Sewing Room–Almost Done

Fall Harvest (scrappy baskets), quilts, sewing room

Finally I have the sewing machine table done – now to let it dry and get good and hard – a couple days – it feels dry now but it is always better to let it “cure” a couple days before you start to put things on something that is freshly varnished.   See how it extends that area out nicely it will give plenty of room for the sewing machine and right next to it the big table for cutting and design and computer.   After I get the tables all set up how I want them I will take another photo.  I still haven’t decided if I am putting a shelf on this wall or maybe a small wall hanging.  I am taking my time deciding this.  I also have an empty wall by the quilting frame.  I’m really in no rush to decide.  I have so many large projects waiting to finish that maybe in the upcoming new year I will do some small projects for a change.


Two leaves done on the 3rd side border for Fall Harvest  – I think I have ten on each side so a little more to go.

IMG_3654 (2)

I’ve been asked to remind a reader what quilts are in the “to be quilted” box – these 3!  Tumalo Trails – (104 inches), Retro Air Ship Propellers – (99 inches), and Williamsburg Beauty  ( 70 inches square? ).  If you click on the name it will bring you to the post that shows the top finished laying flat.  So yes I better get busy on Murrieta Stars so I can get a good start next year!  Linking to Busy Hands QuiltsConfessions of a Fabric Addict – and Crazy Mom Quilts.


And of course there are the 3 English Paper Piecing projects to finish and a wool applique that I started last year and haven’t touched in almost a year now – Midnight Garden and older still is my center of Love Entwined which will never grow larger than it is but would be nice to finish the center wouldn’t it.  EDITED: and the Bird Quilt which Clara just reminded me of this evening! I had intended to get that box back out and then it slipped my mind







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  • Marianne Nov 3, 2017

    LOL – famous last words: “next year I’ll do smaller projects”!!! But I think I may do the same thing in 2018. We’ll see!

    • Karen Nov 3, 2017

      yes I say no more bed size quilts LOL – I know me that won’t happen!

  • Barbara Nov 3, 2017

    Your sewing room looks so inviting, especially when the days get shorter and the weather cools down. Winter motivates me to finish projects. My sewing room is cozy, overlooking the trees, where I can watch the birds that come to the feeder while I sew. You have so many creative and bright quilts, what joy they bring to life in their colors.

    • Karen Nov 3, 2017

      I wish I had more than one window – but when I am at the computer I see the bird feeder and what the weather looks like. I’m sure as we move into winter I will be spending more time in the sewing room – glad I have it done.

  • Roseanne Nov 3, 2017

    Hi Karen,
    The sewing room is really coming along. You have to be so pleased – it makes it all the easier to be creative and think about even more ‘next year’ projects. WOW – that window right there (and open!!) is just fabulous. Not only for the natural light but just the view. Enjoy! ~smile~ Roseanne

    • Karen Nov 3, 2017

      we having unusually warm weather the last two days – got up to 84 yesterday – too warm for me at this time of year and we needed the a/c on last night!

  • Mary Nov 3, 2017

    I love getting a peek at others’ sewing rooms. Your new table will really be a nice addition.
    Mary recently posted…A Little AppliqueMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 3, 2017

      I will be glad to move the sewing machine to it and have the big table for cutting and getting the EPP projects worked on more – and the applique!

  • Dottie bishaw Nov 3, 2017

    I love all the lovely quilt tops displayed like that, they’re like seeing old friends again, aren’t they? I love seeing all the quilts that you make, so I hope you make at least one next year! When I was at my brothers’s house last week, I saw all the quilts my Mother had made. He had a room in which her quilts and all her needlework were displayed on shelves. It was so pretty, I had no idea she had made so many. I have about 20 myself and my other brother and sister have some too, plus her grandchildren. I guess if you could live to be 102, you could make that many quilts, but not me, lol! Sounds like you have a good plan for next year! Your sewing room is so pretty and organized.

    • Karen Nov 3, 2017

      overall Dottie I have made over a 300 quilts maybe even more – it’s been an addiction for years LOL– thanks on the sewing room – as soon as I get familiar with the new sewing machine I’m sure I will start working on more and the room will be a mess!

  • Sandra B Nov 3, 2017

    Karen, I love the new table! It really makes a difference in the amount of workspace! I know you are going to enjoy it…
    Loved seeing your quilt tops…I had forgotten about the Retro Air Ship Propeller !!
    We are having another warm day in Virginia…supposed to be around 80 today, but the high tomorrow is forecast to be 59 degrees! What a change!! This whole year, the weather has been crazy…

    • Karen Nov 3, 2017

      I like having one separate table for the sewing machine – after years of having to use the Sew Ezi table for the machine and the computer! well it feels good to spread out – nice weather here too through Monday windows open again

  • Vicki in MN Nov 3, 2017

    We all have projects in the works, don’t be too hard on yourself, just enjoy the process. Your room will inspire you too once you get it all set up just right;)
    Vicki in MN recently posted…Another crazy weekMy Profile

    • Karen Nov 3, 2017

      I just don’t want to gather up too many more tops before I get more quilted – I don’t want to be the quilter that leaves 20 tops behind for someone else to pay for quilting if they can’t do it themselves.

  • Kate Heads Nov 3, 2017

    Your sewing room looks so tidy, I wouldn’t dare show a pic of mine just now. Yet I know I feel happier in a tidy room, problem is when I work on more than one thing or use lots of different fabrics, what is your secret?
    Kate Heads recently posted…It’s been……..My Profile

    • Karen Nov 3, 2017

      I am pretty much a neat freak – the tables are messy while I am working but when I’m done I try to clean or neatly stack things so they are out of my way. Once I get busy with a new top it will be messy again or when I am getting some EPP organized. Now with the sewing machine on it’s separate table I should be able to work on one project ok and have room to spread out better – I wouldn’t even think of having two machines sitting out – I would feel too crowded that way

  • Belarmina Nov 3, 2017

    Karen todos tus edredones son preciosos
    deseo verlos acolchados
    buen fin de semana

    • Karen Nov 3, 2017

      🙂 I would like to see them quilted too – one day they will be

  • Clara Nov 3, 2017

    Where are the birds that you were piecing? I LOVED those birds!

    • Karen Nov 3, 2017

      Yes I do need to get back to those birds don’t I – I had put them aside when I was getting a raffle quilt on a deadline done, then I was busy finishing getting the sewing room finished and now that the table is done for the sewing machine I can get those darn birds back out LOL – I actually hope to get back to the birds next week!! I think I know my new sewing machine good enough now to actually sew – I’m going to put the box that they are in next to the sewing machine so they will be ready to work on 🙂

  • LisaS Nov 6, 2017

    Your sewing room is looking so good!

    • Karen Nov 6, 2017

      thanks Lisa – I am happy with it

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