ready for the hand stitching to the back. I hope to work most every evening on this binding this week so I can be done by the weekend.


Fall Harvest – 33 leaves scattered all around the borders – now I will glue baste each leaf in place so I can take out the pins.  Other than the glue basting the applique will wait to start until I get the binding done on the above quilt!  I think this will finish this quilt off nicely.


One last look of the sewing room in progress – in a week or two I hope to have everything moved back into the room and a quilt on the frame!  The blue insulation boards in the corner are for the design wall which I hope to get put together this week.That goes on the wall you do not see – we didn’t put the pine paneling on it as it will be covered up.  My table is pushed into the middle of the room so it is out of the way so I can work on the design wall.  The room still needs to be cleaned up, tools put away and Mike’s desk assembled.  When we get most of this stuff organized and the desk’s are in place and the sewing machine table moved in – I will get to work on putting the quilting frame together and a quilt on the frame.

I need to put new leader fabric on the rails as the other stuff is old and rotting – it has been on the metal rails for 20 years now!  Although the room looks like it has a yellowish cast to it the light bulbs are daylight bulbs – it is the pine paneling that gives it that look.  As it ages it will be different and also this was taken in the evening so the flash went off even with all the lights in the room.  Even with about 3 extra feet added to the length of the room and about 10 feet in width at the end of the room (where a closet used to be) the room will be crowded as always.  It is still a long narrow room and not much you can do to change things up when you put a long 3 rail hand quilting frame in the room.  That alone takes up about 3.5 feet x 10 feet.  Yes the frame could be smaller if all I did were small quilts – but I make a lot of big quilts so it stays the length it is.


And as the cleaning frenzy went – I was putting something in the bedroom closet when something fell on me and I started to bag up things for Good Will – out went clothes I no longer use, shoes I no longer wear – why were they still in the closet – because I was too lazy to bag them up.  After that I was vacuuming, washing floors and cleaning the bathroom – get it done and out of the way so I can work on other things this week!!  Linking to Confessions of a Fabric AddictSew Fresh Quilts , and Jo’s Country Junction UFO Progress, and Susan’s Midweek Makers   today.






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  • Kathi Oct 4, 2017

    okay.. I am just sooo happy with your finish on Primary colors… when is the auction it is intended for?? You should have that binding stitched by the weekend… esp if you have those tantalizing leaves to applique down… I hope you show more about your applique… I think the glue stick basting may work best for me but leaves could be fun done with just the seam edge marked as you applique 🙂 I am excited to watch that progress… once that binding is done and you can wash the Primary quilt !!
    I love your renewed look of your quilting room/sewing room… sooo nice.. ceiling is wood too and those nice bright lights are awesome looking!!! Bet you won’t be missing out on light or breeze with that ceiling fan… I can’t wait to see your fabric and cutting table and stuff organized in there too!!!
    Great post today … glad something fell on you too so you cleaned out your closet.. we all need that every now and then! lol
    my cushion is getting closer to done.. it has been a busy week but I am pushing through and sticking with it! Have a good hump day friend!
    Kathi recently posted…Another row in the books and soooo much more!!!My Profile

    • Karen Oct 4, 2017

      I have always Roxanne Glue Baste it and squeeze out tiny drops to put under an applique piece to hold them in place and turn the edges under as I go for applique. Roxanne Glue (or other liquid like school glues) holds the piece in place for longer periods then a glue stick I find which usually seems to come loose because of the handling of the project in my experience.

  • Deb Oct 4, 2017

    So much progress since I was here last ; everything looks wonderful! ! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Losing my sewing storage area again…My Profile

    • Karen Oct 4, 2017

      Now to get it organized and the last little bits finished – today I am trying to move things onto the shelves in the corner of the room (behind the door) and out of the dining room! so much fun (not!) where to put all this stuff so I can still find it LOL

  • Dottie bishaw Oct 4, 2017

    I’m glad you weren’t hurt when something fell on your Head! I’ve had that happen too and had to clean the closet out too, lol. The binding on Primary Colors will be fun to stitch now that it’s sewn on. The leaves certainly were the right choice for Scrappy Baskets, they are simply gorgeous! Your sewing room is looking so good, I’m glad you’re almost ready to move in. You will be so happy, I know, working in that beautiful room.

    • Karen Oct 4, 2017

      just soft stuff fell but enough to remind me it needed to be cleaned out! Yes busy today and all week for sure!

  • Susan Oct 4, 2017

    Pretty quilts! I, too, have been known to go on a cleaning binge just so I can free up time during the week.
    Thanks for sharing today!

    • Karen Oct 4, 2017

      this week begins the move back into the “new” sewing room – it is going to take me forever to organize all my stuff and find places to put it all

  • Lynn Oct 4, 2017

    Your applique leaves look gorgeous, as does primary colours. And how wonderful to have that extra space in your room, you won’t know yourself once its all organized. Lovely to see everything.
    Lynn recently posted…Gift table runnerMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 4, 2017

      thank you Lynn – yes it will be nice to have the extra space and the nice new walls and floor (and ceiling and lights!) so looking forward to getting the quilting frame set up this weekend.

  • Summer Oct 4, 2017

    Wow! You have been so busy, Karen. Love your Fall Harvest quilt 🙂
    Summer recently posted…A Cozy Lakeside Barn In TexasMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 4, 2017

      yes very busy lately and my sewing room is just about ready to use again! I think we will be able to get the quilting frame set back up this weekend – I will show pictures of the whole room next week
      When I started Fall Harvest I really wasn’t comfortable with it as the little baskets was just not quite me – but I am happy with the quilt now and glad I decided to not make the 300 baskets the pattern called for and to change it up

  • Kristie Oct 4, 2017

    Your sewing room is coming along nicely! Love, Love, Love those leaves in the border of that basket quilt!!!! Great idea!

    • Karen Oct 4, 2017

      thanks Kristie – I’m glad I thought of the leaves too – I was going to do little pumpkins and acorns and things then decided to stick to simple and just do leaves.

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