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Well Primary Colors is done – well that is other than one little spot of thread that I have to fix that I didn’t spot before – it has been washed and dried and finished at 76 x 86.  Overall this was a fast quilt, if it hadn’t been for sewing machine troubles I would have finished one or two weeks ago.

Primary Colors


It was time to get the quilting frame put together –a lot of you know about my frame and have seen it for years in the photos  – but those of you that are new and started to follow me since January you have not seen the frame as we have been working in the room – I bought the frame from an old guy that had a wood working shop near Branson MO about 100 miles north of me.  It is hand crafted out of oak.  Mr. Turney died some time ago and I think he would be pleased to know I am still using this frame 20 years later.  Here we are getting the bottom stabilizer rod in place. (these are all heavy steel hollow rods)

the quilting frame

Next the back rail goes in place.


And yes then the next two and all bolts get tightened up.  The piece across the top has a goose neck notion holder that can slide all across the width holding my thread, scissors and needles and clamp on lights if needed.  The old leaders (the originals at 20 years old now) are all just hanging there for now as I got a bit tired out yesterday and needed a break – I didn’t get as far as I had hoped to.  The new leaders are all hanging over the rails ready for me to hem them by machine and then get the old off and the new on.  You can see how crowded the room gets once the frame gets in place – this is a narrow room (used to be shared by our two girls).  The room is 18 feet long by 9 feet wide – we took out the closet on Mike’s end of the room giving us about 3 more feet in length and that made the built in cabinet for me and give him a little longer desk this time around.


This angle of the room shows how all I have to do is turn my chair around and slide on over to the frame


For Slow Sunday Stitching yesterday I didn’t get much done but I did get my little container of half inch hexies out and made one more LOL – the navy blue with the aqua center – didn’t get much hand work done at all.


For those that don’t remember this piece I started it quite some time ago – using scraps only and just working on one at a time when I feel like it – this well be a table runner of some size – not sure yet. Here is is on the end of the coffee table – not even the full width of it.


For supper last night I used one of the butternut squash I got from my brother at the farmer’s market that he sells at and made some roasted in the oven – a little olive oil, rosemary, salt and pepper – bake at 350 – 400 (I used the convection setting so not sure what you would use) and baked at 30 minutes and shut it off and let it stay in the oven for another 10 minutes while supper was finishing up – serves two easily although Mike doesn’t eat it so I had half yesterday and will eat the other half today!

Roasted Butternut Squash

I really want to make progress today and get the leaders hemmed and start to get them on the frame – I hope it will go easily and maybe by Wednesday I will have a quilt on the frame – for those that asked I did a little search on Marietta Stars to see who has the pattern – I bought it in a kit at Craftsy but they no longer have it but Fat Quarter Shop has the pattern only for about $5 marked down so if you want it better look quickly – I put in link in yesterdays comments or maybe it was the day before. (no affiliation)

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  • Kristie Oct 9, 2017

    Your quilt turned out very beautiful. Your room is coming along nicely. Good luck getting your leaders hemmed and on the frame today.

    • Karen Oct 9, 2017

      I hope I get a bit done today, surely want to get the quilt on the frame soon and back to quilting!

  • maxine lesline Oct 9, 2017

    Very interesting to see the quilt frame being assembled… seeing how it was constructed… and hearing about the man who made it years ago. The quilt frame I used briefly decades ago was made by the quilter’s husband.. my husband’s uncle..a Kansas farmer.. obviously home-made.. but functional. Yours is sort of a work of art.. glad to see the pics today. Good tools are so appreciated.

    • Karen Oct 9, 2017

      yes I have always considered this frame a work of art – luckily the old gent delivered and set up the frames within a 150 mile radius and told me to have a quilt ready to put on the frame and he would show me how – I’m really not sure if I would have been able to figure it out correctly if he hadn’t been there to help!

  • Jocelyn Thurston Oct 9, 2017

    Hi I love that you are making your hexies from the scrap box. You have lovely scraps and I love seeing things that are not always overly matched, if you know what I mean. What beautiful quilts and your quilter is such a wonderful keepsake.
    Jocelyn Thurston recently posted…A Little Spooky But Blissful StitchingMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 9, 2017

      yes this is just a scrappy hexie quilt – just something to use up the odd bits

  • Vicki W Oct 9, 2017

    Yay! I love the flooring in your remodeled space.

