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Murrieta Stars – Flannel, scrap quilts

I had mentioned that I had several fabrics that I thought would work out ok for a border for the little quilt from the charm package – little did I remember just how closely the two fabrics match up to some in this charm package.  Look at these!    Both are a different shade then those I had wrapped on the cardboard and put on the shelves and the design isn’t exactly the same – but so close – both of these will be used for borders.


Some done yesterday – the top 5 rows are done and all rows joined, the bottom 5 are rows that need to be joined yet.  This quilt has not photographed right from the start – it isn’t quite so dark looking as it appears.


On some blogs I read there has been chatter of leaders and enders  recently and I’ve tried it numerous times in the past and after a short while I jump in and finish a leader ender quilt as I get tired of waiting for it to grow.  I decided to try it once again – these are 2.5 inch squares and seeing as I emptied this box earlier in the year I don’t have a lot to work with so maybe it will stay “leaders and enders” for awhile – we will see.


I have a small plastic box full of scraps from the last couple projects that need to be cut so many of them will be cut into 2.5 inch squares if they are big enough at some point.


Murrieta Stars from Sunday night – got a lot done – I’m watching the newest season of “Longmire” is this season 5 or 6 – I have lost track but it is new.  I am linking to Kokaquilts:sew, stitch, snap, share and Esther’s Quilt Blog today



I think tomorrow I can sew still and do whatever and then Wednesday I need to bake pies for Thanksgiving – pumpkin and pecan – only four of us this year so really do not need more and we eat pumpkin pie for 2 or 3 days – we love it for breakfast, snacks you name it – and it’s healthy – pumpkin, eggs, milk –( we will forget about the sugar)  Half of the pecan pie at least will be frozen into individual slices and I will eat it off and on for awhile – what I don’t give the Melanie and Ric that is.  Do you do big celebrations for Thanksgiving – or small like I do – it is very informal here.  And I do not do Black Friday sales unless it is from the computer I don’t like to drive round and round the parking lot looking for a spot – I don’t mind walking a distance as I always park far out in the lot for more steps, but I do not like the crowds and waiting in line – I don’t have patience for standing in line not moving.

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  • Debbie Nov 21, 2017

    Love the paisley fabrics. I buy all I see:) There’s a box of HSTs of mine that has been a leader ender forever…..someday. I agree no shopping in the crowds or such for me. And a very quiet day for Thanksgiving. Happy Thanksgiving to you
    Debbie recently posted…Sewing onMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 21, 2017

      I do not have a lot of paisley’s beside these two but I do like them. Happy Thanksgiving week to you to

  • Kim Webb Nov 21, 2017

    Hi Karen,
    Wow, what a match on the fabrics. Either one would go.
    We do a very small Thanksgiving also. Just the three of us and my Dad for sure and possibly my brother if he feels like stopping down.
    I will make an Apple pie and a pumpkin pie and Dad will take some home with him.
    I love the idea of leader/ender but never seem that organized to do it in a consistent manner.
    And definitely not going out to shop on Black Friday. I will be finishing cleaning up the flower beds for winter and starting Bonnie Hunters mystery for this year.
    Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

    • Karen Nov 21, 2017

      the fabrics match up great don’t they. I don’t know why I haven’t made apple pie for awhile now but I know I won’t this time – it would be too many pies and not enough people! I have more flower beds to clean as well and lots of yard work to do

  • Marianne Nov 21, 2017

    Well, Karen, have a very happy Thanksgiving! We always invite friends who, like us, don’t have any family around. One couple who live across town bring turkey, stuffing, gravy, and her late mom’s corn casserole. Another friend brings pies bought from a local diner (yum). And I do veggies, pumpkin bread, drinks, dishes. It ends up being quite easy and fun. I think there will be six of us unless my son Chris joins us. He usually spends the holiday with friends since he is here at least once a week for one reason or other. His friends are into pie and make one for each person joining them. One of these years, I’d like to join them as I love pie!

    • Karen Nov 21, 2017

      that sounds like a nice way to do Thanksgiving. I wouldn’t mind doing something like that but never found like minded people around here to be that close to.

  • Barbara Nov 21, 2017

    Perfect match on those fabrics, a happy accident. We are having a similar celebration with our daughter, husband and babies and the same two pies! I too skip the Black Friday craziness. Instead, I’m walking with friends in a small town about a half hour from me and we’ll grab a cup of coffee after we get our steps in. Happy Thanksgiving to you.

    • Karen Nov 21, 2017

      I think it would be nice to do a big thanksgiving now and then – two years ago our daughter and family in Wisconsin were here and it was nice. We used to go north to my family in NW Arkansas two and a half hours from us, but over the years we stopped that drive for the holidays and just did it at home, after eating I almost always end up outside if the weather is nice working on the yard or taking a walk at the nature trail, hubby has a cold this week and isn’t feeling great so I don’t think he will join me for a walk this year.

