Ready to Start Machine Sewing Again (and always hand quilting)

Bird Brain, Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), Murrieta Stars – Flannel, quilts, sewing room, weather

The sewing machine is moved over to the new table work space and the treasure chest that Melanie gave me that I keep the bird quilt in has come out – yes the other day I mentioned all the projects I had to work on and totally forgot about my birds – how could I do that?

I think I will call the Bird Quilt – Bird Brain – just because!  All set up and ready to go

sewing room

Fabric picked out for a bird block

ready to sew

Friday night I added the finished birds to the wall.  Linking to Quilting is More Fun Than Housework .

design wall/birds

Applique on Friday night while catching up on some recorded shows – this much of the 3rd border of Fall Harvest is done – more to do!

Fall Harvest

This much left on the 3rd border – getting so close to the final.  I will be working on this border for Slow Sunday Stitching with Kathy.

Fall Harvest

This much stitching on Murrieta Stars done on Friday.

Murrieta Stars

Saturday I started out my day with a walk at the local trails – this is in the city limits on the edge of town – beautiful place and so pretty in the fall – it was 65 degrees and muggy beyond belief for November 4th.


IMG_2054 (2)


I loved coming around the bend in the trail and seeing  the vines wrapped around these trees turned yellow – just wraps around the trunks so nicely – just cool look I think!


I love fall.





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  • Lin Tarrant Nov 5, 2017

    What a great workspace! Love your birds and your fall pictures are stunning. xx

    • Karen Nov 5, 2017

      thank you Lin – back to work on the birds

  • Marianne Nov 5, 2017

    There’s nothing like a walk in the woods in fall. Hunting season is upon us, though, so we are staying out which is fine because it keeps raining and all the leaves are down anyway.

    Your sewing area looks soooo efficient! And I love those bird blocks. They will make a cute quilt!

    • Karen Nov 5, 2017

      Luckily there is no hunting near these trails as it is in the city limits

  • Kaholly Nov 5, 2017

    Lovely pictures from your walk. I made a couple of those fun bird blocks last year, packed them away for the winter, and haven’t seen them since! But I love them! Your wor is gorgeous, as always.

    • Karen Nov 5, 2017

      I don’t know how many birds will be made but they are cute

  • Deb Nov 5, 2017

    the vines remind me of twinkle lights wrapped around poles in town during the holidays 🙂

    Lovely shots and too funny….”Bird Brain” is the perfect name!
    Deb recently posted…Elizabeth’s Pride blocks thus farMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 5, 2017

      yes the vines reminded me of lights wrapped around a tree – as soon as I saw them I had to take the photo –

  • Gail Nov 5, 2017

    Your hand quilting is so neat and even! How do you keep your sewing space so tidy…if I am in the middle of a project, it always looks like a disaster zone. I try to clean up and put things away in between projects. Those birds are adorable. Have fun stitching today.
    Gail recently posted…Christmas Quilt FinishMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 5, 2017

      well I just got my space reorganized so it is nice and neat but as I work on a project it is messy in the daytime and then I try to clean it up by evening and start over again the next day!

  • Carla Therrien Nov 5, 2017

    I agree fall is the best time of the year. It is unseasonally warm here. Already 72 degrees at 7 am. But I am not complaining. As usual you have a lot of projects going. Those birds are very cool! Can’t wait to see what you do with them.

    • Karen Nov 5, 2017

      I’m not even sure how many birds will be done! no more than couch size for sure

  • Jayne Nov 5, 2017

    Every time I see those birds I want to make them!! And I love the name you picked! What a great work space you have…so much room on that table! And your walk pictures…fall is a beautiful time of the year and then it becomes winter! I am not a fan of winter unless we get a huge snow storm…which rarely happens!

    • Karen Nov 5, 2017

      I have a pattern somewhere for these birds but I didn’t care for it and I am just free styling – I do measure them kind of before I start cutting –

  • Diann Bottrell Nov 5, 2017

    Beautiful pictures from your walk! I love fall, too. Your studio is looking wonderful! Enjoy your stitching today, Karen!

