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“They” the weathermen say possibly a freeze this weekend – have been saying that for several days now so I have been prepping – moving plants a little closer to the wall of the porch etc so that if I need to toss a blanket over them for a couple nights it makes it easier – draining hoses that are used for watering plants – and now last night on the news “they” say 33 degrees maybe – well looks like we might just miss the early freeze but I have my plants closer to the house wall.

I bought the ferns in early April – regular size plants then the kind they charge about $8-10 for at the Lowe’s store and my have they grown – I had them hanging but now they are on tables – they can last well into December if I help them along but they never last the cold months and I just always loose them in the house – they don’t like my house in the winter – so when April comes around again I buy new – but that $8-10 investment I get to enjoy them for a good 8 months usually.


This one got even bigger and all I do is water – I never remember to add fertilizer – but I do have tree frogs that like to live in them so maybe that helps?


And because I thought we might get a freeze I cut a lot of the Pineapple Sage to put in a vase in the house – the plant got huge and was so cheap – I found it in the herb area of Home Depot and paid about $3 for it and it grew and grew – the white flowers are from a bulb called a Star Gladiolus – it was an early summer flower and somehow this one decided to flower twice and gave me more this last couple weeks.


On the Murrieta Stars quilt I got this much done on Wednesday night.  Lights over the frame were off and the flash shut off too – if I leave the flash on it tends to wash out the quilting so you can’t see it – this color is hard to get right.  Linking to Busy Hands Quilts this morning and Confessions of a Fabric Addict  and Crazy Mom Quilts.


This side is closer to the lights in Mike’s area of the room and so the colors are totally different – I will be working on this area last night.  Right now I am watching a show on Netflix called “The Good Witch” a lighter show than I normally watch – a fun show – no violence – it is a Hallmark Show – a nice change from police drama.


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  • Susan Riley Oct 27, 2017

    Forgot to mention because I always get the name wrong, but there are a couple of seasons of WHEN CALLS THE HEART on Netflix. Then loved it so much I just watched it all over again. A new season starts in Feb on Hallmark (so you know that it will be a feel good experience). Early 1900’s-Elizabeth Thatcher, a cultured young teacher in 1910, fears leaving her comfortable world in the city. But when she accepts a teaching position in a frontier town, she finds new purpose and love with a handsome Royal Canadian Mountie. Perfect for binging/quilting etc. Susan

    • Karen Oct 27, 2017

      I will need to check it out. I have watched so many police/lawyer/medical drama that I guess I am ready for something else for a spell – thanks for the recommendation

  • Vicki in MN Oct 27, 2017

    In the first quilt pic-I love the design you are putting in the yellow between the colored sqs. Never heard of the Pineapple sage before, I might have to look for it next year!
    Vicki in MN recently posted…Squirrel moment-errr I mean snowman moment!!My Profile

    • Karen Oct 27, 2017

      I had never heard of Pineapple Sage either, there really aren’t many uses for it as an herb in my opinion but it is beautiful in garden and when the flowers are on it it really attracts the butterflies/bees and hummingbirds. I have just one plant and it grew to be about 3 feet tall by 4 feet wide.

  • Deb Oct 27, 2017

    That fern is magnificent! : )
    Deb recently posted…Rainbows and Pot Pies etc. Slice of Life : Late OctoberMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 27, 2017

      I can’t believe how much the ferns grew – they always grow a lot because of our temperatures but this one is just huge – it would be hard to believe they came from the plants where you could still see the pots when they were sold

  • Raewyn Oct 27, 2017

    It’s lovely to have a catch up read of what you have been up to Karen, I’ve been a little scarce in blogland lately due to LIFE!!!! Your handquilting is looking beautiful and it does seem that you are getting through theis quilt nice and quickly. I grew Pineapple Sage at a previous home and I loved the scent of it – mine always got nice and big like that too. Interesting to read about your preparations for winter – it sure gets colder than our winter in this part of the country. I have one pot of begonias I move close to the house if there is going to be a frost (we had one last winter) and two other climbers I cover with frost cloth…sometimes I think a good freeze would be great for killing off bugs and weeds and giving some more sewing time!
    Raewyn recently posted…80 hearts for 80 yearsMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 27, 2017

      I guess you live in the Northern area of New Zealand if your winters are milder than mine – I live in the middle of Arkansas so more what would be considered the “upper” south. I will put the ferns in the work shop tonight with a box or something over them – 2 nights at 29 they say and then back to 60’s/low 50’s for a good 15 days or so – these ferns can decorate the porch for awhile still – I would put them in the house for a couple days but I know there are tree frogs hidden in them and afraid they would start to hop around the house, in the shop they will probably stay huddle in the plant. – love your heart quilt for your mom and all the signatures!

  • Judy B Oct 29, 2017

    I’m a teeny bit jealous of your ferns on the porch. Here in NE Wyoming,the outside plants have been composted and the houseplants that sat outside for the summer are back in the house, bigger than before. I can keep schefflera, Christmas cactus and amaryllis alive. Other than that I am clueless!
    Judy B recently posted…Finish It Up Friday OctoberMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 29, 2017

      I do good with the ferns outside but I can’t keep them alive in the house for anything. I have Christmas Cactus in the house and trying this plant that I got for Mother’s Day – hope it stays alive but will not be surprised if it is dead by January – the ferns are back on the porch today – should be ok for them for awhile

  • The Joyful Quilter Oct 31, 2017

    You are doing a beautiful job on that hand quilting project!!
    The Joyful Quilter recently posted…ScrapHappy Saturday… err… Monday – RSC17 – Week 43My Profile

    • Karen Oct 31, 2017

      thank you – I do enjoy it

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