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Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), Life in General, Murrieta Stars – Flannel

Three of the five leaves on the second half of the second border for Fall Harvest were finished on Sunday night – not bad I thought.  Almost ready to turn the corner and start the 3rd border.

Fall Harvest

this is the area left to do on the 2nd border.

Fall Harvest

This area of Murrieta Stars will be in a large cross hatch and the stars will be outlined.  I took a day off of varnishing my sewing table – two coats finished and needs at least two more still but I needed my head ache to clear out – I thought I might get to it last night and leave the window partly opened and a fan directing the smell outside but it was to get down to 36 last night so thought I would wait a day and get it done in the daytime instead and have it airing out while I went to the fitness center in the afternoon.  Linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog today

Murrieta Stars

We have decided to have some trees taken out so had a man from a local tree service come yesterday to do some estimates.  This big tree that is “on top” of the house is coming down.  We will certainly miss its shade in the summer time but it is just too close to the house as it has grown and grown in the past 36 years – the roof gets moss damage, too many small branches fall on the house, we have to clean the leaves off several times a year – and lets face it at 65 we are getting to old to be climbing on top of the roof twice a year if not more to clear it all off.  The roof above the porch is fairly flat so we have been safe doing it but – enough-  right!


We have 4 more along the side of the house that are tall, one leaning and will be uprooted if we don’t take care of it soon and they are all too close to the house or too close to power lines for us to do it. So hopefully they will be able to get to us on Friday or next week – we will know closer to the end of the week.  See that leaning tree – they will cut that one into firewood for us as it is one that will make good firewood and have a slow burn to it and two of those pine trees in this photo well be taken out too – more up closer to the road will need to be done another time.


Our granddaughter Ciera lives in Wisconsin is on a rowing team – we miss all these events as too far but get photos shared with us on Facebook  – this past weekend they attended a regatta that took place in Columbus Ohio – it started to snow while the were rowing!  Talk about cold.  She is the one with the braids and hood up and hat under it.


The day before – short sleeve shirt – (blue T and braids) – what a change in weather.


Happy Halloween everyone one – hope you get some cute kids coming by – if you are like me in the country you will be lucky to get one trick or treater – like us – Aniya will be by to get spoiled I will try to remember to get a photo of her.



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  • Sandra Oct 31, 2017

    I love your Fall Harvest Quilt with the wonderful border of leaves and vines. The Murrieta Stars is great too and I like how you are marking the quilting lines. The trees in your yard are pretty and so tall. I can see your worry over them. Best of luck with having then removed. It is that time of year when you can be wearing a light jacket one day and then need your full winter gear the next. Wishing you a good weather day for Halloween and the trick-or-treaters!

    • Karen Oct 31, 2017

      we have so many trees, I will miss the big one by the house but have come to agree it is necessary to remove it.

  • Dottie bishaw Oct 31, 2017

    I love to see the progress on both of your quilts, a little every day and it gets done. That big tree is so lovely, but it’s good it’s going because it will give you more light. I like all your trees. What a lovely granddaughter you have! I’m ready for the little ones coming tonight. Last year we had about 150 treat or treaters come. When we lived in Colorado Springs we had between 250-300 because we lived close to a school. It’s suppose to rain this afternoon thru this evening, so it might put a damper on treating. Happy Halloween!

    • Karen Oct 31, 2017

      I don’t think I would care to be that busy on Halloween – LOL – I do remember being busy at a few places we lived in our early years.

  • Jocelyn Thurston Oct 31, 2017

    Your border of leaves is simple yet so effective…I must really try to remember it as I love it. Karen, we too are situated down a long winding driveway so don’t get trick or treaters except little grandson. Hope your Halloween is a good one too.
    Jocelyn Thurston recently posted…Retro HalloweenMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 31, 2017

      our driveway is not so very long but we are out in the country with not a lot of houses so we just do not get visitors – we did when the kids were young as there were a few out here then that went to school with our girls.

  • Janice Holton Oct 31, 2017

    Yikes! Those trees could mash your house good if a strong gale came along. I’m glad you’re having the ones looming over you and the loose ones removed! I’ve never known anybody who was on a rowing team before. That would be fun to watch!
    Janice Holton recently posted…Stash Bee Block AccumulationMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 31, 2017

      well the trees are mostly all on the east side of the house and for some reason most of the time when we have a bad storm the winds are going west to east but we just wanted to be safer than sorry seeing as we want the big one away from the house because it is causing roof damage with all the moss continually getting up near the gutters have had to repair too many times.
      I have never known anyone on a rowing team before either and she is really enjoying it

  • Maggie Oct 31, 2017

    We had no snow or rain on our weather report, we got snow! We had a pine tree which got struck twice by lightning, then it was chopped down, the center on the inside of the tree was all black and burnt. The tree fellers could not believe the tree was still growing with all the damage on the inside. Your Quilts are beautiful. Rowing in the cold, takes brave souls.

    • Karen Oct 31, 2017

      amazing that it was still growing – one time years ago we had lightening hit a tree that was close to the house that had a circle of rocks around it for a flower bed (smaller than the one is now that I still have) and one of the rocks flew up and hit the house – that tree looked like it would live for awhile but then we could tell it was dying and Mike cut it down. yes I don’t know how Ciera can row in such cold weather – surely the season is about done!!

  • Carla Therrien Oct 31, 2017

    It is hard to decide to take out large trees but they are a lot of work. I don’t miss all the leaves we had when we lived in AR. So glad our new yard is tiny with two starter trees. Sound lazy don’t I. Love the way your quilting is coming along. You always seem to get so much done. Happy Halloween

    • Karen Oct 31, 2017

      yes this tree especially with all the leaves and small branches on the roof and the moss out of control – ruins the gutters — but it provides so much shade in the hot months!! I have another large tree close by so I hope to still get plenty of shade from that one – it will be nice to not have as many leaves to clear out close to the porch though and on it – I get a lot of quilting done because I have nothing else other than the yard to take care of I guess and I don’t do as much in the yard as I used to!

  • Plum Cox Nov 1, 2017

    Wonderful applique! Good luck with your tree works!

    • Karen Nov 1, 2017


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