  • Vicki W Nov 21, 2017

    We have Thanksgiving with my best friend. Just 4 of us with enough food for 10! Are you enjoying the new Longmire season? Chris and I haven’t been happy with the way the characters have developed. We watched the first episode the other night. I’m not sure we will watch any more……. but it’s not like there’s much else on!

    • Karen Nov 21, 2017

      Longmire does seem a bit different this season but I still like it, they have changed the characters up a bit though over the seasons haven’t they. Yes with four people here for Thanksgiving we have way more than we need also.

  • Dottie bishaw Nov 21, 2017

    That’s such a great match, Karen, love the deep green and brown. You are just so fast with your quilting! We used to have a big Thanksgiving when our kids and grandkids lived closer to us, but now they live too far away to come, so it’s just my oldest son and my husband and myself. I’m going to bake apple and pumpkin pies and a 20 lb turkey. We eat turkey and turkey sandwiches for days and than have turkey soup out of the bones. We never get tired of turkey, lol! No going out on Black Friday, just shopping on the internet!

    • Karen Nov 21, 2017

      the smallest turkey I could find was 9.5 pounds and that was good for me, we do like leftovers but get tired of it eventually, small freezer and not a lot of extra space in it right now.

  • Kathi Nov 21, 2017

    I love watching how much you are able to accomplish daily on Murietta Stars 🙂 coming along nicely Karen!!!
    I have leaders and enders by my sewing machine as well… rarely do I do it that way though… I get focused on a couple blocks trailing each other then throw in a 3rd and 4th until they become 1 and 2 and the old 1 and 2 are completed 😀 Good luck with yours… we are still enjoying our lifestyle change during this holiday season… so we have lean ham or lean turkey to enjoy thanksgiving with… friends are coming the week after but non of the kids will be home during thanksgiving this year and that is fine as we are packing so the house is currently disassembled and lonely looking in spots! lol It is nice that you keep up your blogging.. .I love your adjustable crank style table… maybe I will find a mechanism on a table like that sometime… would be quite nice if it is sturdy (the table that is)… and it looks to be with your sewing machine on it! Have a blessed Thanksgiving my friend. Kathi
    Kathi recently posted…Highs and Lows… and Thank a Veteran too!My Profile

    • Karen Nov 21, 2017

      so you are putting your house up for sale huh and heading a little way north – soon? have a Good Thanksgiving – Yes I do like to daily blog and keep track of my projects that way. Not fun packing but maybe you can down size a little while you are at .

  • Sandra B Nov 21, 2017

    We will be having Thanksgiving with family, but it will be a small group this year….just seven of us, I think….I have been tasked with making a dessert…brownies and vanilla ice cream was the specific request!
    Love continuing to follow along on the journey of Murrieta Stars….
    I hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving, Karen!

    • Karen Nov 21, 2017

      we are only going to be four for Thanksgiving and I know they (daughter and son in law) won’t stay long because then it will be another dinner with his side of family – we will have too much food and won’t have to cook for a day or two!

  • Glenda Australia Nov 22, 2017

    Oh Karen so much to see again I do love dropping in to your place, love those colours on the design wall and the quilting looks lovely, so much of my time at present is out doors getting the grounds ready for the long wet due to start in Dec, so very little sewing been done, lets hope when the wet starts its not to hot to sew? Happy Thanks giving. Cheers Glenda
    Glenda Australia recently posted…WOW or WIPs with Esther 23rd Nov 2017My Profile

    • Karen Nov 22, 2017

      we are usually wet at this time of year and have had the least amount of rain for a November and all of fall in a long time, no burning of anything outside right now. I know I would not like rain almost every day but I know we need some.

  • Roseanne Nov 22, 2017

    Hi Karen,
    Lots of progress going on around your house! Can you even believe how well those fabrics match?!! Sometimes a project just comes together so well, you know it was meant to be. This is definitely one of them. I love the leader/ender idea, and often get impatient with the process and just finish it up. But it does seem like an easy way to get some mindless sewing done without concentrating on it all the time! Happy Thanksgiving! ~smile~ Roseanne
    Roseanne recently posted…Great-Grandma – A Quilt FinishedMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 22, 2017

      I was amazed at how closely the fabrics matched, I knew I had some that looked a lot like the two charms I showed but when I pulled them from the shelf I was kind of surprised at how close they were – the older fabric that I had on the shelf I got a long time ago – I’m not even sure how old they are, left overs from other projects in the past. Happy Thanksgiving

  • Linda Dutch Nov 22, 2017

    A lot of lovely quilting, looking so good! And such a great match of fabrics for your HST quilt. Thanks for sharing with ‘sew stitch snap SHARE’
    Linda Dutch recently posted…sew stitch snap SHARE #17My Profile

    • Karen Nov 22, 2017

      thanks for dropping by Linda

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