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I am trying to do 4 Round We Go circle-stars a month and the month is almost over and I only have 3 done of this round –thought I better get busy – can you believe it is the end of October already!

A mess on the table while I work through fabric picking out pieces and deciding what I want.  The table is a little crowded right now since I folded up the Sew Ezi table and put it away and getting the other table ready to work on.

round we go #2

Finally by evening I had it all cut out and prepped – now for the hand stitching.

round we go #2

I had gotten to this point yesterday morning on Murrieta Stars when I sat down for about 20 minutes to finish one area and get it ready for more marking.

Murrieta Stars marking stencils

For turning the corner I am doing a mitered line so I temporally put a piece of tape down to mark the line I turn on.  I put all my marks on it and then take off the tape.  I was quilting for a little bit last night in that area to finish up the corner and then I stopped early for the evening so I could move to the living room tv and watch NCIS and work on the circle.  Linking to Sew Fresh Quilts Jo’s Country JunctionSusan’s Midweek Makers – and My Quilt Infatuation.


Does anyone know the name of this plant?  I lost the tag.  Melanie got it for me for Mother’s Day last May and I re-potted it and brought it in the house last week and it almost immediately started to blossom again.  It hadn’t had any flowers on it since June but I don’t know how long the plant will last – evidently I was watering it way to much and there were barely any roots left on the plant which surprised me because it looks so healthy.  The leaves are kind of velvety like African violets.


I put a couple of fertlizer spikes for flowering plants in it and didn’t water it at all since I brought it in as the part that still was rooted was quite wet – I thought I better let it dry out a bit before I water it much.  Would be nice if it survives – but I don’t do really well with houseplants so we will see.










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  • Barbara Oct 25, 2017

    It’s Streptocarpella saxorum and is a relative of the African violet. Makes a great house plant. There are lots of photos and advice on plant care if you google it. I love it and use it often in my outdoor baskets, the purple flower is striking.

    • Karen Oct 25, 2017

      thanks Barbara I just did a search on that to see how to care for it – it does say that over watering can cause the roots to rot but I think if I care for it right maybe it can make it through the winter – we will see – and I see they say it can be referred to as a “false African Violet” – glad I at least new plants that much and thought the leaves looked to be something like them – bad news is I have killed them before!!

  • Deb Oct 25, 2017

    Nice progress / I like the color scheme on the latest Round we go 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Rainbows and Pot Pies etc. Slice of Life : Late OctoberMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 25, 2017

      thanks – I have a hard time picking out fabric sometimes for these blocks and have found that if I stick with one bundle it works better – I have found a use for the 7″ pieces that I got from those Fivols boxes last year – I still had a lot of them left

  • Jocelyn Thurston Oct 25, 2017

    Hi, thanks for sharing your process with quilting and it looks so neat and precise. Wish I could be more like that! Your EPP looks equally lovely. I have never heard of that plant but how interesting to find it…I have African Violets and love them. Happy Stitching!
    Jocelyn Thurston recently posted…Sew Spooky So Finished!My Profile

    • Karen Oct 25, 2017

      I hope this plant will be easier for me to care for then the African violets were that I tried some years back – I had really liked them and they just died on me. Sometimes it is hard to get a design drawn on a quilt and I end up spritzing lines off several times before I get it right.

  • Diann Bottrell Oct 25, 2017

    Pretty plant – hope it survives for you! I’m not good with houseplants either! Do you glue baste or thread baste your EPP pieces?

    • Karen Oct 25, 2017

      for this EPP project I am trying glue basting as some of the pieces are larger than hexies for instance where I thread baste and have no trouble with the papers staying in. – on this project some of the triangles and then the curved pieces on the outer edge if I was thread basting I would need to take a stitch or two through the paper to hold the papers in place – the paper supplied with this pattern is more like cardstock which would be hard to pierce with a needle so I am trying the glue basting. I can tell already though that I much prefer a lighter paper to EPP with like freezer paper – this thicker paper makes it harder to hold I think – or maybe that is the arthritis in my fingers doing the talking! Also I am going through a bit of glue sticks and thought I have some in the stash I might actually have to get some more.

  • Jayne Oct 26, 2017

    Thank you for sharing your stencil process! I’ve never tried it before. Your hand quilting is just beautiful. I admire people who put that much time and love into making a quilt special with hand quilting!

    • Karen Oct 26, 2017

      sometimes I use rulers and just mark a grid like I am doing on the first border – but I have so may stencils put away that I really need to try to use some of them don’t I

  • Belarmina Oct 26, 2017

    Karen me gustan tus avances la estrella me encanta
    tu plata parece sana

    • Karen Oct 26, 2017


  • Susan Oct 27, 2017

    Kudos to you for hand piecing and hand quilting – both projects are lovely!
    Susan recently posted…Quilts for SaleMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 27, 2017

      I like to do hand work as much as I can but I know those years are numbered, my fingers and hands ache more with each passing year

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