Round We Go, Stitchery

I don’t have a lot to blog about today – I’ve been reading a bit trying to get three library books finished before they are due.  All on my kindle – the way it works is if they do not have a book you put it on hold – when it becomes available they let you know – well of course I had 3 on hold and they all became available within 3 days!  So for the last 5 days I have been reading to get them all done as I didn’t – not  – want to accept because then who knows how far down on the list I would go right – so now I am on the last book that I have from the library and I thought that was a good way to spend my time while waiting for my thread that I ordered on Saturday for the quilt.

I did get a little stitching done on the Round We Go circle star – not done but half way – and little else other than cleaning the house.  Linking to Sew Fresh Quilts , Jo’s Country Junction , and Susan at Midweek Makers #94  and My Quilt Infatuation .


Seeing as I had nothing else I thought I would share this stitchery that Melanie gave me a year or two ago – she did the stitching I turned it into a fabric box – I have had numerous things in it during that time and it always collapsed and didn’t hold it’s shape then all of a sudden one night recently while reaching for a tissue a light bulb went off in my head and I got up and got the pretty red stitchery and – wouldn’t you know a small tissue box fits in it perfectly.

Here is one side:


Here is the other side – two beautiful pieces in one – just turn it whenever you want and you have a different design.  I remember when she was making it that either she or I had seen a stitchery made into a box so when she was doing the piece she made it in such a way that I could then do the sewing and turn it into a box.  It is lined with a Princess Mirah Batik fabric that I had left over from the second Dear Jane quilt that had made.


Maybe I will have more to blog tomorrow?







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  • Dottie bishaw Oct 18, 2017

    I’m glad you’re getting caught up on your reading. I like the circle star, the colors are better than the other one. I love Melanie’s stitchery, so pretty and smart to be two sided! It’s been a busy day shopping with the little one, my feet are aching, lol! My birthday is on Friday, so we’re going out to celebrate tonight, since we leave tomorrow morning. I brought handwork to do, but haven’t had time to do any of that. My little great granddaughter Alexis wants Tutu to play all the time, lol! It’s a lot different than when I took care of her Mom, I was 45 then, and now I’m almost 73, lol!

    • Karen Oct 18, 2017

      happy early birthday! yes the little ones are so energetic and hard to keep up with when you are not around them all time.

  • Dottie bishaw Oct 18, 2017

    Thank you Karen. Have fun reading or stitching.

  • Janice Holton Oct 18, 2017

    Hi Karen, I have been wanting to learn how to check out books for the kindle. Where do you go to do this?
    Janice Holton recently posted…Happy Mail and Next Finish GoalMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 18, 2017

      well you can get books from your local library if they have an on line library access. The easiest way to do this is just check with them. You have to have a library card and they give you an access code to get started. If you don’t have a library card check out the library that is closest to you and they should be able to help you out. I didn’t even realize at first that you could do this – it took me awhile realize that and then find out how many they had. Depending on your library they might have a lot on kindle or just a little bit. There are waiting list for the newest issues usually and they only have a certain amount of copies available just like books you check out.

  • Kaholly Oct 18, 2017

    It’s difficult to find time to read. That’s why I like audio books, so I can do two things at once. But that happens to me, too, sometimes.
    Kaholly recently posted…Too Much Fun in a NutshellMy Profile

    • Karen Oct 18, 2017

      I never thought I would adapt to a kindle from paper but I there is something about holding the book or the kindle that I enjoy – I really don’t care for audio because I tend to leaf back in pages to reread things and can never figure out where I am at on at audio to do

  • Diann Bottrell Oct 18, 2017

    My library does it the same way, and I often have multiple books that become available at the same time! We’ll never run out of things to read, will we?! Do you need the Overdrive app on your Kindle to get library books? That’s what we use. The stitching that you turned into tissue cover is so pretty!

    • Karen Oct 19, 2017

      I do not have an ap on my kindle – I go through a page that the library has and it takes me to Amazon and I load it from them but it doesn’t charge me – I have not heard of the Overdrive ap.
      My daughter did the tissue cover needlework

  • Jayne Oct 19, 2017

    I use to be an avid reader…and I’m not sure why I stopped! Love those little fussy cut birds in the points! So cute!

    • Karen Oct 19, 2017

      I go through spells of reading a lot or a little but always reading something. I wish the little birds had been on a darker fabric I finished yesterday and you can’t see the star points as well as I would have liked.

  • Susan Oct 20, 2017

    Your circle star is really pretty – in my favorite color scheme! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers

    • Karen Oct 20, 2017

      thanks Susan – I like these circles too

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