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On Thursday night I get a bit done on Murrieta Stars – enough that I was able to spritz the last bit with water and roll it down in the morning ready to star working on the 3rd row of stars.  This quilt has been moving along fairly well with only a couple days here and there where I have not worked on it since I started the quilting on October 19th.


I had forgotten about a purchase I made last year and it was mixed in with my patterns, when I was putting things back in the sewing room I found it and I remembered I wanted to make some of these eggs in both Easter and Christmas designs and I never got around to it – I might devote a couple days a week to making a couple of these and at least have a start of a new collection of decorations this year for the holidays – maybe I can add to it each year.  Aren’t they pretty.  I hadn’t realized I had cut the photo off – that was because I had taken a quick picture on my phone to send Melanie to see if she might want to make some too .  The designer of these eggs is Susan M. Wojciechowski from Ewe-university you can find the patterns on the above link or search her name and I believe she has a web page.


I managed to get the middle of this flower bed dug up yesterday and got the canna bulbs out which now have to be cleaned off and put in some compost the directions say and in a freeze proof place – maybe the storm shelter will work for that if I put them in a bucket of mulched leaves and pine needles – we will try it out – don’t have a lot of them so it won’t be a big loss.  I will be planted tulip bulbs here in the next couple days.


Took this photo in late afternoon and it was already getting dark – yesterday I was raking up more pine needles and leaves – the tree is finally bare that you see in the middle of the yard so I think this lot will be it – I will try to mulch with the lawn mower this week and get it spread around to different gardens.  I have more to mulch with the mower in another part of the yard but that area doesn’t need to be raked up much at all – further away from the house I don’t care if it is neat LOL


The fern has survived week 1 – I wrote it down on the calendar and just checked – a week on Sunday.


I decided to bring in the other one and will put it under the window – wish it would be higher but I don’t have a stand high enough for it so it will be partially below the window – it was in the living room the other day so it wouldn’t be in the way of dinner on Thursday.  I love how healthy these plants look right now but I really and truly will be surprised if I get them to survive all winter – I just do not have luck with ferns.  I will check out in the workshop and see if I have anything taller I can stand the plant on so it will be window level but I don’t want anything sticking out into the room too much as these plants are taking up a bit of space as you can see.


Instead of shopping on Black Friday which I never do Mike and I walked at the nature trails again – and I worked in the yard – trying to burn off all those pie calories – which will take more days of exercise to do that LOL.  I will take a look at what Craftsy has to offer though and some of the other on line shops – the only store I will be going in over the next couple days is the grocery store – and the month of December I try to not go in Wal-Wart unless I absolutely have to and pick up my grocery’s at smaller stores even if the price is slightly higher.


Craftsy is having their yearly Black Friday Sale have fun shopping!!  This is the time of the year when you can look through those kits and even if you don’t like the pattern you can save big on the fabric included.  Save on notions, thread, yarn, cake decorating all sorts of things – have fun from the comfort of your home in your pajamas – I plan to.  Sale goes through Monday night at midnight –  classes marked down to $17.87 or less

Cyber Monday Bonus Offer:  Free gift with purchase

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  • Susan Riley Nov 25, 2017

    I’m sure you don’t get much but did order a class from here. Hope I did it correctly. Do enjoy your daily blogs! Susan

    • Karen Nov 25, 2017

      thanks for ordering through my links Susan. Enjoy the class you bought.

  • Mary Nov 25, 2017

    Those appliquéd and embroidered eggs look really nice. I am going to look into giving them a try.
    I try and avoid the malls as much as possible this time of year. The parking lots and crowds make my head hurt.
    I need to do some yard work too this weekend while the weather is still pleasant.

    • Karen Nov 25, 2017

      aren’t they pretty. I need to do so much more yard work this week while it is nice – we do need rain and are in a drought, but at least I can get the yard cleaned up while it is dry.

  • Carla Therrien Nov 25, 2017

    I never dug up my cannas when I lived in Arkansas as the ground never froze where we lived. But I do remember my mom doing that up in northern Il. She would just put them in a bushel basket in her root cellar. The eggs are very nice, looking forward to seeing some of yours

    • Karen Nov 25, 2017

      well one time years ago I had planted them in pretty much the same area and didn’t did them up and they didn’t come back, I hadn’t planted them again until this year and what I read said they are not hardy for over winter in my area – I am just a little further north then where you were when you lived in Arkansas and higher in elevation – that might be what makes the difference – I will try putting them in mulch and in a container of some sort and put them in a cool place and see what happens.

  • Wanda Hanson Nov 25, 2017

    I just dig up the Canna bulbs and put them all in one pot in my heated garage (55 degree average) and just lay a paper bag over the top of the pot so they don’t get any light. I don’t put mulch or soil or anything on them. I also don’t clean the bulbs off that much.

    My mother always had ferns and she warned us kids to not touch the fronds because they would turn brown. I think spritzing them often and not touching them is the key to keeping them alive inside.

    • Karen Nov 25, 2017

      the storm shelter isn’t heated, I’m really not sure what the temperature is in it in the winter as I never really check but stays above freezing I believe that is why I thought I might put them in dry mulch to protect them a little. I hope by spritzing and keeping the ferns away from the heat vents that they will survive – but I don’t have a good record when it comes to ferns in the house!

  • Dottie bishaw Nov 25, 2017

    What beautiful eggs those are, a neat little project to make. I hope your bulbs make it through the winter. Here in the DFW area they don’t freeze, just multiply like crazy, my back yard is full of them, so many different colored ones. It’s amazing at the different varieties they come up with. My ferns are still outside on the porch, no frost here yet, so strange this year with it being almost December. I don’t go to stores or the mall at this time either, I’m always scared of catching some bug even though we have our flu shots. Yes, your quilting seems to be going so fast it seems to me! Enjoy your Saturday.

    • Karen Nov 25, 2017

      I could have probably left the ferns on the porch until the end of the year at this rate – still no frost here. We are so close to the higher elevations in Arkansas that some of the bulbs that stay good just a short way away do not over winter here well. I hope they well do well in the bucket I put them in with dry mulch and not freeze

  • Deb Nov 25, 2017

    Those ferns look happy and healthy enough to last the winter indoors. Those eggs are adorable!
    I cooked a turkey on Thursday ( a regular one for normal gravy and broth ) and my son cooks the one with maple glaze and bacon wrap. Cooked more dishes on Friday and the big dinner which then turns into a night party was yesterday.

    I have broth to make but I am over turkey for the moment and just craving light stuff and veggies ! 🙂
    Deb recently posted…Update on Javis / A little break/ Happy Thanksgiving 🙂My Profile

    • Karen Nov 25, 2017

      the ferns look good this week we will see how they look next week, I am already sweeping up leaves every couple days. I’ve had enough turkey also and have broth in the refrigerator that I need to put in containers and freeze, been too busy on the yard today though to do that so far.

  • Michele Hill Nov 25, 2017

    I love, love, love those wool felt eggs Karen!
    Michele Hill recently posted…Finding balanceMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 25, 2017

      I do too – I hope mine turn out good – I might try to machine applique a few pieces with this new machine to practice

  • Belarmina Nov 26, 2017

    Karen cuanto has trabajado!!
    La cocha de estrellas va muy rapido
    buen domingo

    • Karen Nov 26, 2017

      yes the stars are coming along fast – this quilt is going easy

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