    • Karen Oct 9, 2017

      I love the flooring too but my chair is sliding so much that I will need to get a small area rug for the area between the desk/machine and the frame – I’m not kidding – it is flying all over the place! the floor is so slippery and there is a slight unevenness on the floor that makes the chair take off – I will look for something like a light thin runner – that should help keep the chair in place better

  • Dottie bishaw Oct 9, 2017

    The quilting frame is a work of art. My brother does work work too, beautiful grandfather clocks, intricate vases and other things in different woods in his spare time. I love anything made of wood. You should be tired after all the work you’ve done. I hope you relax a little today, and take it slow. The squash looks delicious, and I love the look of Primary Colors after washing. Did the colors run any? Your quilting frame looks at home in your beautiful sewing room.

    • Karen Oct 9, 2017

      I had no trouble with primary colors but I did pre-treat all those bright colors if you remember and then I added Retanye to the wash as well to make sure and color catchers and the color catchers came out white. Today I am working on hemming the leaders with a machine stitch

  • Sandra B Oct 9, 2017

    Your quilt frame is getting closer and closer to getting ready to start back on your hand quilting, Karen! Looking forward to seeing a quilt loaded and ready to go!!

    • Karen Oct 9, 2017

      me too – working on the leaders today – just about have everything hemmed and ready for the gluing – but not sure if that will be a two person job or if I can do it by myself – well be checking it out later

  • Deb Oct 9, 2017

    Primary Colors makes me smile and think of my first Crayon Box 🙂 And Whoo HOO back in business in regards to your room and getting the frame up and at ’em! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Hand Quilting Progress / Slice of Life Early OctoberMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 9, 2017

      leaders are on – let the glue dry for 24 hours and hope to get a quilt on the frame Wednesday – I forgot I had to let the glue cure a little bit and was thinking maybe I could get a quilt on tonight – had second thoughts about that 🙂

  • Lynn Oct 9, 2017

    Your quilt looks stunning. And what a great frame and history with it.
    Lynn recently posted…Nearly thereMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 9, 2017

      yes it is a great quilting frame and I have so gotten my money’s worth out of it over the years – it is a real piece of furniture – not a cheap slap together product like one I bought years before that – it didn’t take much for that one to fall apart.

  • JanineMarie Oct 9, 2017

    Primary Colors is so striking. I’m sure it will be very popular for the fundraising. Your room is really coming together. It will be fun to see a quilt on the frame again.
    JanineMarie recently posted…Birthday PuppiesMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 10, 2017

      it will be nice to have a quilt on the frame again for sure! I hope tomorrow. I like the colors for the raffle quilt as well it looks like fall colors and seeing as it is a fall festival it will be shown at and tickets sold we hope it will do well.

  • Rebecca Grace Oct 10, 2017

    It is so cool to see how your quilt frame goes together! It’s gorgeous. I had assumed it was a Grace frame. How amazing that it was handmade just for you! Curious about why you’re replacing your leaders, though. Had they stretched out over time?
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…Longarm Quilting Practice: Let’s Play With Cheater Cloth!My Profile

    • Karen Oct 10, 2017

      the leaders were rotting – 20 years old and had been stretched and used on how many quilts? the original pieces had not been hemmed on the ends are were unraveling a lot of places. Mr. Turney had a wood working shop and made quite a few of these frames and hoops too – very popular in our area – I have over the years heard from several quilters via my blog asking me if that was a Mr. Turney frame 🙂 and one lost hers to a house fire – felt so bad for her

  • Emily Oct 12, 2017

    Primary Colors is stunning. Love all those hexies. Butternut squash is a favorite of mine. My hubby doesn’t eat it either. Guess that leaves more for me.
    Emily recently posted…House WarmingMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 12, 2017

      what is with some guys not liking their veggies 🙂 glad Primary Colors is done and on it’s way to the library tomorrow – I hope they can raise some money but it always depends on the people in charge doesn’t it!

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