Murrieta Stars on the Frame, Ready To Quilt

Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Round We Go

What a busy hectic day Wednesday was.  I spent the morning getting the quilt on the frame and complete.  Then I went to go check the mail – opened my door and almost stumbled over my new sewing machine – FedX came while I was in the back room and I never heard the knock (no door bell).  So first before I show the quilt I will show you my new machine – this is the sewing machine that I won from Amy’s Creative Side from the festival  – It is a Babyblock Presto II  and now I have to figure out where to put it. I had hoped to have both sewing machines out but I don’t think it will work out.  The way I had been thinking isn’t happening.  So I will spend more on that tomorrow and maybe I will have it figured out by then.  I must admit I was so busy trying to figure out where it is going that the room is now a big mess from me moving tables around trying to figure it out.  I finally threw my hands up in dismay and went to the quilting frame.  I will look at the machine and try it out today!  That’s right I haven’t even turned it on yet!

new sewing machine

I showed yesterday that I had the top on the frame before I went to bed so first thing in the morning I got busy and got the backing on the frame.  This some times takes awhile to get it done and right.  I needed to roll it back and forth several times to get all the wrinkles out and get it lined up properly, then I folded the batting in half and started to get that ready.  I have a tutorial for how to load a 3 roller quilting frame on the side bar with more detail instructions so check that out if you wish – this isn’t detailed.


It takes awhile to get this gently taken care of but it works – had to wind it all back and forth a bit too to get it all right – you wind both the backing and the batting together to get it all lined up right.


and finally – wrinkle free and ready to pull the top down over it and pin the top to the front rail.


A bit of a shadow from the track lighting – I will need to remember to shut those off next time.  Ready to start quilting.  This quilt top is 102 x 106 inches.


Forgot the overhead light again – I will need to get used to that.  I need to get several new clamp on lights as that shadow is in the way of seeing clearly even up close.  I think Mike had thought I wouldn’t need the clamp on lights and didn’t think of the shadow either.  I have always had clamp on lights on the quilting frame but I have one smaller one that I really like and so I ordered two more so I can space them apart good on the rail.   I got stencils out and was trying to decide what I was going with at this point.  Maybe the flower and chain and a smaller chain on the edge with a grid.


Or maybe a flower in the corner with this geometric design instead? – the squares on the smaller narrower border?  I will have figured it out by next post I’m sure.


Almost finished this circle star on Tuesday night while watching NCIS – but not quite.




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  • Marianne Oct 12, 2017

    When you mark your quilts for quilting, do you ever have a problem with the blue ink not washing out completely?
    That new machine looks very nice – hope you like it! I have had that happen with the UPS guy myself – try to go outside to empty trash or whatever and bump right into a package that’s been left. Problem is, if it’s heavy, it’s a little difficult to get outside and pick it up. But I’m glad they deliver right to the door anyway. One night last winter, the UPS guy called from his truck because he didn’t want that to happen. He was delivering my bread machine in a huge box. We had a nice chat over homemade bread!

    • Karen Oct 12, 2017

      the blue lines have always washed out for me – never a problem – just make sure they are completely covered with water – I put in a full load of water and wash as always in the washing machine.

  • Liz Oct 12, 2017

    So glad you are back to normal. Look forward to seeing your quilt progress.
    Liz recently posted…Progress on blocksMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 12, 2017

      well just about back to normal still need to figure something out for the new sewing machine – this room is just not big enough for two and it isn’t like I do all that much besides piecing and an occasional machine quilt. I think one will need to go in the closet for sure and I will decide later if I will try to sell

  • maxine lesline Oct 12, 2017

    A lot going on … just in your sewing room.. not to mention the nation. I am so interested in your quilting frame.. the top bar is new to me.. and how useful !.. I wonder how many frames that man made.. and how many are still being used… lucky quilters !! Now that you have this lovely quilt on your frame.. I expect you are feeling a huge sigh of relief… ON WISCONSIN !

    • Karen Oct 12, 2017

      on Wisconsin? not sure what that means.
      Yes the top bar came with the quilt and it used for clamp on lights and a notion holder – very handy indeed! The wood worker had been in business for awhile – I believe he had retired from one job and then started the wood working business – he must have been in his early 70’s when I met him 20 years ago – he was well known to quilters in that area as he made hoops too – good sturdy ones!

  • Deb Oct 12, 2017

    The machine arrived fairly quickly! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Life with DogsMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 12, 2017

      it sure did – I remember you said it took about a month and someone else that won quite a few years back said it took awhile too – I have turned it on LOL – but I haven’t tried it yet – been too busy

  • Dottie bishaw Oct 12, 2017

    Murrieta Stars is so pretty on your frame and whichever stencil you use, is going to be so beautiful! It must have been a surprise to see the machine on your doorstep! Maybe if you don’t have room in your sewing room, you can stash it somewhere in case you might need it if your other machine has to be repaired. We pruned our oak trees this morning, since its garbage day, so all that mess is gone, thank goodness. Beautiful, colorful circle star.

