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A couple weeks ago I mentioned I couldn’t find something in the new sewing room – after all the organizing I guess that isn’t unusual – I don’t remember if I had mentioned what it was I lost – it was a small case to keep my stick on thimbles.  I had gotten it some years ago and it is very handy to have  – they don’t sell it anymore – I liked it enough that when after two days of looking and not finding I thought about buying another as it wasn’t pricey – just handy – well it is no longer being sold – of course isn’t that the way it usually it.  I didn’t see them listed anywhere.

Well yesterday when I was thinking about what to do with the hand quilting on Murrieta Stars I remembered some darker thread that I have for the Midnight Garden Wool Applique that I started last year and has been sitting aside for nearly a year now – I remember where I put the box of thread to go with that project and low and behold –I found my thimble case plus two extra stick on thimbles – in the thread container!  (and an extra pair of scissors that I would have missed sooner or later also)


The metal circle on the center in the lower portion is the one I use now – I forgot to move it I had sat it there so I could take photos – linking to Confessions of a Fabric Addict Crazy Mom Quilts


The two sitting above it are extras that were made just a little differently when they first started these.  I like the one at the very bottom as it has a ridge all the way around and the needle stays in that area – the other ones have no ridge so the needle isn’t as easily controlled.  I can not wear regular thimbles – I can’t have anything with a ridge type of thing like regular thimbles close to my joints or I get small cysts forming and I find leather thimbles cumbersome.  If you know you do not need to change the sticky pad you can stick it to the round circles on the case and just peel it off to use next time that is why I have this stuck on it like that.


They come in this little plastic case now it is called Thimble Pack Plus and has the sticky pieces for the metal thimble and one for your under the quilt finger which I do not use and one for the finger on top plus the leather pieces.   I much prefer the case above for traveling.  The link goes to Amazon but they are available at some quilt shops and on line quilt shops as well.


This is how I use the thimbles – even though I have extra metal thimbles I can not wear two of them at the same time and have my fingers cooperate – if I wear one on my thumb it just doesn’t work out so I use a leather stick on thimble on it.   I use the same leather thimble sometimes for a week – the other one has the little white sticky pads that you attach to it (show in the above photo stuck to the two in the plastic container) for me again I can wear the same one for almost a week before it will no longer stick.  Maybe I’m just lucky? I have heard of others though that use them too.  I quilt with both fingers – going towards me or away from me, and side to side – with a floor standing frame that is possible although you do turn your body this way and that but I am used to it and it is how I do it.


Oh and what did I decide to do for quilting Murrieta Stars in the blank spaces – just a grid.  I tried out two different colors of thread and different thicknesses also and just didn’t like it – I think the flannel just distorts the design – I had never quilted flannel before so this is a learning experience – I like quilting on flannel – but I think it is best to keep the design simple.  No new photo of it – I have all the thread picked out from the sunflower and spritzed the designs out with water and needed to remark my grid on it and get busy.

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  • Elzaan Nov 17, 2017

    I am a big fan of stick on thimbles as well. My fingers are normally too small for the standard type thimbles.
    So glad you found yours! No more sore fingers 🙂
    Elzaan recently posted…Musical QueuesMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 17, 2017

      my daughter has tiny fingers too and thimbles are too big for her. I usually have to have the smallest of those kinds of thimbles but they always bother my fingers too much so no longer try to wear them

  • Dottie bishaw Nov 17, 2017

    I too like the stick on one’s too, after getting all sorts of other thimbles, lol! Simple quilting looks so good on your Murrieta Stars, no use spending so much time on a design when it doesn’t even show much. The quilting on it is looking so beautiful, I love looking at the pictures. I know how it is to look for something that I forgot where I put it, lol! Enjoy your Friday today.

    • Karen Nov 17, 2017

      I don’t know how much I spent on thimbles over the years and two really nice ones! I used them for a little bit then would develop a little cyst right where the ridge sits above the knuckle – now they are in a bowl and all I use are the stick on’s. Yes the simple quilting on the flannel looks good and it will go faster too – considering that stack of quilts to be quilted that is probably a good thing – I do not like to have a lot waiting in line – I want them finished.

  • Lynette Nov 17, 2017

    Oh, hey! I should order some and try these. My RH middle finger would thank me. . . (I, too, just cannot wear traditional thimbles). THanks for sharing.

    • Karen Nov 17, 2017

      hope others can try them out and see what they are like – you can also put little sticky things on other fingers to grab your needle – I should have showed them too- they come in the packet that I showed

  • Joy McDonald Nov 17, 2017

    Interesting.. I’ve never seen them before.. I bought a thimble the other day and promptly lost it…. sigh… does the sticky wear off after a while? xx
    Joy McDonald recently posted…Awesome Giveaway for Crafters!!My Profile

    • Karen Nov 17, 2017

      yes the sticky wears off after awhile – depends on your skin I suppose – I can wear them for a week or so usually sometimes longer and sometimes less. Have been using them for years and years

  • Judy B Nov 20, 2017

    I don’t hand quilt, but I do hand embroidery and of course hand stitch on my binding. I use just the little leather stick on thimbles. I wish I had a leather case for mine. I am always misplacing the one I am using. “giggle” I wonder if I could make a cute little pouch similar to yours? I am going to give it go.
    Judy B recently posted…A Little Friday FinishMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 20, 2017

      I bet you can make a little pouch for yours. I misplace things off and on all year and they almost always turn up – sometimes a year later LOL

  • Thimbleanna Dec 4, 2017

    Interesting! I feel like I need more of my finger covered than a stick-on covers — sometimes the needle jumps and pokes me LOL. I should try a stick-on for my thumb underneath though — the skin by my nail gets poked a lot and I end up with a very sore, calloused thumb. Isn’t it interesting how we all end up doing different things?

    • Karen Dec 4, 2017

      sometimes the needles pop and skip and get me but most of the time it is ok – I can’t get used to anything on the underside finger and yes they get sore

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