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Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), Handful of Scraps, Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Primary Colors, sewing room

I should have known better when last week I said I wouldn’t show any more photos of the sewing room until it was done.  I have so looked forward to being back in my new improved sewing room since January when we moved everything out of it that I can’t stand not sharing. So for now I will continue to share bits and pieces and when everything is done and in the room I will take a new series of photos and post them all at once.  I took this photo early yesterday on my phone to share on Instagram so I am sharing here too – some things are set up in place possibly a little shifting of things but basically this is where the cutting table/desk and sewing machine will be.  The thread cabinet just brings so much color to the room – it looks so bright.


By the end of the day we had most of Mike’s area done.  Had to get this side done and things moved out of the way before we bring the quilting frame pieces back in the house today and set it back up.  He still has a “corner” out of the whole room but it is a little bigger corner than he had before.  The rest of the room is still mine.


One of my signs back up on the wall – I thought this one was appropriate on this wall.


if you can’t read it this is closer up


Binding is on Primary Colors and in the wash a couple times it will go today – I finished the binding last night and didn’t have time to wash it before I went to bed.  Linking up with Quilting is More Fun than Housework .


Today for Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy I will try to get some of my leaves glue basted on Fall Harvest while taking breaks getting new leaders on the quilting frame.






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  • LisaS Oct 8, 2017

    Your improved sewing room looks great!

    • Karen Oct 8, 2017

      thanks Lisa I am happy with it so far

  • Carolyn Sands Oct 8, 2017

    What a wonderful space! You’re very lucky to have a dedicated sewing room.

    • Karen Oct 8, 2017

      this is a bedroom made over – we have been using it since our daughters moved out years ago – they shared the space growing up

  • Mary Oct 8, 2017

    I love the way your space is looking and your Primary Colors quilt is very colorful and cheerful.
    Mary recently posted…It’s GrowingMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 8, 2017

      thanks Mary – glad for the quilt to be done – will wash it today and take more photos of it.

  • Carole Oct 8, 2017

    What a marvelous space, love those wood floors. I have a similar sign, same style, that says ‘Any day spent quilting is a good day’.
    Carole recently posted…Stars on Autumn Lane Quilt AlongMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 8, 2017

      so true it is a good day when you can quilt!

  • Jayne Oct 8, 2017

    Your room…would be like a retreat every day!

    • Karen Oct 8, 2017

      thanks Jayne – now if I could just keep my chair from sliding all over the place – have to figure this out – the floor is too slick for the wheels

  • Diann Bottrell Oct 8, 2017

    Everything is looking wonderful in your new space Karen! I like that big design wall! Enjoy stitching your leaves today!

    • Karen Oct 8, 2017

      thanks Diann – now to get the quilting frame in the room today and set up

  • deb Oct 8, 2017

    Great job on the finish! What a lovely quilt. The leaves and vines on your fall quilt just make it so special. I’d be itching to start creating in that wonderful space. Enjoy.
    deb recently posted…A Finish!My Profile

    • Karen Oct 8, 2017

      yes I know what you mean, I have been dying to get in here for awhile now. The cutting/design table is so nice and big I will be able to lay the fall quilt out in sections and glue baste the leaves.

  • Sandra B Oct 8, 2017

    Yes, please continue to show pictures of your new sewing room! I love your sign!
    You may have to put a rug under your chair…something with a rubberized backing should work…just a thought…but you may come up with something else that works better…
    Looking forward to seeing your quilt frame back in the room, with Murietta Stars all loaded….I have missed following your hand quilting journey while the room has been in remodel process!
    Also looking forward to following along as you complete the appliqué border on Harvest Baskets….you always have the best borders on all your quilts!
    Primary Colors turned out great, Karen!
    And Handful of Scraps is looking great on your new design wall!

    • Karen Oct 8, 2017

      thanks Sandra – Mike found some different wheels for the chairs that are supposed to be for lament flooring and they seem to work a little better – he just put them on the chairs this morning – it isn’t sliding quite so much so well see how it works. I too have missed daily hand quilting.

  • Dottie bishaw Oct 8, 2017

    Oh Karen, I envy you! What a beautiful sewing room you have!!! I’M SO happy you have your space back. You and Mike did a wonderful job of it. It truly is beautiful, and I know how excited you must be if I’m excited. Primary Colors is finished, yay, I am looking forward to seeing it after its washed. Love the colorful leaves on Scrappy Baskets. Enjoy putting up your quilting frame and working in your gorgeous room.

    • Karen Oct 8, 2017

      thanks Dottie. It is worth the nine months spent on all the wood work and varnish. I have the pieces of the quilting frame on the floor in the living room and that is all the further it has made it back in the house. LOL – Primary Colors is in the washing machine as I type this. I kind of think I was too ambitious saying I hoped to get a quilt on the frame tomorrow – I think I will take a couple days to get it put back together again what will making new leaders and attaching!!