    • Karen Nov 5, 2017

      thanks – after sewing for just a little bit last night though I had to change things up, my legs kept bumping into the table legs too much and I moved the sewing machine to the larger table and the computer to the smaller one.

  • CathieJ Nov 5, 2017

    I love your sewing room. Your walking trails are really pretty.
    CathieJ recently posted…Santa’s finished!My Profile

    • Karen Nov 5, 2017

      yes these walking trails are really nice so pretty at this time of year although it was a bit muggy yesterday

  • Carole Nov 5, 2017

    Cute birds, and love your fall photos!
    Carole recently posted…Autumn Hike on Fryingpan MountainMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 5, 2017


  • DonnaleeQ Nov 5, 2017

    Love the finished birds. So cute!!!!
    DonnaleeQ recently posted…EEEEKKKKK NOT SO HAPPY ABOUT THISMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 5, 2017

      thanks – I hope to do quite a few more but don’t know how many.

  • Dottie bishaw Nov 5, 2017

    Love looking at all of these beautiful pictures! Everything is coming together beautifully. I love seeing the birds and all your other projects, so inspiring. The little table would be just right for me, 5″5 inches, but you are probably much taller and longer legs. Your Fall is way ahead of ours, it’s suppose to be 90 today, can you believe this! My houseplants are still outside and my garden flowers are still blooming. Enjoy your slow stitching Sunday!

    • Karen Nov 5, 2017

      yes long legs and long arms – little under 5’8″ now with age I have begun to shrink! I decided though that the larger table was better for the machine and have switched things out – well show tomorrow

  • Sarah Nov 5, 2017

    Your work space is awesome! I’m drooling over all your threads! Beautiful projects on the go and I too love autumn, your photos really show the colours!
    Sarah recently posted…Slow Sunday StitchingMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 5, 2017

      I got that cabinet of thread about 15 years ago I bet – and some of them have not been used – I do keep refilling the threads that I use a lot – I like Gutermann for applique and it is good for piecing to – but I normally buy larger spools for piecing but if I am doing something small and have matching thread I will use it of course – when I try to start machine applique I will try these out too as I should find something to match

  • Karen Berrisford Nov 5, 2017

    Your bird blocks are adorable!

    • Karen Nov 5, 2017

      thanks Karen, these birds are cute

  • Quilter Kathy Nov 5, 2017

    I admire how organized your sewing area is!
    Love those vines on the trees that look like little lights all the way up the trunk!

    • Karen Nov 5, 2017

      i’m sure I won’t stay this organized LOL – but for now it is nice – yes I love the vines up the tree trunk – usually you see red leaves not yellow on the vines, I’m not sure what this one is

  • Cathy Nov 5, 2017

    How nice to see what a cutting mat looks like without scraps and bits all over it ! Your birds remind me I have a bird UFO I should work on. I like the vine wrapped trees too. Hopefully we will have fall for a while longer and no snow for awhile.
    Cathy recently posted…A Finish! Old MacDonald Mystery SamplerMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 5, 2017

      yes that is what a mat looks like when one has been lazy for awhile and no cutting being done – hopefully it will be covered soon and work will be done!

  • gayle Nov 5, 2017

    That’s gotta be the cleanest cutting table I’ve ever seen… 8)
    I’ve made a few of those bird blocks and thought they were great fun. You and your bird brains are inspiring me to go make some more!
    gayle recently posted…It’s been quite a week. Or two.My Profile

    • Karen Nov 5, 2017

      thanks Gayle – I like to clean up the table every time I stop sewing so I have room to start the next day – I know – I’m a neat freak huh – I find it hard to work in a disorganized space – but I will show what it looked like earlier today on tomorrow’s post 🙂

  • Belarmina Nov 5, 2017

    Karen que orden en tu mesa!!
    El paseo es tan bello y relajante.

    • Karen Nov 5, 2017

      thanks – yes I love my table and the walking path is delightful

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