Design Wall Up–Next Quilt is Picked Out

Handful of Scraps, Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Primary Colors, sewing room

A little more accomplished – Design wall is up!  Ready for a quilt.


Here is a close up of how the flannel covered boards stay up – they are pretty tight but it needs something to hold them to the wall – Mike screwed in the frame yesterday – a wide piece on top and bottom and two narrower pieces along the side.  Sometime down the road if the flannel needs to be changed out you just unscrew (battery operated makes it easy) the boards and then put them back up.  We did need to put a narrow nail in here and there on the flannel covered boards as they were tight fighting and bowed out slightly in the middle.  If another nail or two is needed later it is easy to adjust.


And seeing as the wall is up and it place I just had to put something on it!  Here is Handful of Scraps a work in progress – looks off center right now until I get that border on the left done then I can look it over some more and figure out what is next.  Once I get the quilting frame in and the table in place you won’t quite have the full view of the design wall as they will be kind of in front of it a bit like it always was but it is good to have the whole wall done.


I got a little cabinet to put under the table to hold my threads (other than the big thread cabinet of Gutermann that I have 100 spools of ) nice and neat in it’s cabinet.  This well work out for now –I got some plastic organizer boxes to put the thread in so they don’t get all tangled up but they ended up not fitting as well in the drawers as I would like so I might need to change that out – but we will see –  might work out and it doesn’t take up any room as it is under the table.


I am still working on the binding of Primary Colors I have 2.5 sides done and working on that 3rd side last night and hope I moved on to the last side before I went to bed.


Some have asked what is going on the quilting frame first – some of you might remember the flannel quilt – Murrieta Stars?  (I bought the craftsy kit & pattern they no longer have it but I have seen that the Fat Quarter Shop has the pattern only if you are interested.) Well that is the one that is going on it.  The backing is folded and tucked slightly under – I will need to unfold these and let the wrinkles relax soon.  I’m not quite sure how I will be quilting it but it will come to me as I get it on the frame.  I will look and see if I have any small stencils for the open areas of the alternate squares.


Here is what it looked like finished:







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  • Marianne Oct 7, 2017

    Looks like you are having fun settling into the newly improved quilting space! It’s good that you are tall – I wouldn’t be able to reach up to hang quilts that far up on the design wall. I have a small one for preliminary work and then use a bed to lay out whole quilts. It works for our small space. One adapts!
    I like your Murietta Stars quilt! the pinks and golds go well. Looks cozy!

    • Karen Oct 7, 2017

      the wall is on the short side of the room – it is only 6.6 feet on that side of the room remember this room has a slopping ceiling – I barely have to stretch to pin or stick

  • Martha Bilski Oct 7, 2017

    HI Karen. I am admiring your design wall and wonder what kind of board you use to support the flannel. Some kind of foam? I am asking so that I can ask my DH to get some and make such a wonderful wall.

  • Carolyn Oct 7, 2017

    Karen, that is coming together beautifully! Your design wall is wonderful.

    • Karen Oct 7, 2017

      thank you – we will be working all weekend on this – I have a feeling we will not get done with as much as I hope – I had hoped to have a quilt on the frame by Monday – now I wonder lol

  • Mary Oct 7, 2017

    Your sewing room looks great. Lots of spaces for fabric and notions.

    Can’t wait to see how you quilt the Murrietta Stars quilt. I was always sorry I never purchased that one from Craftsy. I am thinking of sewing a flannel quilt but have never used flannel before. Do you find it different to sew on your machine?

    • Karen Oct 7, 2017

      well it won’t look so roomy once I get the big quilting frame set back up again and the sewing machine table next to the work desk -then it will be back to galley style again.
      I was surprised at how easily the flannel sewed. I had never made a flannel quilt before and it went together easily, cut easy, sewed easy and I had very little lint gather up. I have one more flannel quilt kit from Craftsy to make. I am not sure how I will be quilting but will decide as I get it on the frame

    • Karen Oct 8, 2017

      Mary I happened to come across the pattern available on the Fat Quarter Shop site – it is on clearance for about $5 I think – pattern only no kit.

