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Murrieta Stars is coming along and will come along faster now that I decided to forego flowers or anything fancy and just get on with straight stitching on this flannel quilt.  This half of the quilt in the section across that I reach is now done.


This much to go before it gets rolled down and one row of stars is complete and 5 more rows of stars to complete – I am working on the second row of them right now.


I am putting together a small quilt from the charm package that I won mixing them with a charm package of Kona Snow that I got on a daily deal from Fat Quarter Shop I think for 99 cents – so with a backing from the stash and batting pieced together from left overs you are talking basically a small free quilt – I will probably mail this off to someone in need of a donation quilt – if anyone needs a small quilt let me know – I’m not sure what the size will be and a border will be added to make it large enough to use.


A little work is started on the left hand side of Handful of Scraps – I figured I better get back to work on this and get it finished.  I do not know what size it will be still but I will add the three rows on to the left side and then decide from there – this will make the quilt 56 x 62 when I finish this section.

IMG_3825 (2)

Leaves were mulched in this section of the yard and yes a little more will fall down and need to be cleaned up but it won’t be as much as what I took care of the last 3 days.


All the mulched up leaves are being dumped all around the raised beds to keep weeds from growing too close.  And yes this area needs to be mulched still too!  It never ends in a yard this big.


I still have some marigolds and petunias growing – looking pretty still but straggly.


I still have some roses growing too – this one taken through the sewing room window

IMG_3819 (2)

the pretty trees in back of the workshop

IMG_3815 (2)

And the ferns are still alive on the porch – I am keeping an eye on the nightly temperatures and only have protected them once for two nights – will possibly have to do that again for a night or two – I wonder how long they will stay alive – I really think they will die if I bring them in the house and have little natural light for them in the winter and the house gets too dry for ferns.


More yard work to do but very windy tomorrow they say so maybe it will be inside work instead?

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  • Susan Riley Nov 18, 2017

    That would be awesome! Our group does work with the NICU unit at Brigham & Women’s Hospital in Boston….tops for incubators & to wrap the wee ones in. Just let me know who you choose & thanks. Susan

    • Karen Nov 18, 2017

      this one I think would be too big for a preemie – but I will keep it in mind for others

  • Vicki W Nov 18, 2017

    When I first read your header I thought it said quilting, piecing fail. LOL! I can also take a donation quilt. A lady in my guild coordinates quilts for the local pediatric ward.

    • Karen Nov 18, 2017

      I don’t know what size this well be when done but it is not in children’s prints, it is from the fall charm pack that I won – I will sew it up and show when I am done and go from there with it – it will be bigger than a preemie size for sure.

  • Dottie bishaw Nov 18, 2017

    Beautiful pictures of fall in your yard. I think we really appreciate the last flowers of the season don’t we? Your quilting is so pretty, no need for fancy designs on flannel. Fall certainly means a lot of work, I too am working in the yard cleaning all the finished flowers and pruning some shrubs. I’m looking forward to seeing what you are going to do to your hexie quilt to finish it. I work on my hexie quilt in the evenings, and it’s going to be just a bit bigger than yours because my hexies are one inch. Have a great Saturday!

    • Karen Nov 18, 2017

      do you have the same pattern that you are using for your hexies?

  • Dottie bishaw Nov 18, 2017

    Yes, I bought the book Handfuls of Scraps after you told us about it and am making the same hexie quilt like yours, but only a little bigger at one inch. I have the one inch die, so that’s why I made it a little bigger. I’ve got the star done and two of the rosettes.

    • Karen Nov 18, 2017

      I would have done it one inch also but I won the book in a giveaway and the quilter that sent it to me included a package of 100- 7/8″ hexies to go with it so that is why I went with that size.

  • Belarmina Nov 18, 2017

    Karen que apetecible paseo por tu bosque

    • Karen Nov 18, 2017

      yes we have a lot of trees here – the back of the property is dense with trees, it is hard to even try to walk through them because up under brush – if I translated your messages right last we I believe we went on a vacation – did you have fun! I hope you had fantastic weather for your trip

  • Diann Bottrell Nov 18, 2017

    Getting caught up on your posts, somehow I missed a few! Murrieta Stars is looking so good – I saw that you changed your mind about the flowers. It’s so nice that you can “erase” something you’ve traced on and do it differently. What is the marking pencil you use for that? Interesting about your thimbles, and I’m so glad you found them!

    • Karen Nov 18, 2017

      Diann I use the Mark B Gone wash out pen or any brand that I happen to see cheaply! I have been using for over 20 years no problems.

  • Tu-Na Quilts Nov 19, 2017

    I think your fern will do just fine indoor in low light. Put it close to a window and use a spray bottle to mist a fine spray over it every day. Oh, and they do like to be talked to.

    • Karen Nov 20, 2017

      yes the fern is by a window and I will mist it – but I have in the past too and it would be drying up and leaves falling off with in a couple weeks. I hope it will work this time – haven’t tried it for awhile, in the past I think it was always too close to a heat vent

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