Playing With the New Machine

Murrieta Stars – Flannel

Seeing as I got this new sewing machine I decided I better jump in and start to play with it.  I have barely begun to look at it with all the hand projects I am working on right now.  I started to select stitches and see what they did.  Plenty of stitches for me to play with.


I glue stick basted this square to the background to hold it in place so I wouldn’t need any pins.  By using a different color fabric and square I would be able to see my stitches and follow what I was doing. I started with the zigzag and didn’t like it and was not controlling it very well obviously – then I switched to the buttonhole and it worked out much better.


Then I switched to a fabric piece closely matching the thread – it worked out much better – can barely see the stitches.


Then I started to play with some of the stitches – the two in the middle are supposed to mimic hand quilting and they kind of do.


A little work got done on the round we go circle.


And the left side of the border was finished all the way across the frame and then I went back to the middle and after spending time marking the quilt Tuesday night and Wednesday in the daytime I was ready to start quilting again last night.  Linking to Anja Quilts.


And as always I have been asked what is the white board at the back of the frame for? that is where I put my Ipad or laptop to watch Netflix or Prime – I don’t have a tv back here and just watch from the smaller screens.


Yesterdays photo of the plant at the end of the post resulted in the answer that is in the African Violet family called Streptocarpella saxorum – thanks Barbara!  now lets see if I can keep it alive in the house all winter.

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  • Colleen Oct 26, 2017

    It’s a beautiful plant I hope it makes it through the winter
    You quilt is lovely it just looks like a long way to go now but you work so steadily on your quilts they seem to take no time for you

    • Karen Oct 26, 2017

      I do try to work steady on them, a little every day whether that be 10 minutes or 2 hours – if you try to quilt every day or almost every day a queen size can get done in 3-4 months I have 2 more queen size waiting in line and one that is large wall size and by time this quilt is done the Fall Harvest quilt top will be in the basket too and that one is about 80×80 I think.

  • Kristie Oct 26, 2017

    Always wonderful progress! Funny that we both were playing with applique stitches on the machines yesterday. LOL! Yours look very nice and even.

    • Karen Oct 26, 2017

      this machine is really nice and so far very easy to use

  • Claudette Oct 26, 2017

    Always love reading your blogs. You help me stay motivated. I have a question about your Dear Jane experience. When you sewed the diamonds into the border, which direction did you press the seams? Toward the plain triangle? All one direction? I would like to press them towards the plain triangles, but that results in a lot of bulk at the points. If I go one direction, then one side of the pieced triangle is pressed back on itself. Again, more bulk. Any suggestions you have would be welcome.

    • Karen Oct 26, 2017

      thanks Claudette – I’m not positive how I pressed it as it was such awhile ago but I think I pressed most of the seams in the quilt open – I did it row by row so it was fairly easy to keep up with it.

  • Kate Oct 27, 2017

    Oh a new machine, now that’s exciting. The hand stitching stitch looks great, it especially interested me as my machine does it but I’ve never used it. Have fun playing.

    • Karen Oct 27, 2017

      I think some of these stitches are very interesting! I have always been a hand quilter and only machine quilt infrequently so seeing these “hand stitch” stitches is nice to see! I’m sure it will take some practice on baby quilts first!!

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