  • Barbara Oct 7, 2017

    What a wonderful design wall and your sewing room is going to be so neat and organized! A wonderful place to be creative. I love your Murietta Star quilt, the colors are so joyful, it reminds me of fall aspens in the San Juan Mts. where we met by chance that one year.

    • Karen Oct 7, 2017

      yes the quilt does remind me of fall in Colorado – and that was such a chance meeting there up high in the mountains – who would have thought! LOL this wall make a wonderful quilt for in the camper

  • Kathi Oct 7, 2017

    Karen.. I LOVE your design wall and how it is attached is sooo ingenious too! I love that 🙂 Maybe in my next house I can have a larger design wall like you have !! Enjoy it though you have been without your sewing room now for a bit.
    I have a cabinet like yours but mine is rubbermaid and not nice like yours but keeps the dust off and keeps my perle cotton threads all together in one drawer… marking utensils of all sorts in another and junk in the 3rd… but quilt related stuff! ha 😀 I like yours much better!
    I love that Murietta Stars is first on your frame. And I love the binding progress you are making… you may be washing it by Sunday night or Monday 😀
    Have a great Saturday friend … Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Scraphappy Saturday ~ A Flimsy Finish!!My Profile

    • Karen Oct 7, 2017

      thanks. I have always liked the wall and it really comes in handy – this is the same way I had it last time but using the whole wall – last time the quilting frame and a shelf on the wall had it so it was about 12 inches less in width.

  • Sandra B Oct 7, 2017

    Love your design wall, Karen….wish I had room for one in my sewing room!
    Did you know that you are a winner, again?! I was just reading Esther Alieu’s blog and you were one of the winners for the lotion! Congratulations! You are on a winning streak, for sure!!

    • Karen Oct 7, 2017

      yes she let me know last night – I guess I need to get a lottery ticket LOL

  • Vicki W Oct 7, 2017

    Wonderful to see the design wall up!

    • Karen Oct 7, 2017

      yes it is starting to look like a sewing room again – and love the track light so I can have it focused on the wall when I want

  • Mary Oct 7, 2017

    Great design wall and you’re making progress on Handful of Scraps too!
    Mary recently posted…An Emptied Project BoxMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 7, 2017

      I will try to get back to it soon to finish the left hand side and decide where to go next on it.

  • Janice Holton Oct 7, 2017

    Your design wall looks so nice and neat with those board frames! It truly is a whole wall! I’m looking forward to seeing some more of your quilts get finished! I didn’t realize Murietta Stars was flannel! It really is gorgeous, Karen.
    Janice Holton recently posted…What is Wrong With This Picture?My Profile

    • Karen Oct 7, 2017

      I think these nine months of redoing the sewing room (9 months seems like I was giving birth to another baby and it was giving me problems the whole way LOL ) I was making more tops and doing very little quilting – I think I have 2 queen tops, 1 large wall size (maybe full size on that) and one more almost done top (the baskets) all waiting to be quilted – I think it will be awhile before I get caught up on quilt tops!! I think I machine quilted 2 or 3 quilts this year too.

  • Belarmina Oct 7, 2017

    Karen tus edredones me encantan
    tu organización También!!
    buen domingo

    • Karen Oct 7, 2017

      thank you – it is nice to get organized again! More work was done today – maybe tomorrow I can get my quilting frame put back together.

  • Dottie bishaw Oct 7, 2017

    I’m sorry I’m so late, but just as I was ready to send my comment, the electricity went out. We had to leave for the day, and here I am. Your design wall is so wonderful and big. You must be so glad to be almost back in your room. I’m glad to see Murrieta Stars back again, like a good friend. You certainly did a lot of work this week. Soon you’ll be quilting all those tops on your frame. Enjoy your beautiful room.

    • Karen Oct 7, 2017

      sorry you lost your power Dottie but glad it came back on! yes very glad to be back in the room (kind of) computer and table are back in here and hope to get the quilting frame up tomorrow and a quilt on it on Monday.

  • Summer Oct 7, 2017

    Your quilting space is looking wonderful and also your design wall. Hope you are having a great weekend, Karen 🙂
    Summer recently posted…What Are Your Weekend Plans?My Profile

    • Karen Oct 7, 2017

      thanks Summer – I hope to have the room completely done by Monday or Tuesday and just little minor changes here or there

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