  • Cynthia Brunz Oct 8, 2017

    Your sewing space looks beautiful! I admit I am a bit jealous 🙂

    Your hexagon quilt looks lovely up there in the wall. Thanks for sharing with Oh Scrap!
    Cynthia Brunz recently posted…Oh Scrap! : ProgressMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 8, 2017

      thanks Cynthia – we have a small house and this room used to be shared by our two daughters years ago. We did have it for a spare bedroom for awhile but years ago it gradually got overrun with sewing room/office stuff. About time to fix it up seeing as it is a room we spend most of our time in. We really rarely have overnight guest so why not use the room properly.

  • Juliana Oct 8, 2017

    I love all the wood! I am a bit woo-woo, but I think there is a special calm energy in wooden rooms that is intrinsic. How cool that you and your husband decided to create a space dedicated to your interests rather than keeping this a bedroom! I look forward to seeing the whole finished product.

    • Karen Oct 8, 2017

      we have had it as a sewing room/computer room for many years – since the kids grew up and moved out – but never really fixed it up all that much and things needed to be redone – the floor was a mess and so was some other things – the electrical had to be completely redone. part of this room had been an add on before we moved in and the floor was never great. After 20 years of using the room as a sewing room – it was time to make it look pretty

  • Sarah Oct 8, 2017

    Your room is going to look awesome.
    Sarah recently posted…Slow Sunday StitchingMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 8, 2017

      thanks Sarah – made some progress today but didn’t get as far as I wanted to!

  • CathieJ Oct 8, 2017

    I love your sewing room. I am so glad that you are sharing pictures. I will still enjoy seeing it when it is complete. Enjoy your stitching and glue basting.
    CathieJ recently posted…Weekend StuffMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 8, 2017

      thank you Cathie I have been kind of excited to get it back 🙂

  • Colleen Oct 8, 2017

    I was at a sewing machine sales shop and they have a packed set of rail clothes I know in the old days women used ticking but now you can buy specifically for the quilt frame

    • Karen Oct 8, 2017

      yes you can buy the leaders pretty much already made but for the hand quilting frame I like to use the old fashioned ticking that I found – I just needed to cut it and now need to hem the edges with the machine and get them in place – I was kind of tired today so didn’t get done with as much as I wanted to.

  • Kristie Oct 8, 2017

    your sewing room looks wonderful! I love seeing the progress on it.

    • Karen Oct 8, 2017

      thanks Kristie – I love the progress – well be working on the new leaders tomorrow

  • Debbie Oct 8, 2017

    Your quilting space is really looking super!
    Debbie recently posted…A Clothing Finish!My Profile

    • Karen Oct 8, 2017

      thanks Debbie – not near as big as your magnificent studio but it will do for me (love your studio that you have shown

  • Wow! What a transformation! It looks spacious! So happy for the two of you.

    • Karen Oct 8, 2017

      once we got the quilting frame in the room it doesn’t look so spacious anymore – the width of the room didn’t change – still 9 feet!

  • Marié Du Toit Oct 9, 2017

    I moved the computer out of my sewing room 20 years ago. Paper and fabric don’t go well together in my workspace- it tend to overflow in each other’s space. In this way I use more of my house. In fact my sewing room is for machine sewing and fabric storage. My dining room is for hand projects, my sitting room for working on my handprojects and an office space for the computer and office stuff. But that is the beauty- we each work the way we like best. Enjoy your new space.
    Marié Du Toit recently posted…Some completed quiltsMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 9, 2017

      I can see the sense in not having the computer in the same room as the sewing – sometimes you tend to stop to often to check mail or if you have it set up to hear the mail come in then you stop for sure! I tend to do hand stitching in the living room (sitting room) but get it prepared in the sewing room

  • Kathi Oct 9, 2017

    I love how your room is coming together Karen… and I LOVE THAT SIGN for RIGHT RIGHT there!!! Your quilts are such works of heart and art anyway 😀
    I love your desk addition too!! Congrats on a finish on Primary Colors… I hope it washed all out fine and can’t wait to see it ready for auction!!!
    I love your leaves getting glue basted in place… and can’t wait to see your frame up with new leaders too!!! Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Slow Stitching … So Much to Share!!!My Profile

    • Karen Oct 9, 2017

      the quilt is for a raffle not an auction I think the two are a little different the raffle tickets well only be a dollar I think, I hope to get the leaders going today – I was just too tired yesterday

  • Thimbleanna Oct 12, 2017

    Your new room is looking beautiful Karen! I love how light and spacious it looks — I’ll bet you’re going to love working in there. And that design wall! How wonderful!
    Thimbleanna recently posted…50 YearsMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 13, 2017

      thanks – design wall is a little larger than it used to be but not by a lot

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