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Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), Murrieta Stars – Flannel, sewing room

And add in fall outside work has begun too.  Most likely the last time I am cutting grass for the season, but it was just getting to long to walk well in and had to be cut so I got a lot of it done last night and will try to get the rest done today.  Then after that the mower will be used for mulching leaves and I will get all that clean up done gradually over the next six weeks or so.

On Thursday night I made more progress on Murrieta Stars and then on Friday I drew the rest of the lines on the first border for the chain and flower at the other end.  I will still be putting a grid in here to.  This much plus a little more to the right is done.  I think I have gotten the hang of the bigger stitch now and the stitches are showing up a little more.  I am using a King Tut variegated thread that is a mixture of black, very dark brown and almost a blue black I guess you could say.  I was going to use a brown/gold/green color but when I started to do the flower in the corner you could tell that the stitches would fade in too much so I took them out and started over.

hand quilting

On Fall Harvest these two leaves are now done – I got that burgundy color one done after the photo was taken.


I brought my Xmas cactus’s in from outside where they have been out on the porch since April.  The weather says we will be getting in the low 40’s around Monday night or so and that means it is time to bring the house plants back inside – they both grew a bit  and one outgrew it’s spot in the bedroom so I have to find another place to put it so now it is just sitting in the living room – this one was my mother’s and I brought it home with me after she died three years ago.


I still need to go through all my rulers and things and hang them up – I have a peg board in Mike’s area in the corner and need to get that organized.


My long black peg board has nothing on it still – the others are Mike’s.


Mike’s area down from mine – he still has a lot of stuff to put away and add in – like the printer/scanner and he has boxes of things stored in the closet.


Craftsy is having a supply and kit sale this weekend – enjoy browsing through!




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  • Dottie bishaw Oct 14, 2017

    Boy, you got a lot of stuff done! Your leaves are looking good and so are your stitches. Yes, it’s suppose to get much cooler here with a cold front coming through tonight, low 50s or 40s. I’m going to visit my daughter in Kentucky this week, so when I get back I’ll have to start bringing in my houseplants. I had to water all of them this morning, so with the cooler weather they will be fine. Looks like fall work is on the agenda, I’ll be glad to be done so I have more quilting time. Have a wonderful weekend!

    • Karen Oct 14, 2017

      the flannel is very hard to quilt through and I am going to take out the stitches I have in and switch to a different thread – not happy with this thread – it is not showing up well. I’m going to go with big stitch and thicker thread switch the design to something easier as well. Have fun at your daughters!

  • Shawneen Hogg Oct 14, 2017

    After following your blog for a while and sharing it with my husband, he surprised me with a Juki 2010 q. I was wondering if you clean it everyday as the manual recommends. I am so pleased with the machine. Thank you for all the inspiration you share.

    • Karen Oct 14, 2017

      No I didn’t clean it every day but I didn’t use if for hours on end – if you plan on sewing a good 8 hours a day then yes it is supposed to be cleaned and oil after about 8 hours of use. I rarely ever sewed more than 2 hours and not every day – I would guess at it and clean lint out when I needed to change a bobbin – I would oil it after I changed the bobbin twice as I figured that was probably about 8 hours of use. I just put my Juki away for awhile though as I won a Babylock Presto 2 just recently and it arrived last week – I do not have room for two so this nice big new machine has the place of honor in the sewing room for now.

  • Carla Therrien Oct 15, 2017

    Big stitching is a bit hard to adjust too when you are used to making smaller stitches. On my log cabin I really wanted the stitches to be pronounced so I used a size 10 crochet cotton that was the perfect color. I am looking forward to doing some regular stitching now!

    • Karen Oct 15, 2017

      yes it is – when I did my postage stamp quilt I meant to do it big stitch and it was big stitch to me but not to others. I used Aurifil #12 which is something like perle cotton – I love it and it is what I will use on the flannel too – I need to decide on what size needle to use now as the tiny one won’t do!

  • CathieJ Oct 15, 2017

    The last time I tried to put my Christmas cactus outside I burned them. Yours look much healthier than mine. I just don’t know what to do with them despite doing much research. I have two that my MIL gave my kids years ago. They are very large, probably root bound and haven’t bloomed in years. Sigh. I love the craft room and your quilting.
    CathieJ recently posted…Weekend StuffMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 15, 2017

      my Christmas Cactus’s have never bloomed, I have had them both for 3 years, the one that I showed is one I gave my mom about 5 years ago – it was blooming then but it never did again. When I brought it home from her place it was almost dead it had been watered way too much and had barely any roots. Now it is healthy – when I put them on the porch for half the year they are in the shade – no time in the direct sun at all and they are ok. I really don’t know what to do to get them to bloom I have followed other peoples directions over the years but nothing works so I gave up on flowers, maybe one day they will surprise me and have blooms

      • Brenda Hulsey Oct 16, 2017

        Don’t set the Cactus in bright light in the house. Shorten day time light makes them bloom. Good luck!

        • Karen Oct 16, 2017

          I tried that for several years when in the house never made a difference 🙂

  • Quilter Kathy Oct 15, 2017

    I do love that stencil with the flower in the corner and the cables. I love quilting cables!

    • Karen Oct 15, 2017

      I might keep the flowers in the corner and do a lot of straight lines to – they will go easier and faster than the curved cables with my hands feeling as they are – I do like the flowers – they might go in the blank squares between the stars too.

  • deb Oct 15, 2017

    Love the flower in the corner of your quilting! Your quilt room is looking great. Hmmmm. Maybe I need to find something to hand up my rulers with…. I had to go through them all last week to find my 60 degree triangle…. and realized how many I had!
    deb recently posted…Long weekend…..My Profile

    • Karen Oct 15, 2017

      I have found rulers I don’t even remember buying – where did they come from (the quilt fairy?) I will keep the flowers in the corners but the curves are too much for my hands right now so picked it out

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