    • Karen Oct 12, 2017

      I stashed the Juki in the closet instead LOL – I want to play with the one that has all the fancy stitches on it for awhile – so the Juki has joined the others in the closet!

  • Debbie Oct 12, 2017

    What a great problem to have…too many sewing machines! Your new BabyLock looks so cute. Love the all your stencil options…it’s such a pretty quilt.

    • Karen Oct 12, 2017

      thanks Debbie – I think I have solved the problem, but the room is not big enough for two machines and I don’t use the machine all that much as I do so much hand work – so Juki is going in the closet and the new machine will be used

  • Kathi Oct 12, 2017

    How exciting that your new Baby Lock came !!! And at least you got it out of the box… playing with it will be FUN when you have time 😀 I do hope you find a place for it because it and the Juki should keep you satisfied I think
    WOW!!! I love how your room has changed so much with the space you have for your quilting frame now too 🙂 Excellent work on you and Mike!!!
    Thanks for sharing so much and good luck deciding on patterns for your flannel quilt 😀 Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Slow Stitching … So Much to Share!!!My Profile

    • Karen Oct 12, 2017

      the quilting frame doesn’t actually have any more room it is in the same place but I used to have a tall skinny cabinet next to the door so that kind of makes it look different now that it isn’t there ( I kept it in the dining room where it was moved to back in January) Just no room for two machines out seeing as I do so much hand work, I think for now the Juki is going to retire to a spot easily gotten to in the closet and the Presto2 will be in the sewing room –

  • Sandra B Oct 12, 2017

    Happy Mail for sure! So glad you received your new Baby Lock sewing machine, Karen! I need to replace my 25 year old Pfaff that has had continual issues with the foot pedal not working properly…it has just gotten too expensive to keep replacing them…. I have looked at the Baby Lock and I am also looking at a Brother machine, so I am anxious to hear how you like the Baby Lock…. I don’t do a lot of machine sewing, and do have a Singer Featherweight that I love, but I know there will come a day when I will start doing some machine quilting, so I am checking out the options now….
    So good to see Marietta Stars all loaded on the quilt frame! I know whatever you choose for quilting will be great!!

    • Karen Oct 12, 2017

      I will let you know how it works out. I turned it on but that is as far as I got LOL – still finding places to put bits and pieces and more on the dresser that still needs to be put away as well. I hope to have the room finished this weekend. I have a featherweight too but has been fixed more times then I care to think – it was a lemon I believe and who knows how to much to fix this time – it has been in the closet for over 2 years hesitant to spend more money fixing it

  • Belarmina Oct 12, 2017

    Felicidades tu nueva maquina se genial
    ¡¡disfruta haciendo maravillosos edredones con ella!!

    • Karen Oct 12, 2017

      thank you Belarmina – I’m sure it will be fun to sew on this new machine – I think Melanie’s bird quilt if the next to finish up with machine piecing – I only have about 6 of the blocks finished.

  • Carla Therrien Oct 12, 2017

    Too bad the frame cast a shadow on your quilt top. It looks so clean and open but quilters do need good light to make their stitches! Have fun with your new machine.

    • Karen Oct 12, 2017

      I well need to see what lights on will be the best for it – I might need to shut them all off on that side of the room and use the flash only!

  • Karen, Tu-Na Quilts Oct 12, 2017

    What a fun mail day it was for you!! So happy for you. It’s always fun to “know” someone who wins something big. Have fun using it. Having two machines is not a bad problem.

    • Karen Oct 13, 2017

      always nice to win something so nice! Don’t really have room for two machines though as I don’t want the tables covered with machines – the old machine will go in the closet and the new machine will be out to use.

  • Thimbleanna Oct 12, 2017

    Yay! Your new machine has arrived — fun times ahead for you! Is that top bar on your frame removable? You could always take it off and just keep your supplies beside you LOL.
    Thimbleanna recently posted…50 YearsMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 13, 2017

      the bar is removable but it is for clamping lights on besides holding the notion holder. A person could put standing lights in back of the frame if you would want and have them over the quilt but I have clamp lights and not going to change that.

  • Melanie Goad Oct 13, 2017

    So exciting to hear that the bird quilt is coming along! 🙂 Congrats on the new machine–I agree with what some one else said, having too many sewing machines is a great problem!

    • Karen Oct 13, 2017

      well I haven’t actually gotten back to the bird quilt but when I get the sewing table all set back up again and no how to use the new machine the bird quilt will be the quilt to get back to work on. — and yes LOL to many sewing machines is a problem when you don’t have room for the them!! 🙂 as soon as I figure out the new machine I will be ready to show you how to use the smaller Janome and have one less machine in the closet!

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