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A Little of this and that – my outside activity I know is coming to an end soon so yesterday I was back in the yard again after going to the fitness center and grocery shopping – I was picking up branches and walking around  – I had meant to finish the little bit left to do by the garden with the old treated lumber that I have stacked up on the edge of the woods to put them to use, they have been stacked for a long time but they are treated so not rotting.  I will try to do that today.

I bought a new pattern – it didn’t cost and arm and a leg – I might have been able to figure out the measurements totally on my own but when I see one I like and I know I will be showing it on the blog I like to acknowledge the designer and where it can be bought even though I have no affiliation –   I might even make it more than once using different color combinations I spring for the pattern as I like it so much.

Country Charmer by Sew’n Wild Oaks – Lynn Wilder (link goes to Lynn’s etsy shop) – isn’t this pretty – I saw it in Christmas colors from an ad from a quilt magazine on facebook and thought perfect for the living room wall – if I can get it done this coming year – it is 60×70 so not real big – and I love the pattern so much I can see doing it up in controlled scraps too.  The Christmas one that I saw was in controlled scraps also but in reds, greens and whites.   Lynn popped it off in the mail immediately and two days later I got it.


I was working last night on the row of neutrals on Handful of Scraps for a change while I was watching a movie called “Sully” the landing on the Hudson River some time back – I had actually never seen the movie but of course knew what the movie was about from all the time it was on the news.  After this row I have two more rows of neutrals and then I need to decide what I will do next.  I know awhile back I mentioned about what the size is right now but I have forgotten.  Today I am linking to Sew Fresh QuiltsMidweek Makers-Jo’s Country JunctionMy Quilt Infatuation


This end of Murrieta Stars was finished on Monday night – forgive the shadows I thought I had it right and didn’t feel like taking another as I had already rolled the quilt down – this time when I get done all the way across I will be half way done!  I might actually take a break after that for a couple days or a week so I can work on other things and give my quilting finger tips a break!


And a pan of homemade granola was taken out of the oven after supper and before I sat down to watch the movie – I was about out and didn’t have enough for breakfast – I hate oatmeal but I know oats are good for you – I control the sugar content a bit but not overly so and have eaten this for breakfast almost every morning with fruit and unsweetened almond milk for about six months now and got my cholesterol dropped almost 50 points which puts it about average again but could drop a little more – also switched to fat free dairy products and limit my cheese which I love – I’m not a heavy meat eater so needed no modifications to diet there.  And I dropped 6 pounds mainly around the waistline – so overall this is working.


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  • Gretchen Nov 29, 2017

    Country Charmer is a very pretty pattern. Enjoy the anticipation of the new project!
    Gretchen recently posted…Guild Relief Sale QuiltMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 29, 2017

      thanks I’m sure I will

  • Marianne Nov 29, 2017

    A friend from one of my guilds is making that quilt in various scraps. Looks good. Sounds like you plan to use Christmas colors which will be really nice.

    Good for you, losing weight! I think it’s not just what you eat/don’t eat, but also all that gardening and walking you do. Kudos!

    • Karen Nov 29, 2017

      thanks Marianne – steady exercise does it I know but the eating habits helped I’m sure

  • Teri Dingler Nov 29, 2017

    Love the new pattern! And congrats on the healthy number drops! We try to stay on the healthy eating side with hubby’s diabetes which helps me, too.

    • Karen Nov 29, 2017

      isn’t the pattern pretty – looking forward to starting this one – I imagine when their is diabetes in the family that changes the eating habits for all

  • Barbara Nov 29, 2017

    I really like that new pattern, especially the nine patches and the way they extend into the star blocks…reminds me of an Irish chain too.

    • Karen Nov 29, 2017

      yes this one reminds me of the Irish Chair which I always loved.

  • Susan Riley Nov 29, 2017

    LOVE the pattern & how many times have we said ‘oh, I can figure that out’ and zip…years go by!
    Can you file your granola recipe on your bar up top? Not too many cereals are ringing my chimes lately! Thanks, Susan R

    • Karen Nov 29, 2017

      I well try to remember to get the recipe on the link – I keep meaning to keep up with that and then of course have totally forgotten about it – I have it on the blog already so I will track it down and get to that this week

  • Jeanie Nov 29, 2017

    I’ve been making your granola ever since you published on your blog several months ago. I don’t put in the brown sugar and I add raisins to it. I started out using walnuts, ran out and now use pecans. I love it just for a snack, keeps me from eating bad stuff!!! I’ve dropped 20 lbs since Feb (added daily walking & eliminated things from diet), but it didn’t lower my cholesterol, it’s a given in my family. My doc says not to lose anymore weight. Anyway I love the granola! Thanks.

    • Karen Nov 29, 2017

      glad you like the granola – I seem to make it a little different every time – I make enough to last about 10 days and keep changing it up slightly but use a base recipe that stays about the same. My sister and I were both surprised to find we had high cholesterol as neither of us fit the common role for that – our good cholesterol is good but the bad was a little too much. Yes my doctor says I don’t need to loose anymore either.

  • Diann Bottrell Nov 29, 2017

    That new pattern looks like fun! It would be pretty in any color combination. Yummy granola, too – I used to make granola a lot, but haven’t in a long time. Yours is making me wish for some!

    • Karen Nov 29, 2017

      yes there was something that attracted me to this pattern immediately and think I could actually make more than one – sometimes all I want is one and never make it again

  • Dottie bishaw Nov 29, 2017

    What a beautiful pattern, you always find such lovely patterns! I can’t believe you’re already half way finished with your Quilting! How wonderful is that? I love Handful of Scraps, it’s just growing so fast too. I’m looking forward to seeing how you are going to finish it off. I worked in the yard yesterday, and my back is telling me I’m getting too old for this, lol! I think I have too many perennials to cut down every year! Your granola looks so scrumptious and is so healthy.

    • Karen Nov 29, 2017

      isn’t it a pretty pattern I love it – I don’t usually make things for Xmas but I think I will try to get this one done for next years decorations it isn’t super big so maybe! yes yard work takes a toll on the body doesnt’ it! We are not all spring chicks anymore and our bodies let us know (:

  • audrey Nov 29, 2017

    Loved the movie Sully! And it’s always a pleasure to see what your fingers are up to on the quilting front.:) Murrietta stars is looking so good. Always amazing to see what texture can do for a quilt!

    • Karen Nov 29, 2017

      I loved that movie too I don’t know why I hadn’t seen it before. I love how the quilting is going on this flannel quilt

  • Susan Nov 30, 2017

    You definitely have a few detailed projects going, and they are all looking great! Thanks for sharing on Midweek Makers 100.
    Susan recently posted…Midweek Makers #100My Profile

    • Karen Nov 30, 2017

      thanks Susan – glad I will finish up with the donation quilt today and get back to the ones in progress

  • Debbie Bailey Dec 1, 2017

    I love this pattern (Country Charmer) and have thought of ordering it. Looking forward to seeing your version. Catching up on blog reading!

    • Karen Dec 3, 2017

      just found your comment in my spam folder – glad I checked it before deleting it. I’m not sure what color version I will use but I was thinking of making it in red/white/and green for holidays – I do like the black and white checks though too and really would like to make two versions!

  • Thimbleanna Dec 4, 2017

    Oooh, I love your new pattern — I’ll be looking forward to seeing your progress on it next year!

    • Karen Dec 4, 2017

      isn’t this a neat pattern I love it – I want to make more than one

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