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Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Round We Go, sewing room

A design wall really comes in handy when you step back and look at colors – why I didn’t think to pin the Round We Go circle to the wall to see the colors I don’t know why.  I agreed with all of you yesterday that the star points needed to be different then the pretty light green I had selected first.  I really don’t know why I it takes me awhile to pick color sometimes.  So I got my red/pink box off the shelf and started to dig through them and I found one that suited it.  I only needed to re-do 3 pieces so it was an easy fix to cut and glue baste the pieces – here it is pinned to the wall.

IMG_3774 (2)

And I got it part way put together yesterday


I love that my boxes of fabric are now neatly organized.

fabric shelf

It is so handy having this cupboard in the corner of the room part way behind the door – it is out of the way and handy at the same time.

quilting supplies storage cabinet

This part of Murrieta Stars was done on Sunday night while playing Word With Friends with my sister in Maryland – we have an on going game for several years – we chat at the same time and I quilt while waiting for her to play her turn and type in her chat.  Occasionally there is more than one game going on and I am also playing and chatting with my daughter in Wisconsin at the same time that I am playing with Vicki – multi-tasking LOL – I am almost always listening/watching a Netflix show or Amazon Prime – no wonder I can watch shows more than once – I miss a lot the first time around LOL.


I rolled Murrieta Stars down yesterday morning and now it was set up to work on it last night – this is the area I am starting at and now the first row of stars is about finished, only one square in each block needs to be finished and I will start working on the sunflower in the middle of each plain block.  I will not be able to reach the whole sunflower in each block this time though so I will need to roll it down one more time after that to finish the tops of the flowers I think or at least the grid – I will roll it back to get a full photo of a sunflower later.


I didn’t get done with any yard work yesterday but I did get over 12,000 steps once again for the day! my goal now that I am finally achieving 10,000+ almost every day is to aim to 11,000-12,000 a day – my ultimate goal is 12,000 every day.  I want to be in shape for my age (65) and still be able to do things when I get well into my 70’s without difficulty if I can.

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  • Kate Nov 14, 2017

    Oh that is so much better, the star really stands out, I really like that colour combo. Congrats on your steps, I was getting there until the awful virus knocked me right back. NOW I have the painter so I’m still not back to it and my progress is terrible. Still, as Scarlet said tomorrow is another day, and the trick is to draw a line under it and start again.

    • Karen Nov 14, 2017

      yes sometimes we have to take a step back from our exercise and then we have to start building it back up all over again – I do that all the time! This the best I have done in awhile

  • Vicki W Nov 14, 2017

    I can tell that you are so happy being back in your room!

    • Karen Nov 14, 2017

      yes I am glad to have every thing (well almost everything) back in one room again. I still have two skinny cabinets in the dining room that have some art supply kind of things in it and a couple boxes of scraps and a bag or two of stuff in the closet but most of it is in here

  • maxine lesline Nov 14, 2017

    Talking about your steps goals.. and accomplishments… inspires many of us to do the same … your sewing room ..the organization, the design wall are great to see .. and perhaps inspire us to organize..

    • Karen Nov 14, 2017

      well thanks Maxine – my legs are killing me this morning though and I think I will need to back off today and give them a rest! that happens to me all the time – two steps forward and one step back when it comes to exercise

  • Dottie bishaw Nov 14, 2017

    The star is soo pretty now that you changed it, love it. You certainly are organized, beautiful! You’ll be doing great into your 100’s with all those steps, lol! It’s nice that you play games with your sister while chatting and at the same time quilting, lol! Keep on stepping!

    • Karen Nov 14, 2017

      well if i could keep on stepping all the time – but with me it is always some good days and some bad, today my legs are killing me and wonder if I will even get to 5,000!

  • Rebecca Grace Nov 14, 2017

    This may sound like a dumb question, but how do you know how many steps you took in a day? Do you have one of those fitness bracelets, or are you using an app on your phone or something? I need to be more active, too.
    Rebecca Grace recently posted…Of Capitulation, Resignation, and Thanksgiving MulesMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 14, 2017

      I have fitbit that I carry on a necklace – the wrist band is uncomfortable to me. – there is an ap on the phone that I didn’t even know I had until recently – a heath info app that I have has it and last time it was updated it was there – but it only counts your steps if you have you your telephone on you in a pocket and I don’t always have a pocket to carry it in. I order a necklace that you fit your fitbit in off of amazon – the ones on the fitbit page are pretty and pricey – probably better made than this one but I order two inexpensive ones and a blogger friend also made me a little carrier that you can wrap around a bra strap so that is handy too

  • Jean Nov 14, 2017

    Love the way your stars are coming along. I like the new color. If you’re worried about aging, be sure to do flexibility exercises, I’m 76 and that is what I find helped me the most. It’s hard to bend and do silly ordinary things like putting your socks on, or reaching to wash your back so flexibility is necessary.

    • Karen Nov 14, 2017

      I’m not particularly worried about aging Jean – I have auto-immune diseases and osteoarthritis & osteoporosis and have had these for years and years. I just want to be able to keep moving and not be lazy – flexibility is part of my routine –
      thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment it is always so nice to hear from readers and no that I’m not talking to a blank wall in internet land 🙂

      • Jean Nov 14, 2017

        With your talent I don’t think you’ll ever have to worry about talking to a blank wall.

        • Karen Nov 14, 2017

          thanks Jean!

  • Belarmina Nov 14, 2017

    Karen muchos bonitas cosas veo !! unos días de viaje y al volver cuantas novedades en tu blog

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