Murrieta Stars

Murrieta Stars – Flannel, Wool Eggs

Yesterday was another day out of the house – in my mind I’m not getting much done in the sewing room but all of you seem to think I get a lot done.  While it is so pretty outside I have been concentrating on getting my garden winter ready and the yard cleaned up.  So I have been mulching leaves and moving the wheel barrow full of mulched up leaves to create a border all around the raised beds to keep weeds from growing too close to the beds and turning soil over pulling weeds and dead plants etc.  I have shown how large the yard is so you know there are a lot of leaves to mulch and I’m happy to say I am done!  I will take a photo of the garden tomorrow.

I do work on the quilting every evening or almost every evening but do not always get around to working on any of the other projects  – there will be plenty of time in the winter to work on a lot more in the sewing room.  In fact the weather man has been indicating that the warm weather will not last much longer.

I had meant to work on the wool Christmas egg but nothing got done there – I had also intended to get the borders sewed on the small quilt that is on the design wall and get that finished up and sent on to another for their charity – didn’t happen yesterday – maybe today?

But I did get about 2 hours of quilting done on Murrieta Stars Sunday night – so that means progress on one project.




The area I was working on last night – hope to get this section done and spritz the blue lines off and roll it down on Tuesday morning.  The quilting goes fast when working a grid.  Linking to Esther’s Quilt Blog


I did look through my other box of wool – this box of wool was gifted to me by another quilter and it is recycled wool – the quilter -as others that love wool do – went to second hand stores and found 100% wool clothing and takes it apart and puts it through the felting process of washing in hot water, or boiling it I guess they actually do and dry on high heat and then it is ready to use.  It is very hard to find much around here that is 100% wool – people in the south do not need 100% wool clothing and wool jackets  – you just do not find it easily here and my little town doesn’t have much selection.  We mainly use sweatshirts, sweaters and light fleece jackets most of the time.  Many actually do not even own a winter jacket but I am not that hot blooded – I need a light jacket and gloves for a couple months at least.  In looking through the box I found a large piece of red and several plaids and greens that might work out for some of the eggs.  I will certainly be looking through these more in the next couple weeks. The little box of wool that I showed previously was purchased and I try to be very selective on that as it is pricey but such pretty bright colors.


Thank you all that ordered through my links to Craftsy and AccuQuilt.  I’m sure more sales will be coming up in the month of December so keep a watch – they usually have several early to mid-December and then another at the end of the year.  I wasn’t going to get anything but then I decided to look and see if I could find out what the freebie was and saw it was a nice 5 inch charm package of Boundless Batiks I could use that and then found several fabrics on close out for less than $4 a yard – I can handle that!  I will show what I got when it arrives.

(I am compensated for any purchases made through my links.)

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  • Preeti Nov 28, 2017

    That quilting is so delicate, so pretty – just perfect!!!
    Preeti recently posted…So many reasons to be thankful…My Profile

    • Karen Nov 28, 2017

      thanks Preeti

  • Dottie bishaw Nov 28, 2017

    I think 2 hrs of quilting is a lot of getting done in the sewing room plus all that hard work in the yard! I went shopping on cyber Monday on Accuquilt through your link and got some good deals on quilt block dies that I had been wanting. It really pays to wait for the sales, because the dies are really expensive, aren’t they? Today I’m going to start on the back yard because I don’t want to wait for the frost anymore, I want to be done, lol!

    • Karen Nov 28, 2017

      Yes that is when you save for the dies – I got some the last time there was a sale and haven’t even used them yet – I think one set were 3 inch tumblers? I have two two landscape boards to put down around the garden and then I’m done – so glad! Got the house pretty much cleaned this morning and hope to get to the sewing this afternoon.

  • Vicki V Nov 28, 2017

    2 hours of quilting is more than I’ve done any day this month! After antibiotics I’m expecting to become much more productive this week!

    • Karen Nov 28, 2017

      I can sit in the evening and quilt for long periods but in the daytime I barely sit and do any sewing right now – it is just too nice to be inside and I know just in a week or so it will be cold and I won’t be outside so much

  • Sarah Nov 28, 2017

    Your quilting is looking so good. And I really like the checked pieces of wool. I’m sure you will turn them into something interesting!
    Sarah recently posted…1 year of stitchesMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 28, 2017

      thanks Sarah I think I might finally have time on Thursday and Friday to work on the wool

  • Deb Nov 28, 2017

    Love seeing the quilting progress 🙂 I had Brent and Kate today ( off-school while the other three went back ) Movies / cartoons in the morning then it went to 65 degrees in the afternoon and while they rode bikes around the hood I filled a few garbage cans with bush trimmings etc. Later on a trip to a local playground with their uncle. Life is good 🙂
    Deb recently posted…This & That ; End of NovemberMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 28, 2017

      such a weird late fall isn’t it – so much warmer here than normal all week it has been around 70 degrees – next week – I guess around the 5th 40’s/20’s – ouch that is going to feel cold. so nice for you to have the kids around so much – Melanie will bring Aniya over in a week or so and we will do our annual Xmas cookie baking before Aniya really gets busy for Xmas.

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