Murrieta Stars


Yesterday was spent doing a bit of yard work and I didn’t take photos.  I don’t know how others do this to keep grass from growing next to garden beds but my brother who has a huge garden for farmer’s markets lays cardboard and/or newspapers around beds and sometimes in between rows and then puts grass clippings, straw, mulch of whatever on top of the papers to keep weeds under control.  Last spring I did that with my small raised beds and it lasted until the last month when I noticed the weeds taking over.  I have been saving cardboard boxes and cutting them and laying flat until I got around to get it ready for the next growing season.  I started to lay cardboard out and will be putting the chopped up fall leaves and pine needles thickly over them.  A bit more work to do – I just got started so I will be working on and off this project for several weeks to come.  I like to keep the grass away from the edges of the raised beds as it is hard to get the mower really close to the edges and I think it is easier to take care of this way.   The Leaf blower came out yesterday as well.  I blow leaves off the porch and deck numerous times throughout the fall and the driveway too.  Lot’s of work involved in yards isn’t there.

Thursday night I sat down to enjoy hand quilting once again.  My lighting isn’t quite as I want and will need to do some experimenting with it.  I didn’t have track lighting on the ceiling before and depended only on my clamp on lights but I don’t care for the light the new lights are putting off.  I might have to go back to the larger clamp on lights.  I really do not want to get rid of the bar across the quilting frame that holds the clamp on lights and the notion holder.  So I need to experiment for awhile.  The overhead track lighting cast a shadow over the quilt all the time when the lights are on from the over head bar on the frame.

This is with no lights above so the shadow from the bar doesn’t hide anything.

Murrieta Stars

As I go across the bottom with the quilting as I finish an area I take the T-pin out from the top holding it to the backing and batting – I don’t want the holes from the pins in there and by taking it out by time the quilt comes off the frame the holes have sealed back up – this photo pretty much shows the true color of the flannels.

hand quilting

This is the length of quilting that I got done with Thursday night –


I decided to use the flower in the corners – the needles I am using are working really good with the flannel – nice and sharp and strong – no bending!

stencil design

Supposed to have a rainy weekend – don’t know how much and how often – maybe I can get more yard work done – don’t know – it might be a lazy sewing kind of day

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  • Deb Oct 21, 2017

    The quilting looks great. I used cardboard a few years ago to get a bed started but never thought to use it more down the line. I think I may! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Little Baskets & Flowers : RSC Color of the Month is PinkMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 21, 2017

      When I put together the small garden with the cement blocks I laid cardboard underneath that and it worked pretty good – should have made the bed bigger 🙂 but it worked.

  • maxine lesline Oct 21, 2017

    Good idea on the cardboard.. The Murietta stars quilting is lovely to see.

    • Karen Oct 21, 2017

      thanks Maxine – I have a lot more cardboard to layout!

  • Dottie bishaw Oct 21, 2017

    Your quilting looks so good Karen, and you did a lot of it. I’ve used cardboard too to keep the grass out of beds and to kill grass so I can start a new flowerbed. A yard does take a lot of work, there’s always something to do. I got my Craftsy kit that I ordered through your link today. I’m so excited, I got it 50% off and it’s 18 yards total of fabric. It’s big, 108″ by 108″, and has 27 fat quarters of rainbow colored fabric. If I decide not to make it, just the fabric is so good to use for other things. It’s called Ribbon Rainbow featuring Boundless Aura. Thank you for telling about the Craftsy sale last weekend or I would have missed it! We’re suppose to have storms tonight with 50-60 straight line wind, we shall see. Enjoy your Saturday.

    • Karen Oct 21, 2017

      so glad you are pleased with your craftsy kit – I have two that I haven’t made yet and if I don’t make the patterns I still have a lot of fabric from it for something else. I’m always pleased with the kits – I have enough flannel left from Murrieta Stars kits to make another quilt (small) so I really need to get that out and look at it and maybe have a companion piece or one for something else.
      We are to get storms tonight but they have not said bad in our area – I think Western Arkansas is on the edge of stronger storms – hope you have no damage! I don’t remember between you and someone else – near Dallas or Oklahoma? I keep getting where you live confused with another reader

  • Dottie bishaw Oct 21, 2017

    I live in a small town right under Ft Worth.

    • Karen Oct 21, 2017

      ok, that is why I was thinking near Dallas – another reader is from near Oklahoma City

  • Kathi Oct 21, 2017

    I just LOVE your flannel quilt and the thread and design … esp the flower in the corner.. very classy and fun!
    I am glad you have a brother to get ideas from to keep weeds down in your raised beds… I hope it continues to work when you put down the cardboard and mulch 🙂
    Kathi recently posted…Leaf Table Topper DONE 🙂My Profile

    • Karen Oct 21, 2017

      yes the cardboard works – is presses down on the grass and weeds and by completely covering them they die – you put mulch over the top to help hold the cardboard down and because it looks more natural that way – you can skip that part if you want but must have something to hold the cardboard down

  • Thimbleanna Oct 21, 2017

    Looks like you’re off to a great start on your quilt. Thanks for posting a picture of the needles on your last post — I’m getting ready to big stitch some quilts that will have flannel backs and I’ve been dreading it because of the needle selection. If what I have doesn’t work (and I’m not hopeful), I’ll have to search out your kind!
    Thimbleanna recently posted…Little Pink DressMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 21, 2017

      I find they are really working well – I bought them for something else several years ago and ending up not using them so glad I keep all my needles in one place so when I was trying to figure out what to use I saw these – I ordered another package from Fat Quarter Shop to have on hand – 9 needles to a package for around $3.00

  • Belarmina Oct 21, 2017

    Karen tienes mucho trabajo de jardín
    tu acolchado va rápido y bonito
    buen domingo

    • Karen Oct 21, 2017

      yes the quilting can go fast at times especially once you find the right needle to work with

  • Colleen Oct 21, 2017

    I may do the cardboard layering to start a garden area, I’ve heard it called “lasagna” gardening in an area where we did have grass. After living through our last drought here in California no more lawns for me.
    I need to plant my peas this month, eating garden fresh peas is like popping candy for me.
    I looked back at your previous blog post to see where the T pins start out.. you are very smart to do that as you go
    You do so much in a small space
    We had a rain shower so we finally have smoke free air, the smoke left a super fine dust in my car ever where there is an indentation there is this fine dust.
    Almost 3 thousand houses in one subdivision were burned completely, chimneys and twisted pipes. Some areas remain closed the residents not allowed to return. FEMA is here and working but there are no FEMA trailers left for these people they are in use by people effected by earlier disasters in other parts of the country.
    With you flannel quilt leftovers… A bed runner or pillow cases shams or a thing like a bed runner but to cover the pillows when the bed is made. Of course a couch quilt to cuddle under would be nice too

    • Karen Oct 21, 2017

      so glad that you are ok Colleen I wasn’t sure how close to the fire area you had been. It must be awful out there. I have to look over my flannel leftovers and see what and how much I have left – I had though of pillow shams and a runner – I hope to have my sewing desk done and ready to use in a week or so – the table top came FedX today so now it will need a coat of varnish for about 5 days and dry for about 2 or 3 more before I use it so about 8 days or so and maybe it will be ready to use.

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